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Style Resources... Tips, Tricks, & Tests!

Hello friend and welcome back to the blog!

It is currently Friday night and I have just returned from walking Harley around town. We returned home just as the sun was setting when I finally remembered that I still had to write Friday's blog post!

So alas, here we are, ready to hunker down and discuss STYLE, specifically some style tips, tricks and TESTS! We will be unlocking some of my favorite style tests, and hopefully shedding some light on how to further develop YOUR personal style.


1. Color Season

Now I know this sounds very 1980's of me, but I highly recommend that you do some research into your "Color Season." I used to think that color seasons were silly and dated until a few months ago, when they actually saved my wardrobe AND my sanity. LOL.

So the story of me and "colored clothing" is that I basically realized this past year that I wear black a lot... I mean... a lot, a lot. And it's not because I particularly LOVE black, it's just that it's comfortable, and to me, it's easier and better than wearing some of my colorful clothing that feels just... wrong on my skin. I have so many colorful pieces that I find myself avoiding simply because I don't like the way it looks when I'm wearing it!

I have spent year after year of purchasing ice blue shirts, dresses, and tops just because ice blue is "supposed" to look good on blondes... yet I refuse to wear the pieces once they're hanging in my closet! And as I've worked towards a more feminine closet, it has become apparent that I cannot live in black forever.

I think this can be a problem for a lot of women. We want to include more color into our wardrobe but we don't know where to start: sometimes we find a shade that looks right, but other times we just can't crack the code!

Well, this is where your color season comes to the rescue.

It wasn't until I began learning about my color season that I finally realized why gray, ice blue, or really any cool tone in general washes me out and looks TERRIBLE. After some light research, I was able to conclude that I am what is called a "Light Spring:" prone to freckles and the proud owner of natural blonde hair and a peach undertone.

And VOILA, my life is infinitely better! Now I am armed with the information that warm pastel shades look the best, while cool tones or overly saturated/bold colors wash me out! This is why a cool-tone ice blue looks terrible on me, while a cornflower blue looks amazing. My wardrobe sanity is officially returning and I am now armed and ready for all future shopping trips.

Instead of trying to explain your color season, I have linked all the information that helped me figure out my season! Enjoy! :)

2. Kibbe Body Typing

The Kibbe body typing system was made by David Kibbe, and is a great tool if you really want to go in depth with your body type. It draws outside the lines of hourglass, pear, apple, etc and focuses rather on the balance or contrast of "Yin" and "Yang" within your body.

The general premise is that women have a combination of yin features or yang features that will result in different looks. Some people are very yin, while others are very yang, but you can also have a blend of yin and yang, or a contrast of yin and yang present in your body.

It is of course impossible to type every person into one system perfectly, but I do think that this system works really well for a lot of people because it takes more things into consideration besides your general shape. Kibbe focuses on everything from your flesh to the size of your features. It's one of the only systems to take into consideration the ideas of flesh, eye shape, or even the length of your limbs!

To be honest, I don't think I have completely figured out my Kibbe type. Sometimes I think I am a soft classic while other times I think soft natural or theatrical romantic. I just know that I am more Yin dominated than Yang. Most women have a love/hate relationship with Kibbe until they finally crack the code. However, I do know that this system has helped a TON of women figure out their wardrobes, so please give it a try!

Kibbe Body Series by Aly Art:

Merriam Style's take on Kibbe:

3. Normal Body Typing

So yes, all that goes to say that I do feel as if Kibbe can be too complicated for some people, so in general, I would recommend just using the general body typing system of hourglass, pear, apple, etc. While this is less complicated than Kibbe, it can still be helpful to discover what features you should highlight and what features you could disguise.

I think body shaping is a wonderful tool because it gives us the information we need to embrace our bodies rather than despise them for the way they are naturally built. If you are stuck in a rut of hating your body, I highly recommend looking into body typing and starting a journey towards a better and more robust closet that will truly help your unique beauty SHINE.


If you have any other tests, tips, or tricks that we need to know, please leave a comment below and don't be afraid to add in some links!

Sending you so much love today.




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Sarah McNeill
Sarah McNeill
Aug 27, 2019

I do not recommend the virtual consultation of the Empire cardigan website. I thought it would be a good idea to really get it personalized to me and so I know I'd be on the right track. I paid them the $20 and filled out the questionnaire and haven't heard a single thing. They have no contact information on their website that I can find. I've left them comments asking but they never come out from being under moderation. I'm not sure if maybe they aren't keeping up with the website anymore or what. The information they have is good, just save your money! I am definitely bookmarking their information for further study and application to my life!


Morgan N Rachel McCracken
Morgan N Rachel McCracken
Aug 17, 2019

Thank you so much for posting this! That color season post is the best I have ever seen with the addition of eye color--I realized I have literally been doing the same thing as you! Thinking I should be in cool colors because I'm fair and pale when I'm reality I look better in warm colors because of the gold in my hair and eyes 😊 game changer! No wonder I've always felt like I look washed out! (I'm having a hard time with the Kibbe too- also maybe soft classic? More research to be done, but I like the direction it takes me!)


Aug 13, 2019

Thank you! I had no clue there were color seasons and I believe it’s right! Also never considered my shape. No wonder half my wardrobe never gets worn!

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