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If I Had One Video to Share...

Hello my love!

I am so happy you are here in our little corner of the Internet. It's 2020 and I am getting back in FULL swing with this blogging gig! I've missed you all, but I can't lie; the break was niccccce. I feel rested despite the fact that my husband has been sick for the past week and we've basically been vegging and relaxing. Do you ever have it where you've been relaxing so much that you don't feel relaxed anymore!?

But within all this relaxation, I've been busy with my typical online research. As you know, I love to consume a variety of content on my favorite subjects, and lately, I've been consuming a ton of HIGHLY impactful content lately: podcasts, interviews, research articles, documentaries, and sermons on the topic of the modern church and the true gospel.

I am NOT being dramatic when I tell you that a few of these interviews and videos have permanently changed my faith and life. And because of that, I wanted to share one of the best videos I've encountered since starting this little journey! If I only had one video to share with you all, it would be this one.

Buckle up!




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