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5 Homemaking Activities for a Yucky Day

Hello and welcome back to the blog my love!

Today we will be doing our mid-week listicle on the VERRRRY fun topic of homemaking, particularly, homemaking on a rainy, yucky, very-bad, no-good, day.

These days are some of my favorite, as long as they are few and far between: your girl does NOT have an easy time appreciating a two week spell of disgusting weather. But honestly, who does!?

One would think that a rainy day is the perfect excuse to go ham with the cleaning; organizing the closets, figuring out how to shine up the floors, etc. But honestly, I feel connected to the weather, almost emotionally, and it doesn't feel like I can just go crazy with the cleaning motivation just because it's too damp and dark outside to run errands, and too dark to run a vacuum. That might not be logical, but it is the world I live in LOL!

So for me, I like to make sure my homemaking on a rainy day isn't too overpowered with intensity or hard work: I like to keep it cozy, warm, and cuddled up in all sorts of nice relaxing, yet productive, activities. Let's dive into homemaking for a rainy day!


1. A Hearty Meal

Warm food for breakfast or dinner is essential on a disgustingly rainy day. Enjoy your time in the kitchen with the oven stovetop up warm, a kettle boiling with some hot water, and a cup of coffee nearby. I like to turn the lights dim in the kitchen on a dark day, light a candle, and throw on a YouTube video or audiobook as I cook away.

Use your dark dreary day as an excuse to batch bake and cook, and don't be afraid to pull up a dining room chair to the oven to rest your legs as you enjoy the heat from the stovetop. So cozy!

2. Self-Homemaking!

Use your day inside to hole up in front of a show or a video and do your nails, file down the dead skin on your feet, and take time to do your eyebrows! It's so important to keep up with your hair, nails, and skin on a regular basis, so I encourage you to take the dreary day as an opportunity to do some self-care.

3. Minor Re-Decorating

I like to rearrange my picture frames, work on hanging up some art, or change up my shelf decor on a dreary day. I find interior decorating so cozy when the exterior is feeling so gloomy and dark. Play some soft music, dig up some childhood keepsakes, and rearrange those shelves! If you've been putting off hanging up some photos or creating a scrapbook, this dreary day is the day. And if you want bonus points, try adding more candles and blankets into your home to make it EXTRA cozy.

4. Groom Your Pet

When it's gross outside, your pet might not be going out as much as they'd like! Muddy paws are no joke. Take the day to give him a bath, clean out the kennel, cage, food dishes, aquarium, or whatever else you might be putting off. It's always nice to care for your pets on a regular basis, and a dreary day can be the perfect time to do this.

Swap out the time you'd use for a walk or fetch-session and take time to groom, clean, and tidy up your pet, your pet's toys, and their bed! Show some love and get tidy.

5. Laundry & Chill

Now, I have been known to prioritize hobbies over streaming services, but I do believe that movies and shows can have their place on a dreary day. Pro tip to make it more productive? Pair the activity with laundry or mending clothing! Mending clothing can be tedious, but doing it while we also watch a show or a movie on a dreary day can make everything MUCH cozier. I like to watch shows like Father Brown or Reign on a rainy day. Extra cozy, somewhat historical, and EVER-so charming.


I hope you get up to all the cozy homemaking, rain OR snow! It's all about making the most of the day, regardless of the weather. Not hard to do when life at home is soooo cozy.




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