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Feminine Women I Love to Follow!

Hello my love!

Today as we go towards the weekend, AND the Springtime, I thought it might be a good idea to refresh my Instagram feed.

I like to do digital clean outs as often as I do physical HOUSE clean outs! I tidy my feed, snip and edit, and occasionally take on new accounts to follow as well. I love rotating my feed and making sure I'm never left feeling uninspired.

I get asked a lot for accounts I would recommend for femininity inspiration, so today I assembled a bunch in case you were looking to spice up your Instagram feed! I do not necessarily endorse the views of every single person on this list, but HAVE found inspiration in their femininity, lifestyles, and fashion. Enjoy!


Angel Rose Turner

Feminine & Traditional Motherhood, modest fashion, and hair inspiration


Japanese housewife, kawaii style, culture, homemaking, housewife life

Rosie the Londoner

Longtime blogger, affluent lifestyle, motherhood

Mrs. Hinch

Cleaning IG Influencer, daily humor, family life


Vintage fashion, Instagram photography, vintage style Youtuber

Rebecca Lord

Modest vintage fashion, IG photoshoots, feminine living


Christian Homemaking, aesthetic slow living Youtuber, homemaking

Rhea Y

Japanese Day in the Life Youtuber, simple minimalist living, gratitude

Classically Abby

Classic lifestyle Youtuber & blogger, wife-life, homemaking, writing, and opera


Feminine style Youtuber, aesthetic photography, travel


Chic fashion, style Youtuber, fashion ettiquette, chic & polished style


Feminine homemaking, ettiquette, motherhood, Youtuber


Feminine fashion inspo, city life, travel

Jennifer L. Scott

Etiquette Youtuber, chic style, feminine motherhood


That is all I have for this round my loves! I think I will have another list for next week of things I absolutely recommend. Wishing you a happy weekend!




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