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11 Ways I've Improved My Skin During 2018

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Good Morning!

Thanks for tuning into the Tuesday Blog!

As you know, weekdays are the times when I like to talk about whatever is on my mind. This past week, I had some questions about my skincare routine, so I thought that today would be the perfect time to compile some tips and tricks that I have discovered in the past year.

These things have REALLY improved the quality and texture of my skin, not to mention my overall satisfaction with my skin.

I hope you enjoy!


I use sunscreen everyday on my neck, chest, face, and the tops of my hands. I buy a “sport” version with at LEAST spf 50. You can buy a fancy sunscreen, but I just buy sunscreen from the baby section of my grocery store because baby products are usually very gentle on your skin.


I use a single blade razor like the ones pictured above to exfoliate my face instead of a beaded cleanser or chemical peel. I really like it because I can choose to exfoliate extra in certain areas, and I find it irritates my skin much less than a general scrub. Also, exfoliating is important because it helps your moisturizer successfully penetrate the skin.


I always use a face cream morning and night, but I use a thicker “night cream” in the evening. I REALLY like to dollop in on because it has all night to be soaked up.


I keep hand lotions by all my sinks because the constant washing and drying can really be hard on your skin. Don't forget to put some sunscreen on the top of your hands as well! Hands betray signs of aging.


I use an eye cream every morning and night for the delicate skin and tissue around my eyes. I just buy whatever eye cream I can find under $20.00 because they are usually pretty pricey.


I wear sunglasses when I am outside so that I can avoid squinting, which actually causes wrinkles. Also if you need glasses but you don’t wear them, remember that your constant squinting will speed up the wrinkling process…


I wear a sun visor all summer to protect my face from the sun. Sun damage is the BIGGEST cause of aging. Seriously. I’m basically like those little Japanese ladies who cover up even on the beach. I think this year I will start carrying a parasol LOL!


I drink a lot of water and tea to help hydrate my skin from the inside out. This allows it stay firm and plump. I've noticed a HUGE difference in my skin since adopting this habit in 2018.


I avoid alcohol except on special occasions or dinner parties. Alcohol is a KNOWN cause of breakouts and general drying out of your skin, and to me it’s just not worth it.


In the winter I use a product called Bio Oil on my neck and cheeks. Bio Oil has been touted as a redeemer of stretch marks, scars, fading, and wrinkling. I plan to have it on constant supply when I’m pregnant.


I have a petite humidifier on my nightstand blowing direct humidity on my face at night. I have noticed a major difference this winter in the quality of my skin in the morning since purchasing the humidifier.


Finally, the award for best product goes to SKIN SERUMS. I think serums have made the No.1 difference in my skin in 2018. They are an incredibly intense form of moisture that can penetrate the skin and improve elasticity. I really enjoy serums with hydrauluronic acid, which has noticeably improved my skin quality.


I hope these tips are helpful! I tried to choose some obscure things as well as common information about skincare because I think it’s always fascinating to learn what other people do for their skin.

I would also recommend that if all these overwhelm you, just start with using SPF on a daily basis. It will drastically improve the quality of your skin.

Finally, I want to stress that my goal in life is to age gracefully: not prevent it forever. Taking minor precautions with aging is a FAR cry from plastic surgery or $300 creams. We don’t need to be excessive, but I believe that a small battle with aging is a war worth fighting ;)




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