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My List of Must-Reads

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Stumped for some fall reading? I put together a list of some of my favorite books. I would reread any of these today. You’ll find romance, mystery, and YA amongst my picks!

Read on for my recommendations!

The Westing Game: Ellen RaskinThis book is my ALLTIME FAVORITE. It is perfect cosy Fall reading! I love reading young adult and kids books every once in awhile because they are truly relaxing. This book focuses on the death of a prominent local man who leaves a fortune of millions to whoever wins the Westing Game. Snuggle in with this one when you need a cosy Mystery, lots of fun characters, and an ending that will surprise you!

The Runaway Jury: John Grisham

Another one of my favorite books. This book really got me interested in John Grisham and legal thrillers! Surprisingly, you learn a lot about the legal system, while being massively entertained. It’s centered around a prominent tobacco case, and the jury that is involved. This book surprisingly grabs at your heart AND intellect. I love the twists and turns in this one, so definitely check it out.

Evening Class: Maeve Binchy

This is my favorite book that I read in 2017. I could not put it down! The heart warming characters and bit-by-bit story made me laugh and smile constantly. Set around a group of characters taking an evening class, we find how they are all connected and learn about their fun lives. You fall in love with the idea of community, the middle class, and Dublin Ireland.

The Help: Kathryn StockettWe’ve all seen the movie, but have you read the book? This book is hilarious, draws tears, and makes you smile. I loved every second of it, and could not put it down. Maids and Civil Rights in the South, with a dash of romance and a whole lot of humor.

Gone Girl: Gillian FlynnAnother book turned movie! I preferred the book, as all intellectuals love to say! You get inside the steely mind of Amy Dunne, and learn just what happened from her perspective. This twisted couple has more layers than I can count, and we’re all left wondering what happened to Amy! Such a thriller, and a little scary! So worth the library swipe.

The Selection: Kiera Cass Love this little YA novel. It’s like the bachelor, but for young women in a futuristic royal empire. The main character has her chance to win the contest and be selected for QUEEN. A total candy book, but hey, I couldn’t put it down! Pick it up to see who wins the heart of the prince!

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency: Alexander McCall Smith The first book of a long impressive series! It is so funny, and you actually learn a ton about Africa. The main character is an adorable African woman with a Heart and Soul buried in the plains of her great continent. I loved learning about Ghana and the culture there. The mysteries are short and the endings are heart warming. Recommend x 100000.

Waterfall, (River of Time No.1): Lisa T Bergen This is a FUN book. It will make you yearn for a secret time travel cave to bring you to a handsome Italian prince! Two sisters fall back in time to medieval Italian era, only to find themselves falling in love with some handsome brothers. But should they stay in the past? SO GOOD.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Check them out and you will not be sad!




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