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A Thrifted Life

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Homemaking is a never-ending process. A delightful, beautiful, and satisfying flow in my life that takes me from one season into the next. As we are in our new home, I'm always gathering items to spruce it up, and I absolutely adore changing my decor according to our seasonal midwest life. With all this desire to acquire design, I'll have to admit: it's difficult to be both budget conscious and trendy!

The furniture in this pic is from Craigslist, the plant is from a thrift store, and all the pillows came with the couch! My husband picked out the furniture, and I truly disliked it when I saw the photos! Red just isn't my favorite color! But I gave it a shot, and what do you know... I love it.

As a couple, we value second hand decor because we value our budget, but on this thrifted journey, I have also grown to value slow home design, the younger sister of Slow Living.

What is slow living? Well, I can tell you it's amazing. It's all about stepping away from consumer culture, embracing the environment, and building the collection of fashion and decor in your life over a SLOW period of time, through the slow process of collecting ethical and sustainable pieces. This is where thrifting comes in.

Three reasons I love thrifting?

First, I love that we're participating in recycling and reusing. Instead of throwing away things, people can give them away, and I help that recycling process.

Secondly, it's cheap! We save money to spend on other things (experiences, food, utilities etc.)

Thirdly, it's extremely satisfying. Building up a collection of curated items that no one else has is thrilling. Instead of looting our local Target, I'm locally sourcing objects that no one else wants. We are helping our planet, curating our creativity, and saving money!

What's not to love?


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