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My Shower Routine

Hello my loves!

It has been a very long time since we've met in this little corner... I took a couple weeks off, but we are back and better than ever for 2020! You would think, for the New Year, this blog post would be about New Years Resolutions, fresh goals, or all sorts of strategies, but honestly, I felt like starting things off simply with a small listicle.

So today, of all things, we are going to be talking about my shower routine!

LOL! I know, I know, this is probably going to be the most boring blog post in the entire world, but hey-- It's good to ease into things slowly. So let's dive in!


Alright, we cannot discuss the shower routine without first discussing what's in my shower caddy! I use a shower caddy so that we don't have tons of grooming and washing paraphernalia all over the shower. It can be SO tough to relax with a bunch of visual clutter, so I like to take the shower caddy in and out of the shower each time.

Shower caddy items:

  • a razor

  • a loofa/exfoliator

  • a callus grater

  • body wash

  • conditioner

  • cleansing shampoo

  • vaginal cleanser

  • hair brush

  • body lotion


1. I start off by rinsing out my hair and applying cleansing shampoo.

I use a $2.00 Suave cleansing shampoo because it is SO good at getting all the buildup off my hair, styling products, hard water, and alllll the gunk! I massage the shampoo into my roots, making sure I get all my hair, especially the area at the very front of my head.

2. While the shampoo is soaking in, I apply body wash.

I'll use my shampoo time to really clean off my entire body. I start by exfoliating my arms and legs, including my feminine area (lol). Then, I'll loofa on some body wash, and cleanse with the ph-balanced vaginal cleanser. I'll occasionally use a dry brush, but I always, always, always use a loofa to exfoliate to ensure that the circulation in my tissue in my limbs is invigorated!

3. Next, it's time to rinse...

After washing my whole body, I'll rinse out the cleansing shampoo, and occasionally, I will do a second shampoo if I need to. This happens in the summer especially, but a second shampoo can really help clear up a lot of the gunk on my hair. But after all that rinsing, it's time to CONDITION! I apply a massive amount of Herbal Essence "Hello Hydration" conditioner from the roots to the ends of of my hair. I'll seriously use almost a quarter of my palm, and even though the conditioner is pretty cheap, it works AMAZINGLY on my hair!

4. Onto the details!

While the conditioner is soaking in, I take time to shave my legs. I usually shave just until above my knees, and I always do my armpits. I like to shave in every shower because I like the feeling of soft skin. Even though my leg hair is blonde, I still feel that they look and feel more polished when they're shaved.

5. Next, it's time for the weird part...

In every shower... I FILE MY FEET! Yes! I have notoriously finicky feet, with calluses, dead skin, and tons of dead skin buildup on my heels, toes, and pads of my feet. I used to wait for my weekly or bi-weekly pedicure to use my foot file, but now I do it in the shower, and my feet have never looked better! While the conditioner sets in, I file away, and if I need to, I'll shave the tops of my feet too. Yes, that might also be strange, but hey, that's my life! LOL!

6. Alright, final stages...

After the shave, the foot scraping, and all the cleansing, I'll take a hairbrush and detangle my hair while my conditioner is still in thick. After combing through it, I'll rinse it out and comb it again, just to make sure all the conditioner is really rinsed out. There is NOTHING worse, than thinking your hair is clean after a shower, only to find it's actually plastered with conditioner.

7. Time to end this spa!

Finally, after all the rinsing, shaving, scraping, and cleaning, we are FINISHED, and I'm ready to get out of here. I might linger a bit in the hot water, but usually I'm just ready to be donnnnne. Before I open up the shower and let out all that good steam, I'll take the towel that I hooked over the top of the shower and dry off, then slather on a bunch of body lotion. If I've edited my bikini line, I'll put some witch hazel toner on that area to avoid razor bumps, before tossing my towel back on and grabbing a hair towel for a turban. THEN WE ARE DONE!


But that is it my love! If you've got this far through this boring blog post, I am giving you SO much props. I've been asked about my shower routine a few times from a bunch of lovely people, so here we are. It might just be an allegory for the new year, but we are starting off fresh and clean for 2020, shower routine and all!




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