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Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Out Our NESTS!

Hello and happy middle-of-the-week!

I'm a little later in the day on this blog post, but better late than never right? I've been busy today with some spring cleaning AND a little bonus video for Saturday! So much content, SO little time!

But despite the busyness, I was actually able to get to some really delicious cleaning today. It FELT fabulous! I organized my makeup drawer, scrubbed my shower, and revamped our guest bedroom! I was on a roll, and I hope today to inspire your Spring cleaning as well!

Let's talk about the best way to approach cleaning our nests, and of course, how to enjoy the process! ;)

1. Get Rid of the GRIME

It wouldn't be a complete Spring Cleaning without getting rid of the NASTY stuff right? Today I found myself sitting on the floor and scrubbing rusty shower scum with a toothbrush... yeah... I'm definitely an elegant woman LOL!

But yes: Spring cleaning is all about getting rid of the rust, the mildew, the dust, the mold, the grunge, and the slime. It's time to pay attention to those little nooks and crannies you've been purposely avoiding friends: the window sills, the trim, the shower head, the back of your toilet, and the back of your closets! Empty out your vacuum canisters, and run some drain-o through your pipes!

Focus on cleaning out the items that don't get cleaned regularly: a deep carpet clean, the INSIDES of your cupboards.... everything. Take the covers off of your decorative pillows and hand-wash them. Bleach or clean out the inside of your trashcans, and don't forget to run a clarifying soap through your dishwasher and laundry machine, where mold can grow really easily. Also, make sure you wash the outsides of your kitchen cupboards as those can get really greasy. Oh, and definitely deep clean the fridge!!

I could go on and on, but it might be best if you head over to Pinterest. There are TONS of Spring cleaning blog posts and images all over Pinterest. Type in "Spring Cleaning Checklist," and you will have ideas for EONS.

2. Capture the CHAOS

Makeup drawer getting out of hand? Closet getting out of wack? Has finding your favorite spatula been more difficult than usual lately? All of this is enough to make the sanest person go crazy, not to mention how many minutes are sucked out of our days, just because we're so busy rooting around looking for things amidst the mess! All of these are signs that it's time to CAPTURE THE CHAOS.

Spring cleaning is of course a time to start fresh, and what better way to do this than to start with a fresh system of ORGANIZATION!? Seriously though... once you remove some of that grime, it's good to put things back to where they BELONG. And if they don't currently belong somewhere? Create a new home!

First, identify the problem area. THEN, remove absolutely everything. I like to take everything out and slowly put them back in a new order, adding in baskets, buckets, or bowls to help things be further organized around a certain theme. Make sure things are in a logical order to YOU. It doesn't have to be Marie Kondo level: just make sure that it makes sense to you! This fresh organization will make you feel like a new human being, I promise.

3. The FUN Part

Alright friends... so does cleaning have to be this terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad thing? Nope! The key to enjoying cleaning is to enjoy the process, AND to take a little time to celebrate once you're done. Open up those windows and air out the house! Play some soft and pleasant music while you light the candles, and don't forget to treat yourself to some fresh flowers and tea! Remember: it's important to reward a job well done.

Also, don't forget to make the ACTUAL cleaning fun as well. I always carry around a podcast or a YouTube video while I'm cleaning, but I know some ladies prefer Netflix shows or music while they clean. Whatever you do, remember that cleaning doesn't have to be boring, and some good entertainment can really make the time pass by QUICKLY.

It's kind of funny because sometimes when I hear a certain song or see a certain YouTube creator, I'm instantly reminded of my kitchen floor or the cupboard in my laundry room because I was listening to that when I was cleaning LOL!


In total, I hope that you remember that Spring cleaning doesn't have to be reserved only for Spring, but it's good to have that fresh start annually. Some people can go years without wiping out the back of their cupboards or the cutlery drawer: Don't let that be you!

I'm not the best at cleaning, but I sure do enjoy the process! Truthfully, I think anyone can enjoy it... the secret is just distracting yourself while you do it LOL.

All the best on your cleaning adventure!




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