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Elements of a Full-On Wardrobe || Part 2 - Basics

Hello and welcome back to the wardrobe series!

We will be diving right in with the second part to the series, focusing exclusively on "basics."

Now, basics might mean something different for each person, depending on what your typical outfits are, where you live, and what kind of lifestyle you lead. But there IS a reason we call this category basics... these pieces are the go-to pieces that every person might have in their wardrobe, no matter who you are.

I've assembled my "ultimate" list of basics in the hope of inspiring you! Enjoy!



White Cotton Button Down

  • One of the most iconic and basic pieces a person can own!

  • You can layer this under vests, wear it with denim, or pair it underneath dresses for a smart layered look.

White Linen Button Up

  • I like to have a linen button-up as well, for the hotter months in the summer.

  • Pairs nicely with any linen bottoms, especially wide leg pants.

White Cotton T-Shirt

  • H An essential! You can do a V-neck, a scoop neck, or even a crew neck: whatever is most flattering to your body shape!

  • I prefer a scoop neck style to show off my collar bones, but a crew neck t-shirt is also essential.

Black Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • This pairs smartly with almost any bottom, and can be layered with other pieces for a nice sharp look.

Black Cotton Long Sleeve

  • Try to go for a v-neck or a scoop neck in this style, and pair with any bottom!

  • I like to pair mine with a black or denim A-line skirt.

Black Fitted Turtleneck

  • This piece will get you through the winter! Pair with pants, skirts, or even layer it under dresses.

  • Choose one that is more fitted, especially if you have a larger chest: this will be the most flattering and attractive style, showing off your waist.

White Fitted Cotton Turtleneck

  • Go for more of a t-shirt material with this turtleneck instead of a wool material.

  • Layer this piece underneath jumpers, dresses, or anything in the overall family.

Satin Wrap Top

  • Have at least ONE good satin or silk wrap top to wear for dressed-up occasions with denim jeans or a plain bottom.

  • Navy blue, deep red, jewel tones, or even light pastel pinks, ivory, or black are all suitable colors.

  • Try to avoid too deep of a V, but if you find a style you enjoy, purchase multiple in different colors!

  • These are a fantastic basic piece for any occasion involving going to a restaurant, parties, church, or any kind of somewhat dressed-up occasion.

Neutral Toned Wool Sweater

  • Wool is one of the warmest and healthiest materials, and it's always good to have a sweater or two in this fabric.

  • I prefer to have a cream, beige, or lighter neutral sweater, as it can be worn and layered year-round.

Linen Tunic Top

  • A long white or ivory tunic top in linen is an incredibly important staple piece, especially for summer.

  • Pair with fitted denim, wide leg linen pants, or on top of a bathing suit for a cover-up.

Floral Blouse

  • A floral blouse is a very feminine and flirty piece to have in your wardrobe.

  • Choose a lighter material that skims the body, with small details like buttons or ties.

Neutral Cardigan

  • Purchase at least one cardigan in a color that is complimentary to your wardrobe.

  • I have a cream cardigan I like, but many women prefer black, beige, or gray.

Neutral Long Sweater

  • Have a sweater in your wardrobe that ties at the waist and goes past your bottom.

  • Pair with denim jeans, pants, or a tunic top over leggings.

  • White, cream, black, brown, gray, or even navy blue will all work as neutrals.

Black Fitted Tank Top

  • Purchase a black fitted tank to wear in warmer weather under sweaters or on its own with any bottom.


Go-To Dress Jeans

  • Special occasion jeans, in dark denim and in the most flattering style for your body type.

  • Pair with the silk/satin top or floral top we were speaking about earlier!

Go-To Casual Jeans

  • These could be any style: wide leg, boot-cut, skinny, or boyfriend!

  • Pair with any of the sweaters, tops, or t-shirts we discussed above.

Linen Wide Leg Pants

  • Essential for summer, as they are breathable and flattering, especially on wide hips or saddlebags.

  • Navy blue, beige, ivory, or cream are all flattering colors.

  • Pair underneath the linen tunic, with the black tank top, or with any of the other basic tops above.

White Jeans/Pants

  • White or cream jeans are essential for the Spring and Summer months.

  • These will lighten up your outfit and pair nicely with a wide variety of neutral or colorful tops and sweaters.

Denim Knee-Length Skirt

  • Denim is versatile and flattering, and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and shades.

  • You can have a tight denim skirt, or even an A-Line shape, all easily found on Amazon!

  • Pair with any of the above tops: the black long sleeve, floral top, or even the white t-shirt for a flattering and simple look.

Basic A-Line Midi Skirt

  • I have SO many of these, in all different colors, patterns, and materials.

  • This is an extremely flattering shape for anyone looking to disguise wide thighs.

  • Purchase in denim, linen, khaki, cotton, with any kind of color or pattern, but for a basic, make sure you have a neutral toned skirt to begin with.

Denim Maxi Skirt

  • This might not be an essential for most people, but I feel that it is a versatile and flattering piece.

  • Pair with a tank top, t-shirt, or any type of neutral piece or layered under a longer sweater.

Linen A-Line Skirt

  • This gets its own category, as linen is (AGAIN) the MOST important fabric for summer.

  • You cannot go wrong with a cream or white linen A-Line skirt, but make sure you always wear a skirt slip beneath the piece, to avoid an unsightly wardrobe mistake!

Cotton or Jersey Maxi Skirts

  • A black or darker colored cotton maxi skirt may be one of the most comfortable pieces to wear in the world.

  • Pair with tank tops, t-shirts, or with sweaters, and you'll never look at sweatpants again!

Khaki Pants

  • This might just be a basic to me, but I believe khaki pants, especially khaki cargo pants are essential.

  • These work great for work days, chores, or even travel days, as they are incredibly comfortable and breathable.

  • High-waisted khakis or cargos are SO flattering, and will pair well with t-shirts, long sleeves, tanks, and any kind of button down.

High Waisted Pants

  • This is an essential, and they could be any kind of material: denim, khaki, cotton, or anything!

  • High waisted is a really flattering style for many of us, so don't overlook them!

Dark Wool A-Line Skirt

  • A darker toned wool skirt is essential for the winter months.

  • High waisted, below the knee, and A-Line, this skirt, especially in black, navy blue, or even a darker flannel pattern pairs well with sweaters, turtlenecks, or any kind of dark long sleeve.


Denim Jacket

  • This is a great piece to layer over dresses, pair with a variety of skirts, and to mix and match.

  • I prefer a denim jacket that is cropped at the waist, as it is the most flattering to a curvy body shape.

Black Fitted & Buttoned Coat

  • Having a nice fitted black coat is an essential for special occasions.

  • If it is a slightly sheened material, with thick buttons up the front, it will look especially smart when arriving to church or at a dinner party!

Long Light Spring Coat

  • A long overcoat in a light fabric can be quite nice for Spring.

  • You can purchase it in a rain coat material, but neutrals and light colors are best!

Khaki Trench Coat

  • A classic trench! You can't go wrong.

  • Look for a knee-length beige or brown trench, buttoned up the side or middle.


Alright! That is all we have for today's installment! Next week, we will be doing dresses. I'm excited!




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