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Elements of a Full-On Wardrobe || Part 1 - Undergarments

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

Today we will be opening up a new series on the blog centered around the topic of having a full and complete wardrobe. This is going to be very biased, as it is based on my own wardrobe, but I hope it will still be inspiring to you!

We will be starting with the base of things: with undergarments.

I am a pretty curvy woman, with large breasts and a substantial amount of extra fat on my bottom half, so undergarments are an ESSENTIAL component to my wardrobe. I have worked hard to figure out the best pieces and elements to help me shape my my curves in a more flattering way, and today, I want to share with you all the exact combination of pieces I have in my complete wardrobe!




100% Cotton Underwear

  • Breathability is very important when it comes to the fabric around our genitals: only 100% cotton will guarantee a fresh environment.

  • Avoid underwear in polyester overly cheap fabrics: they will trap sweat and potentially cause pimples, vaginal bacteria growth, or other funky smells.

  • I buy mine from Walmart or on Amazon.

Nude Underwear

  • Having a pair in your skin color, preferably one that won't cause underwear lines is important for tighter dresses or special occasions.

Fun Lingerie Sets

  • I think fun lingerie can really help you feel sexy in the marital bed.

  • I like to have a wide variety of pinks, reds, blues, and anything that will help me feel extra confident and sensual.

Shape-wear for thighs, stomach, and bottom

  • I don't usually wear shape-wear, but I will whip some out for tight dresses or special occasions if I'm feeling a little heavier or out of shape.

  • These are ALWAYS worth the investment for that little extra boost of smooth confidence.

High waisted underwear

  • This is fantastic to wear under high-waisted skirts or pants to tuck shirts into.

  • I wear tight high waisted underwear most days, and it is such a wardrobe hack!



  • Having a thinner bralette is usually good for smaller breasts, but I like to even wear them with my D cups!

  • I'll use these for a lighter or looser hold in the summer, or if I want to have a more natural breast shape under my outfit.

  • These are amazing for the summer when a heavier cup can cause extra sweat or feel too heavy.

Lace Underwire Bras

  • I call these my granny bras, but they are seriously the MOST flattering shape on me.

  • They usually have a wider strap, a lot of breathability because of the fabric, and even have extra support with the underwire.

Minimizing Bra

  • These are usually in a more stretchy material with a wire underneath, and have the affect of stretching and flattening the breasts.

  • I like to wear these under looser tops or outfits where I want to have a more straight up-and-down shape.

T-Shirt Bra

  • This would be a regular everyday kind of bra that you enjoy wearing.

  • I have a couple of these, nude in color, soft shelled, and comfortable.

Sports Bras

  • These are obviously important for working out.

  • I prefer to have bras in stretch material without cups.

  • I layer a couple of them, and prefer wide strapped shapes to give more support.

Playtex Stretch Bra

  • I wear these over my t-shirt bras and lace bras to smooth down the top of the cups, the straps, and any fat that spills over my bras.

Cotton Sleep Bra

  • I wear a 100% cotton bra at night and in the early mornings.

  • It's simply not comfortable to me to have my breasts hanging without support, as they are quite heavy. I don't think I'll ever understand the memes about preferring to go braless LOL.

  • 100% cotton is really important for sleep bras because you want breathability to prevent sweat and bacteria buildup, especially between the breasts.

  • I always go for a wide strap with this as well, to have extra comfort.

Foot + Leg Coverings

Wool Socks

  • My toes get really cold, and it's important to keep them warm, especially in winter.

  • 100% wool is breathable, natural, and healthy for skin and temperature!

  • Merino wool is best.

Dress Socks

  • Thin black, brown, and navy blue socks are perfect for slipping into office outfits like loafers, flats, and boots.

  • You can get these in nice patterns too.

Nude Tights

  • Nude tights can help your legs look tan, smooth out discoloration, and make everything look extra smoothed out and tight.

  • These are a great life hack when you haven't shaved yet.

  • Don't go too tan with these! Make sure they match your arms too.

Wool Tights

  • Wool tights are perfect for winter. They keep you warm under skirts in winter, and help trap heat under dresses.

Black Tights

  • These are smoothing, flattering, and go with many different outfits.

  • I love wearing these with boots in Winter, Maryjane shoes, and using them to look extra polished.

Patterned Tights

  • These are a fun wardrobe piece for Fall.

  • Browns, argyles, polka dots, and stripes are all fun and cozy.

  • It gives a really cozy literature and Autumn aesthetic.

Ankle Socks

  • These are great for short shoes, running shoes, and to give you a chic tennis-look.

  • I've been enjoying wearing brightly colored ankle socks peeked out of my white shoes!

Slipper Socks

  • Thick fluffy socks with traction pads on the bottom are some of my favorite things to wear around the house.

  • You can buy these in all sorts of colors, shapes, and patterns!


Silk or Satin Slips

  • Slips can keep your legs and thighs warmer under skirts, smooth out lines, and prevent wardrobe mishaps when the sun shines through your skirts!

  • I like to have slips that are A-Line, but also ones that skim closer to the body.

  • There are different lengths that are important too: above the knee, under the knee, half-way down the thigh: all the lengths!

  • I buy these second-hand mostly because you can find some amazingly high quality pieces for a reasonable price.


  • These are great to slip on in the morning or the evening.

  • Light pinks, whites, grays, and beige can feel so chic, but darker colors are also flattering and good for Winter.

  • You can purchase these in wide styles, long styles, or with waist-ties.

  • If you want to look more elegant while lounging, this is the way to go.

Cotton and Terry Cloth Robes

  • I like to have a thick robe as well, to wear after a shower or on a really cold day.

  • These can be some of the most comfortable things to wear after a shower!

Matching pajamas

  • I like to have matching pajama sets in girly colors and patterns.

  • Old sportswear, athletic wear, or dirty t-shirts often don't lend to making the most stylish lounge or sleepwear.

  • I like to buy a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns!

Cute headbands

  • These are great for pulling your hair back from your face in the morning and evening for your skincare routine, AND for pulling back your hair after waking up.

  • I like to buy packs of velvet headbands from Amazon for this.


But that is all I have for today! I'm sure I missed something, but in general, I hope you know that it's okay to buy ALL the things you need to get proper support and smooth curves! It can really elevate your confidence. Also, it's okay to invest in your sleep and loungewear, even if no one else sees it. Dressing for yourself is one of the best things you can do!




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