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Personalizing Your Home- Christian Decor

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Hello and welcome back to the blog my loves!

Today I wanted to write a brief post about the topic of religious home decorating. Now, my family is not Catholic, and we do not participate in the use of icons, but I still like to have a Christian flare to my home that shows, if you look closely, that we are a Christian family.

I don't think Christian decor is necessary for a Christian home, but I do think that it can help personalize your space. I used to have NO Christian-related decor in my home, and I realized that something about that felt so disjointed from our identity as a family! We prioritize our faith, Scripture, and following Jesus in our daily lives, and it felt strange that this was in NO way reflected in our home decor.

So when I set to work trying to add more Christian decor, I realized that it was kind of difficult! A lot of religious decor tends to ere on the side of kitsch, and I wasn't interested in putting throw pillows with Bible verses all over my home. I wanted pieces that reflected my faith, but also reflected my home decor taste.

Thankfully, through thrifting and patience, I have found a nice balance of Christian-related home decor that ALSO fits my style. :)

Hopefully this is inspiring to you! At the very least, I hope that today you begin thinking about how to personalize your space JUST a little bit more. I believe we should take advantage of decorating our home in a personal way, so that it might reflect our personalities as much as our personal taste! Homes are so much more than just a reflection of our design tastes; they should reflect WHO we are as well!

This is one of my most recent thrifted pieces! I love that this is embroidered, and so subtle in its reference, yet entirely reflective of my beliefs and personal taste! I am a true rural-traditionalist, with a heart for small town living and the Church! This piece reflects ALL of that, and I love getting a glimpse of it every time I walk down my hallway. :)

This sculpture was meant to only be for my Christmas mantle display, but I have decided to leave it up for the rest of the year! The beautiful lines and simplistic style blends in so nicely to the rest of my decor. It's not an overtly in-your-face kind of piece, but you can still enjoy the reference to the birth of Christ. I think this is the perfect example of a piece of religious decor that ALSO matches my personal decor taste.

This is another piece that I put in my kitchen! It is SO cute and totally matches my 70's aesthetic I've got going on in my kitchen corner. It's such a cute little prayer and totally whimsical, that I could not RESIST it! I think this one blends my personal taste towards whimsical decor, but also my design taste of natural colors and textures. SO cute!

This is another Christmas piece that has not left the chat! I love church-related decor, and this one is again, so simplistic, but reflective of my beliefs. It's again, another thrifted piece, and meant to have a candle inside, which I like to do when we have dinners in the dining room. It's always nice to have a shelving unit in your home that you can mix and match decor with, and I LOVE this simple piece for that very reason!

This piece is in the stairwell on the way to our basement. It is a nice piece to keep on the wall, and again, has that very relaxed natural decor. I believe this is a piece from Etsy someone purchased for our wedding, and I really love it. Growing up, my friends' homes and my home always had this Bible verse on some sort of plaque somewhere in the house, so it was really nice to hang this in my own home as an adult.

Finally, we have this thrifted painting of Jesus with his apostles. I looooove this art style and have been known to collect similar prints elsewhere in my home. The piece itself was pretty banged up when I first purchased it, but after some editing with my own paint set, she is good as new! I keep this on the shelving unit under the church, and again, love the simple reference to my faith and Lord, without being too intense.


And there you have it! Again, this is really all about personalization. A home can be beautiful without being personal, but I think that personalization is truly what sets the best homes apart from the pack.

In the future, I think I would like to add a couple more subtle pieces in the home, and perhaps a decorative cross, but for now, these pieces have me over the moon! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend my loves!




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