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A Word of Encouragement: It's Okay to Take Time Away

Hello beautiful and dearest Reader!

It's time for another Sunday Series post! We now have over 90 posts on the blog, and I'm pretty excited to cross that "100" mark. When I think of all the words I've typed in the past few months, it truly amazes me how much life has changed.

To be honest, a lot of my focus has turned towards my YouTube channel, and away from my blog, but every time I cozy up to share a few words with you all, it always brings me back to the warmth and intimacy that writing allows.

Once I finish writing this piece, I'm going to join my husband to do some yard work in the sunshine, as THANKFULLY, Michigan is finally warming up, now that we're in May... LOL. The yard needs attention and so does my "In-Real-Life" life.

So today, I'm going to be taking less time for the blog and my social media. My heart behind this choice isn't laziness, or an attempt to shirk off my responsibilities: rather, it is a recognition that sometimes, it's okay to prioritize things OTHER than working.

And this is what I want to share with you all today: it's okay to take time away from the hustle, the bustle, and the busyness. For me, that busyness is this blog (as much as I adore it.) But that's OKAY! It's okay to take time off work, and it's okay to take a mental-health day. It's okay to take time for yourself, and it's okay to take a vacation. It's okay to say no, and it's okay to say yes.

Sure, taking time off isn't always going to propel you forward to the highest maximum career possibilities, but you know what it ACTUALLY does for you?

It keeps you soft, pleasant, nurtured, and ready to deal with the struggles and frustrations of life. Taking time to recharge, to be silly, to let your hair down, or to drop a couple of your responsibilities leaves you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

I want you to know today that if you're considering taking some time for yourself, or taking time to spend with your kids, or time to do your nails instead of the laundry, that that's OKAY. I talk a lot about self-improvement and hard work, but I want you to know that you have DISCRETION in all of those areas.

One pattern of living isn't going to work for all scenarios: recognize when you need an extra afternoon, evening, or even a whole week to wind down or prioritize OTHER responsibilities.

In order to achieve balance in life, we need to recognize that performing your responsibilities gets extremely taxing and draining if you don't ALSO prioritize the person responsible for getting those tasks done: YOU.

So am I saying to drop all your responsibilities every day and let people take care of themselves? No. But I am saying that it's okay to listen to your heart and your needs, and pay close attention to when you really should call in the babysitter, or when you should ask for an extension on our assignment, or when you need to just take an afternoon off work.

All those things are A-OKAY.

Remember, you have discretion, and it's good and positive to prioritize yourself. The things you need to accomplish in life aren't going to get done as efficiently and successfully if the person doing them is drained, wiped out, and exhausted.

Listen to your heart, and let yourself off the hook.. sometimes.

So yes my dears. I'm off to do some sunshine-filled yard work with my dearest husband. Maybe later I'll revisit some blog responsibilities, but it's all about the DISCRETION.

Sending you so much love today.




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