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Style Series: Breaking Out of a Style Slump

Hello and welcome back to the blog my friend!

Last week we opened up the discussion about all things STYLE, and since then, I have felt so utterly inspired to continue this discussion with a three week series on STYLE! It's time to talk fashion and it's time to talk style, so get ready for the next three weeks and let's party!

Too many of us open our wardrobes just to feel frustrated, disillusioned, and uninspired. It feels like we have nothing to wear, and no sense of style! I think this happens not because we have bad taste or because we have nothing to wear, but because we're in a "style slump."

So why do we get in a style slump and how do we break out of it!? Let's discuss...

1. Lack of interest & experience

Sometimes I think people say they don't like fashion because they're actually unsure of how to approach it. They're inexperienced, unsure, and unconfident about their choices, style, and clothing in general.

The truth is that many of us don't grow up in fashion-positive households: some people are even taught by their parents that fashion is stupid, a waste of money, or unnecessary. Many end up viewing fashion as frivolous, stressful, or something reserved for super confident and creative women.

I was fortunate to grow up with a mother who LOVED personal style and highly encouraged me to experience thrift, vintage, antique clothing, and all different stores in the mall. Because of this, I believe that style is for EVERYONE and should be a personal expression of our personality, not just trends or runway style.

Stop believing that style is only for super fashionable people: anyone can use it to express themselves, including you! If you're secretly interested in fashion but you don't know where to start, stop lying to yourself and begin LEARNING! Watch style Youtubers, begin exploring Pinterest, and in general, begin branching out.

2. Keeping the status quo

It is absolutely difficult to find your own style, and sometimes it's easier to just copy fashion icons, steal clothes from our sisters, or even just wear whatever Target puts out every season. This has gotten even easier with Instagram style bloggers: now we can straight-up plagiarize the entire wardrobe of some girl from Nashville with a better tan than us!

Unfortunately, this easy access to style-copycats can hinder rather than help because instead of building our OWN style, we're busy copying the clothing of another girl. Sometimes these bloggers don't have the same body shape, coloring, or budget that we do, and it can be difficult to translate their style into our own wardrobe.

Remember that to break a style rut, it's more important to find unique pieces and silhouettes that look good on you than it is to keep on trend with everything. Enjoy trends if you want to, but don't let what's trendy dictate your entire wardrobe or spending habits.

3. Lack of inspiration

Sometimes we don't have any source of inspiration: we see style bloggers and feel blah, the clothing at TJ Maxx makes us feel bored, and even the photos on Pinterest feel unachievable and outdated! I think the best thing to do for this is to COMPLETELY break out of what you're used to thinking about style-wise.

I think sometimes we get in a style rut because we are totally uninspired and surrounded by boring or uninspiring fashion and trends. Maybe we're even refusing to allow ourselves to stretch into different styles, which can prevent inspiration.

Mix up your inspiration and reconsider different styles you haven't worn before. I began looking into modest fashion a few years ago and discovered my obsession with long skirts, scarves, and all things elegant and flowy. Try to switch up your sources of inspiration, and never say never to styles you've never tried before.

4. Not knowing yourself well enough

Transforming from a young girl into an adult woman comes with all sorts of identity crises: we can feel completely out of touch with our interests, hobbies, personalities, or even our BELIEFS! With all of this change, fashion probably seems like the last thing you should be worrying about defining, and I don't blame you.

While I agree that it's more important to figure out your major, your relationships, or your religion, I DO think that having a strong sense of your own personal style can actually bring you a lot of strength, confidence, and joy.

Sometimes we just don't really know what our style is, what we would look good in, and what matches our personality. When we don't know our own bodies, it can be next to impossible to figure out what looks good on us! Begin learning more about your body, your coloring, and what makes you feel good and confident. Maybe you will surprise yourself and find out that you absolutely adore vintage style, or that some feminine or avant garde fashion is for you!

5. Staying in "Chrysalis Mode"

When a caterpillar is in the process of transforming into a butterfly, it weaves a chrysalis around itself, a type of cocoon that it rests in while its wings are forming and transforming.

It is my goal and hope that we can transform from caterpillars into beautiful style butterflies, and break out of our chrysalis. Sometimes you're not exactly wearing your middle school t-shirts anymore, but you're not also developed into your final butterfly form. Instead of staying in that weird in-between style, I encourage you today to make some steps forward into your dream style.

The moment I did this was when I ordered a long coat from It was a beautiful outerwear piece that perfectly complimented my shape, AND my vision for my style.

I don't know you, but I know that we can all move forward into beautiful butterflies. Embrace your style desires and just take that one step: order those boots you've been dreaming of, or purge your closet of your high school clothing. Wear that monochromatic look you've been thinking about, and most of all, make a movement forward.

6. Money

I am NOT going to lie to you: more money will certainly help build a diverse and fashionable wardrobe. However, I still feel like an unlimited budget does not guarantee good style. Less money can often make style a little more difficult, but it doesn't mean it's impossible.

Firstly, I encourage you to invest in LESS pieces that are more durable and higher quality. Purchase pieces that you absolutely love, and make sure that they are pieces that you will wear every single week. It's okay to not buy new clothes every season, just make sure that the pieces you DO own are versatile and will work in various seasons and settings.

My second tip for the money side of style is to get good at thrifting and sale shopping. Find pieces on sale or clearance, and get good at styling lower priced items to look MORE expensive. Try to reconsider the pieces you ALREADY own, and most of all, remember that you can shop your own wardrobe and transform pieces with different accessories.

7. Fear of others

It can be so easy to stick yourself in a style rut out of fear of others. We are afraid of negative attention and become worried that others will comment on our clothing.

It can be a daunting task to step out in an outfit that might attract some attention from others. The truth is that anytime someone tries something new with their life, other people WILL comment on it. Now, it's important to remember that just because someone is commenting on your style, it doesn't mean they're being mean or don't approve.

Remember that it's not worth it to live in a style rut just because other people don't support you. Other people won't get used to your new style unless you begin getting them used to it. Work on branching out, and never give into the fear of others. It's worth it to transform your style to feel confident, regardless of what people say.

In total, I just hope you know that you don't have to stay in a style rut forever. I truly believe that every person has their own style waiting to emerge, and that everyone can be more in tune with what looks good on them.

Breaking out of a style rut is easier when you don't box yourself in. Start with a closet clean-out, a body typing test, or even a wild trip to the mall. Challenge your preconceived notions about what you "like" and never give into fear of others.

All the best!




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Jul 30, 2019

I love this so much! Over the years my style has changed a ton. I have recently learned that I love the fashion from the 1910's and 1930's! Everything back then was so feminine and sophisticated. One of my favorite movies of all time is Titanic and I am in love with every single one of Rose's dresses! I remember first time I watched the movie and saw Rose step out of the car with her big hat on. It took my breath away!

I love sewing and have recently been learning and making whatever I can! I plan on making my first dress as soon as I get the fabric. Thank you for taking the time to write thi…


Evelina Edfors
Evelina Edfors
Jul 20, 2019

I love to discuss style and how to find your own personal style! Great topic! Personally I've gone trough so many stages of finding out what fits me and my personality. And as you write, confidence is a big part of it. I'm at university and I study at a department with many (older) men and other people who in general don't seem to value being well dressed. To each their own, but I don't want to carry on that tradition. I love that I have found the confidence to wear what makes me feel good, may it be skirts or pink or lace. I'm not ashamed to look and feel feminine in such a traditionally "masculine" setting.

I look…

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