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10 Hobby Categories to Get Your Creativity Going!

Hello and welcome back to the blog my dearest sister!

Today we are going to be touching on the topic of HOBBIES! As you know if you’ve been following closely along, I have recently decided to peel back a bit on my blog so that I can focus more on my social life and hobbies.

Hobbies might seem like a silly or dispensable past-time for the eternally bored or for those among us who cannot let go of childhood, but I would like to argue that hobbies should be an integral part of every adult’s life.

Hobbies are useful for our lives because they are a good way for us to express our creativity, explore different talents, and even cultivate specific interests in ways that we may not be able to do in traditional work or life responsibilities. Not many of us are fortunate enough to get paid for our creative interests, and I don't actually think that getting paid for something automatically gives it credibility.

In fact, the mere fact that we do NOT get paid for our hobbies signifies that they are for personal pleasure, development, growth, and enjoyment. Hobbies are not meant to be done as an exchange of goods but instead as a way for us to explore our gifts and even bless other people! Inevitably, when we do not have hobbies, many of us will notice our free time falling prey to hours of phone screens, Netflix shows, or many other forms of idle entertainment.

So today, let's get our creativity flowing and begin discussing 10 different areas for us to cultivate our hobbies!


1. Reading

Believe it or not, reading is actually a hobby, and it can be so much more than something you do on the beach! It can be a solo endeavor, sure, but you can also connect with other people over reading and literary fiction! There are entire apps (like Goodreads,) subreddits, and fandoms dedicated to certain authors, book series, or even literary genres that you can get involved in.

For many of us, reading can be tainted by our educational experiences: forced to read long-form essays and dense textbooks for "required reading," even the most avid readers, can be prone to falling out of love with literature throughout university or high school. I hope that you can find a genre or a type of book that reminds you of the beauty of literature again-- to remind you that it's not all essays and work reports: it's imagination and passion!

I love reading because it can can take you to other lands, and involve your mind in a much more intense and engaging way than watching a show while scrolling on Instagram ever could. Reading causes us to use our imaginations as well as our emotions as we become attached and moved by the characters. If you take up more reading as a hobby, I hope that you consider starting or joining a book club, and exploring books that you would not have chosen for yourself! Challenge yourself with a higher reading level, or perhaps try to read all the novels from a specific author. Bonus points? Enjoy all the cozy hours you will have in the stacks of your local library!

2. Sewing

Sewing is often seen as very daunting and intimidating, but I assure you, it’s not as hard as you might assume and if I can do it, you can DEFINITELY do it. Follow some sewing Instagram accounts and youtube channels, and begin making small things like aprons or pillowcases. Whenever I start sewing a project, hours will slip by and I don't even notice! Not to mention the fact that it's actually a very practical skill: once your friends and family discover you can sew, don’t be surprised if alteration requests come flying in, causing you to unwillingly develop an entire alterations side-gig (not kidding...this happened to me LOL.)

3. Baking

I have four words: Great. British. Baking. Show. Now, I know I just got off a rant on the dangers of idle entertainment, BUT, I will say that if used properly, a TV show or movie can inspire and teach you things you never knew were possible! For me, this was my experience with The Great British Baking Show. It taught me that anyone can learn to bake, from accountant to dog walker, even the most unassuming person can become a wiz in the kitchen!

Baking is a wonderful way to bless others and to make something of value in the process. You can share your talents as a host, a volunteer in your community, or even as a gift to someone! Learning a simple skill like bread baking is sure to make you a crowd favorite at any soup supper, but more than that, you will gain skills and slowly learn a LOT about chemistry and ingredients. I love baking as well because it teaches you where food comes from and it allows you to create your own treats and cut out all the processed preservatives from the store! Win!

4. Writing

Ah, yes, another one of my favorite hobbies! Writing. I simply adore writing (as you probably know.) I am not a genius with the written word, but I do not let that stop me from writing as much as possible! As you dive into this hobby, remember that your writing can be focused on a diary or journal type of style, or even something more imaginative like fiction writing or short stories: there are truly no bounds! Writing allows you to explore language, prose, and the beauty of communication, all while expressing yourself or your imagination.

Now, you don't need an audience or readers to be considered a writer, but I know that many people write with the desire that they could touch someone's heart or mind, be it through the avenues of a blog or journalism, or poetry and stories. If you desire an audience for your writing, I encourage you to share with your friends and family or a writers group, or even take to the Internet! Starting a blog is not difficult (listen to the ProBlogger Podcast) but you could also write for an online publication like Her Campus or Medium. Try your hand at publishing a chapter to Wattpad, or see if there are writers groups on Reddit.

5. Music

A music-related hobby could be singing, playing an instrument, or even a severe passion for a particular type of music or artist. Whatever it is, music is an engaging hobby that many people use to feel more connected to their emotions, or even to develop new skills, My husband has spent this past year learning guitar, and it’s honestly surprising to see how far he’s come in such a short period of time!

Music can of course be a blessing to others, as you can play at church or around a campfire, but mostly, I believe music is an incredible blessing in one’s personal life for the mere passion, peace, and skill it can draw out of a person. As you explore a music-related hobby, try to focus on the peace and joy it brings you in your personal life, instead of forming an obsession with performing. Just as with writing, you do not need an audience to be passionate or skilled at your music hobby; you need only your own interest and energy.

6. Researching

Now, I know this sounds strange, but one of my favorite hobbies is RESEARCHING. I love spending a ton of time researching various political and cultural perspectives, as well as events in history, advances in science and technology, and the ups and downs of the economy and stock market. I love to spend an afternoon researching on my computer and learning as much as possible about a certain subject, even if it’s just a celebrity’s backstory or how a certain movie got produced. I love learning about EVERYTHING, and I never stifle myself with what can be explored.

Learning and researching can of course be narrowed in on a specific field, but it can also just be learning about a variety of things and topics, from hair and makeup techniques to the landscapes and agriculture in 18th century Taiwan! Seriously, research isn't about being an expert in a formally recognized field; it's about learning more about whatever interests you at the time. With the Internet, we don't have to save learning for the classroom and textbooks; anyone can learn more just by getting online! So get hopping on Google and begin indulging your research bones. Remember; don’t discount your intense interest in celebrities or true crime; become a researched expert instead!

7. Art

I know this is a huge category, but I had to put it that way because artistic expression and the creation of things is an common hobby, but not easily narrowed down. Art encompasses a variety of mediums; you could get into sculpting or watercolors, or even something a little different like quilting or tapestry work. I saw a girl on Instagram recently who does intricate medieval artistry on the bindings of old books, and it is AMAZING.

Please don’t feel like you have to turn your artistry into a side gig or make money off of it. It feels like everyone tries to justify their art hobbies by trying to sell the pieces! Instead, allow yourself to understand that you don't make art to make money; you make it to express your creativity and to try new things. Explore your interests and become more skilled with your medium. If you want, try gifting your pieces to others, and ultimately... take out the paint and release your inner child!

8. Movement

This again, is a huge category, but I’m keeping it that way to inspire you! A movement-related hobby releases us from the construct that weight lifting and running are the only exercise hobbies. Seriously! You can focus on intramural sports, hiking, crossfit, pilates, or even an adult jazz dance class! I know that many people express their interests through movement; my sister and brother in-law are incredibly passionate about mountain biking, and it's so cool to see them do that joint hobby together!

Try picking up a hobby that plays to your interests in the area of movement, and don’t worry about doing it for competition or scholarships or serious endeavors. It’s okay to enjoy volleyball even if you're not that good at it! Not everything has to be so intense. I personally enjoy extremely long walks through my town with my dog. Is it intense? No. But is it movement that I enjoy? YES! Find movement that works for you and start having fun with it!

9. Design

Design is a separate category on this list because it's not the same as art! Art is often about the pure creation of something new using a specific medium. To me, design is about taking something that already exists, or the idea of someone else, and improving it through your own personal vision and touch.

This could be designing the decor for your home or designing how you want to upgrade your flowerbeds through a certain amount of pruning! You can design an aesthetic Instagram layout, a website, or a specific makeup look for the weekend. Maybe you have an interest in fashion, or an eye for event planning! Design is really anything that you can take charge of and execute in order to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing end result. It could be floral design, interior design, or fashion design... different than art, yet equally creative and challenging!

10. Organization

I know this might not sound like a hobby at first, but hear me out; organization is a way for people to enact their (special) set of creative interests and talents, while being productive and intellectually stimulated. My mom is an organization hobbyist, complete with a weekly to monthly purge and organization of the house, and even the ability to organize someone's cluttered house in less than 2 days.

Don’t take your interests in organization or even administration for granted my friend; they are a wonderful way to express yourself and create beauty in your life. Take your organization skills to task and organize your home, or help your friends organize theirs! Set up things for your church community, and don’t be afraid to volunteer. Just as a woman who is a baking or guitar hobbyist can bless her community, so too can you! Administration and organization can indeed be a fun and engaging hobby, despite the fact that we often associate it with a boring office job. Prove them wrong and organize away!


As you can see, all of these hobbies have multiple uses and ways to bless your life. You can do them for the mere personal expression of creativity and to have an enjoyable past-time, or you can use your hobby to socially connect with others or serve others.

Whatever hobbies you decide to take on, I hope you pick something that will challenge your mind and pick on your talents.

Have a hobby-filled week my love!




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