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7 Tips for Birthdays...

Hello and welcome back to the Celebration Series!

We are carrying forward with our series on Celebration, and of course we could not do this series without some good old fashioned discussion about birthdays.

Birthdays are what comes to mind when most people think of celebration, and they are a HUGE passion of mine. I love celebrating my loved ones, buying gifts, throwing parties, and baking all the cakes.

I think that homemakers are the queens of birthday celebrations because they combine the superpowers of baking, hosting, cooking, and planning all into one! So today, let's dive in to my 7 tips about birthdays!


1. Do what that person wants

I know this must seem very obvious, but so many people forget that the real purpose of birthdays is to celebrate the person you love in the way that THEY would want. I swear I've seen at least six different sitcoms with episodes on this topic, but the fact is that birthdays are a time to serve person who you are celebrating, not yourself.

The whole point of celebration isn't necessarily to throw big parties and go wild: celebration is merely observing and marking an occasion, and this can be as low or high key as you want it to be. Figure out what kind of situation the birthday person would desire, and cater to their needs as much as you can! Wait to throw a big party for your own birthday if need be, and always keep their desires in mind.

2. Don't stop throwing parties...

So many people give up birthday parties when they reach adulthood. This is one of the tragedies of life in my opinion, as I am a huge birthday party person (for other people... not myself LOL.) Throwing a party to celebrate someone even when it's the 47th time is a great way to show your appreciation and affection for someone.

They don't have to be wild theme parties, but even a dinner party in honor of your husband's birthday with some close friends can really go a long way. Remember, celebrations and parties can be modified to be however large or small you want. Be very mindful of how easy it is for birthdays to slip by the wayside: this can be very hurtful for people and even leave a lasting scar!

It's usually good to throw some sort of formal celebration because then it is marked on the calendar, and the person is guaranteed to feel recognized. It might sound trivial, but most people aren't looking for a new car in the driveway on their birthday: they just want to be recognized and feel loved. This could be from a special pancake breakfast or a party with friends, but however you do it, try to mark it the best you can.

3. Wear something you love

If it's YOUR birthday, I highly recommend wearing your favorite outfit and making sure your hair will be on point on the day of. This will make you feel extra happy and peaceful, and it will definitely add to your confidence. You might get extra attention on your birthday, so it's always best to look and feel great!

4. Decorate!

I know this is also very obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people I've decorated for who haven't had streamers or balloons since their 8th birthday party! There is something so fun about waking up or arriving to a room with colorful streamers and balloons: it just makes things feel festive and important.

Birthdays are an amazing chance to show someone you care about them and to go all out. If it's your coworkers birthday, try setting up a little helium balloon at her desk, or leaving her a cupcake. Our environments have a huge impact on our psyche and day, and changing up that environment just a little with decorations can make someone feel extra noticed.

5. For kids...

Birthday parties are a big deal for kids. Think about it! They invite an exclusive guest list, plan out all their favorite things, and get to be the king of the castle for a night. It's usually a really important time in their life, AND they've only had a few, so it's still novel to most of them!

My mom threw incredible themed birthday parties for us growing up, and it was always the highlight of my year. I had a red carpet themed birthday party when I was 10, and the next year, she threw me a mystery themed birthday party that I will never forget. You don't have to go all out like my MVP mom for your kids, but make sure that you understand how important birthday parties can be to kids: it's like prom and a wedding day thrown into one. Stay on budget and don't try to compete with other moms, but make sure that you try to make it as special as possible.

6. Dessert!

Dessert is an important cultural part of Western birthdays. Make sure you make the desired dessert of the birthday person, and make it special! Don't always go store-bought unless that would taste better than your baking LOL!

Bake something with care, and don't assume that people are too old for candles. Ask in advance what kind of cake or dessert they would want, and do your best to deliver.

A dessert is a really simple and easy way to show you care, and... to any of my ladies looking to show their wifey potential... an expertly baked dessert for your man's birthday can make alllllllll the difference. My husband still talks about that mocha chocolate cake I made for him and our friends for the first birthday we spent together as a couple. I had a proposal under my belt less than a year later ;)

7. Encourage others to celebrate

Make sure that your friends and family know that it's your loved one's birthday: this goes for husbands, kids, or anyone else. Unless they specify that they don't want it, the extra attention can really make people feel loved. This is especially important for anyone who has newly joined your family, or anyone who is a little more shy.

Try to make sure that the birthday person in your life doesn't just feel celebrated by you, but also by other people. Do your best to make things happen for your loved one, even if it's stepping out for an evening while your husband has some fun with his buddies. Post on social media for them, and make sure you tune into their love language!


Alright! That is it for today: short and simple. But I feel like birthdays don't need to be complicated, so simple fits the bill. In general, as long as you put in effort and try to make the people in your life feel special, you will be better off than before.

Wishing you love!



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Savannah Mitchum
Savannah Mitchum
Sep 07, 2019

My mom always made our birthdays special by making our favorite supper and dessert, and she would hang the old "happy birthday" banner above the table. Then we'd always try to meet close family for lunch at our restaurant of choice close to the day-of to celebrate. It's very simple, but it's always special.

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