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Sunday Series: Take a Palette Cleanser

Hello friend and welcome back to the blog!

I have been writing the Sunday Series since November, and have never taken a Sunday off, until... TODAY! Technically it is Monday in my time zone, but because I have not yet fallen asleep, it is still Sunday to me LOL.

So we are actually on a vacation with friends right now, and it has been AMAZING. I have completely forgotten about anything work-related and have just been enjoying the conversations, the fun, and the food.

And honestly, that’s what I wanted to share with you today: sometimes we need a palette cleanser.

I think it’s easy to get very one-minded about things we care about, and even allow that thing to consume our entire life. It can feel like the only thing that matters is our problem or job or relationship or goal. Lately for me, it has felt like the only thing that I ever think about is CONTENT: “what am I going to write about next, what should my next video be about, what are people wanting me to comment on next?“

And honestly, this drive has been kind of good and exciting for me! I haven’t been this driven or one-minded about something in a lonnnnnng time: it feels so good to help people, be creative, share my thoughts, and put some positivity out in the world that sometimes I can forget that other “good” things ALSO exist.

Today, as I was enjoying the company of friends, I realized that I really needed this “palette cleanser.” I needed a time away from my “cares” to truly relax, let loose, and enjoy REST! I think today I became reacquainted with the concept of being “carefree.” It is to be free of cares: good or bad.

And honestly I think I had never considered the fact that even “positive” cares can drain you. A positive care takes your time, attention, heart, energy, thought, and life to often the same degree that a problem would! And although we have the common wisdom to take time to regroup from stressful problems, I think a lot of us don’t think to take time away to regroup from our goals and positive pursuits!

Taking a time for a palette cleanser allows you to use your brain in a different way and experience life in a different way. It helps you consider different ideas and even allows your mind to rethink things you had previously never questioned!

So today, I want to encourage you to take a palette cleanser: get carefree and away from your goals AND problems for a little bit. Do some new things, experience new people, and discuss new topics. Tap into parts of yourself that have not been awakened in years and allow yourself to relax.

Remember that your goals will still be waiting for you when you’re ready to come back. And when you come back after a cleanse, you can see things with fresh eyes and even a fresh mind.

Remember that you are a human and you need to experience life a little! You need to take time to play and have fun. You need to take time to laugh and experience life. You need to take time to reconsider how you’re living life and ask yourself what’s working and what isn’t.

Remember my dearest friend, that no one is a robot and we are not meant to breathlessly pursue ANYTHING with a single minded heart other than Christ Jesus. We all need a break, a rest, and a refresh.

It’s so difficult to realize that taking time away can actually benefit the goal we are pursuing. It‘s scary to step away because it can feel like that thing won’t be there when we come back.

But my friend, it will.

A short break will will not destroy your goals: it will build you stronger to better achieve those goals.

Regroup, relax, and REFRESH.

I am so sorry to add this, but I am writing you all from my smartphone and this blogging app is NOT amazing for writing, so I will be signing off now.

Sending you love my friend. Don’t feel guilty for taking a break: it will actually build you up more than it would ever break your goals.



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Isla Rivers
Isla Rivers

Thank you so much for these blog posts and your YT videos, Cait. You truly are the most inspiring woman, and have helped me to be happier after feeling down. I really appreciate you tackling such controversial topics in such a calm manner; you're so intelligent and feel like a big sister to me.

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