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Top Tips for Creating "Atmosphere" at Home

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

Today has been a flurry of activity. We're going to hang out with friends tonight, and I even spent some time with my aunt today! It's kind of good for me to focus on my social life sometimes and not just my Internet life, but I have not forgotten the blog!

So for our listicle, this week we will be learning how to create "ATMOSPHERE" at home. Atmosphere is the sensory experience your guests have at home, and what better thing to talk about as I'm about to host some people today!

So today let's ask, what is the "vibe" your home gives off? Does your home make people feel comfortable, stiff, relaxed, nervous, or welcome? Let's talk about it!


I really cannot stand bright lighting at nighttime, so when we are visiting with friends and they have a bright overhead light on for a card game in the evening, it's truly abhorrent. Not only is it unflattering to everyone involved, but it also has the potential to cause headaches amongst your guests! Switch out your blue light bulbs for something warmer and more yellow, and try to install dimmers whenever you get the opportunity.

Christmas lights are an inexpensive alternative for nice lighting, especially around the holidays. Make sure things are too dark and causing strain on the eyes. Offer to turn more lights on and gauge your guest's reactions.


Learn to make use of soft background music, peaceful noises, and try to remember that your guests may have different limitations to sound than you will. This is especially important at nighttime. I remember staying at someone's home once overnight, only to discover that there was an INCREDIBLY horrible beep coming from the hallway every two minutes. I ended up sleeping with toilet paper stuffed in my ears, and yes... it was miserable.

Be aware of barking dogs, screaming children, or any other overwhelming noise that could cause discomfort to your guests. I grew up in a pretty quiet household, and I have always had trouble with extremely noisy and loud homes/environments. Remember too at dinner to make sure you can all hear one another speaking. This is why I hate going out to loud restaurants for dates: no one can hear each other! Lower the pandora radio to an acceptable volume and enjoy some quiet over dinner. A nice bubbling fish tank, a purring cat, and a flickering fire would be MORE than enough noise for me as a guest.


Rule of thumb: not too hot and not too cold. Have you ever shrugged deeper into your jacket at a friend's house, or felt nauseous from the heat? It's extremely important to look for the signs of discomfort amongst your guests, and frequently ask how the temperature is.

One time we had friends over on a DEEPLY miserably hot day in July, and we ended up entertaining them in our basement of all places, just because it was cooler and more enjoyable. Look for signs of discomfort and never forget to offer your guests an extra blanket or fan if they are staying the night. Temperature greatly affects their comfort, and by extension, their memory of your time together!


A tidy bathroom and fresh hand towels will make any guest, or yourself for that matter, feel more at home. This kind of goes without saying, but whenever you feel like you cannot touch the furniture you're sitting on at someone's home, your'e not going to be able to relax. Sticky floors, dirty countertops, or cluttered corners might stress your guests out and make them feel right at home.

I always clean extra when people are coming over because even though I don't notice the cobwebs on my chandelier, THEY definitely will. I have no shame in the fact that I like to make things nice for people. Perhaps my motivation is part vanity, but nevertheless, as long as my home gets a nice clean out, I don't care if it's simply from a place of pride. It's good to take pride in our items and blessings: take care of them and enjoy your guests!

Also, things must smell as clean as they look. Do a sniff test on your blankets, and be sure to spray some fabric refresher when you get the opportunity.

Amenities and Extras

This would be blankets, beverages, Febreeze, a plunger, and whatever else. Ensure that your guest will have all the weapons necessary to combat an embarrassing incident in the bathroom, and never fail to provide hot or cold beverages, iced water, and any extra blanket, treat, or other need they may have.

If you're taking guests out to your pool or on your boat, ensure you have extra towels for them, sunscreen, and anything else. I like to have extra bug spray and sunscreen for our guests, and always make sure there is shade as some guests might be prone to burn easier than you.

If you have a pet, find out what your guests are comfortable with, and introduce your pet slowly. Make sure that your cats and small dogs stay off their laps unless the guest wishes to snuggle, and always make sure that they're comfortable. If it's winter, make sure they won't slip on the ice outside your home, and that there is room for them to park somewhere. If you live in an apartment, instruct them where and how to park and enter your building. If necessary, meet your guest in the parking lot and guide them inside.


In total, I hope this was a helpful little introduction to hospitality! I think it's time I make a video on these topics. Homemaking is about making a home for everyone who visits! Not just your family.

Alright, I'm off to go enjoy the lake and some wine with friends. I hope you have a blessed weekend, and as always, stay fresh and stay feminine my sisters.




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