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+50 Book Recommendations By YOU!

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

We are back from vacation with the Phillipi's and I am EXHAUSTED. My husband and I came home and just laid down for about five hours because we were so tired LOL! I think it's time to enjoy some reading, relaxing, and... procrastinating from my duties, AKA, reading.

A few Instagram posts ago, I asked you lovelies for your book recommendations, and boy did you deliver! I have compiled them into a list, along with links and the category of each book. I know there are some gems in here, so I hope you find some good summer reading!

So let's dive in...


  1. Hunted: Fantasy/YA

  2. Redeeming Love: Christian/Rom

  3. Unbroken: Historical

  4. The Great Gatsby: Classic/Drama

  5. Tales from Ivy Hill: Historical/Rom

  6. Torch: Contemporary

  7. A Distant Prospect: Historical

  8. Sacketts Series: Historical

  9. Ayesha At Last: Contemporary/Rom

  10. One Summer: Romance

  11. Jane Eyre: Classic

  12. The Prairie Trilogy: Historical

  13. City of Girls: Historical

  14. Gifts from the Sea: Children/Hist

  15. The Alchemist: Fantasy/Class

  16. Dear Mr. Knightly: Rom/Christian

  17. Circe: Fantasy

  18. Borne: Science Fic


Thank you for checking in! I am so excited about all of these recommendations. You ladies are the best! I think I need to do more of these kind of posts. You guys are fabulous.

Have a wonderful reading session!




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Aug 02, 2019

Currently reading Sensible Shoes (I can’t remember the author off hand...Sharon Something?) but it is a book about the lives of four women at different parts of their walk with Jesus. It’s amazing! It also has a study guide sold separately and reading them both with my friends has taken us on an amazing journey with the book, with the LORD, and With each other!! I highly recommend!


Aug 01, 2019

Yay! I was just at the library yesterday and told my husband I wish I had a list of Christian/classic/non-crap books that were wholesome and interesting to read! You have delivered! :) Now I can't wait to go back to the library. Thank you for including my recommendation of Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliot. It's my favorite and I know others will love it as well. Have a blessed day! :)

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