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60 Little Christmas Things I WILL Do!

Hello my dear Reader!

Thank you for coming back to our tiny corner of the Internet. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you keep returning to this little place, especially considering the fact that I have been LESS than consistent as of late: a flaw that I hope to remedy in the near future.

I still have so much to write online, and I doubt I will ever be fully done with writing, journaling, or blogging all the days of my life. Just imagine it: 70 year old me, propped up on a rocking chair with my grandkids playing in the corner, while I slowly creak away on a 50 year old Macbook, insisting on sending out my thoughts to the now defunct Internet. Oh that will be the day!

But all silliness aside, I wanted to have some fun today and discuss all sorts of activities that we can be getting up to this winter season! This is of course a strangely specific list, pertaining to my life and tastes, but nevertheless, I wanted to share with you all my goals for this Christmas, holiday, and winter season. Hopefully this list entertains or inspires you my loves!


  1. Bi-weekly Vanilla lattes at the trendy coffee shop in my town... (I say this because that is where I am right now LOL!)

  2. Watch the Chronicles of Narnia, try not to cry when Aslan dies

  3. Play outside with my nieces in the snow.. bonus points for any snow-structure that is built

  4. Go cross country skiing while listening to Celtic Woman

  5. Go on a downhill ski trip

  6. Complete a few sewing projects (Winter is the best time for this!)

  7. Blast the Michael W Smith Christmas albums

  8. Read a Jane Austen novel

  9. Wear red and green TOGETHER

  10. Go on a wintery photo spree, of the landscapes OR of my fashion

  11. Walk the dog when it's lightly snowing

  12. Observe the Christmassy window displays downtown, preferably in the evening

  13. Witness a show of New Years fireworks

  14. Attend a hockey game and bring a blanket

  15. Make sugar cookies, shape them like evergreen trees

  16. Participate in the neighborhood cookie exchange

  17. Switch out our cotton sheets for flannel

  18. Decorate the house with more faux furs and Christmas decor

  19. Wear scarves and hats as much as possible

  20. Wear snowflake themed jewelry

  21. Attend a ballet... wear something classy

  22. Attend a play (children's Christmas pageants count)

  23. Go snow-shoeing

  24. Relax by a wood-stove, bonus points if you're in a chair that rocks

  25. Fill up stockings for Christmas

  26. Wear tights, leggings, a slip, and other cozy things under my skirts

  27. Attend a Candlelight service

  28. Head to TJ Maxx for some AMAZING sales... especially in January

  29. Make a quirky New Years Resolution: eg. watch one silly animal video a day, all year

  30. Bake Challah bread

  31. Cook Toscana Soup (I do this every year over the holidays, despite the fact that this soup is DECIDEDLY, not festive)

  32. Shovel the driveway to give my Husbear a break AND to get exercise

  33. Put lights up outside the house (we've never done this!)

  34. Mail a surprise present or letter to someone

  35. Drink homemade hot chocolate

  36. Eat peppermint ice cream while watching a Christmas movie

  37. Cook a warm ham for dinner

  38. Walk on the icy lake

  39. Light a candle on the shortest day of the year, rejoice that the days will get longer

  40. Make a wintery paper snowflake craft

  41. Visit the library on a snowy day, sit by the window, and read magazines and books until they kick me out

  42. Read all four versions of the Christmas story in the Bible

  43. Go to the movies, smuggle in my own popcorn, and nest under a blanket

  44. Try eggnog again: maybe this will be the year it will be appealing

  45. Listen to the Trans-Siberian orchestra Christmas album, Tchaikovsky's Christmas album, AND any 3 hour YouTube videos labeled "relaxing Harry Potter sounds and songs for Christmas" or any videos adjacent to that content

  46. Learn to embroider

  47. Take semi-frequent saunas (we have a sauna, so I have NO excuse)

  48. Stay up on the laundry groove ALL Winter!

  49. Wear slippers, a cozy robe, and all other cozy indoor-wear

  50. Take advantage of people donating stuff in the New Year and visit ALL the thrift stores (I wish I could ask for cash for Christmas that was specifically designated for thrifting LOL)

  51. Follow Wintery and cozy influencers on Instagram: book bloggers, home decor accounts, vintage fashion women, people from Scandinavia, South Korea, Russia, etc.

  52. Clean up my storage room and reorganize things

  53. Drink Bengal Spice tea (the only tea I like)

  54. Keep my car tidy, and never complain when I need to wipe the snow off of it

  55. Attend Bible study regularly, and bring a Wintery treat semi-regularly

  56. Read a wintery mystery book

  57. Keep up with my Wintery skincare routine: moisture is key!

  58. Go skating

  59. Have brunch with a friend: bonus points if a cinnamon roll makes an appearance

  60. Plan a Spring vacation


Alright! That is IT! I hope you find this list inspiring, despite the fact that it is oddly specific to my life, perhaps you should come up with a list that is oddly specific to YOUR life! Apologies as well if this was simply too long and boring...but if you have not noticed... the Winter is when I thrive LOL!




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Angela Rutledge
Angela Rutledge
Dec 08, 2019

Hey Cait! Your list is a great one! Thank you for sharing. As always, you inspire me. 🥰

God bless and keep you!

Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎁

Jesus is the reason for the season! 🙏


Dec 07, 2019

Love love love the lists!! Do lists more often! I am always down for new ideas ❤️


Dec 07, 2019

I love it!! Thank you Caitlin! I’m going to go make my own Christmas to-do list now 😊

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