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What Are Your Energy Limits? Know the Signs...

Hello dearest Reader and happy Sunday!

I am so happy you are joining me for another heart-related blog post. As usual, the Sunday Series is a time when I like to share my thoughts on things relating to our hearts, minds, and lives as women.

Today's topic is inspired by something I went through this week: LOW ENERGY. This is going to be good, so let's dive in.


I believe that rest is CRUCIAL to living a balanced life. If we want to put our best foot forward in life, we need to have enough energy to do it. A lot of this relates to sleep, diet, and exercise, but I also think that many of us wear ourselves out through overworking and overbooking our lives.

When we don't have the energy we need to deal with life, we might find ourselves neck deep in a tub of ice cream, snapping at our spouse, and ignoring a mountain of laundry as we click "yes I'm still watching Netflix!!" on our laptops.

The problem isn't that we have limited energy: it's that we're not RECHARGING ourselves properly.

Everyone has a limited amount of energy! It doesn't mean you're lazy, unmotivated, or weak: it simply means that you're human!

I am a huge advocate for a slow and restful way of living. Whenever I veer away from this type of routine, I begin feeling worn out and frustrated. To counteract this in my OWN life, I have put to practice THREE different things, outlined below: enjoy!

1. Be aware of your "Low Battery" signs

Our bodies will often use "warning signals" when we are approaching the end of our energy limit. It's like our bodies are saying "LOW BATTERY- %10 LEFT." It's important to be aware of these signs so that you can rest up before you completely shut down.

For example, this past week was a big one for the blog: we are beginning to grow REALLY quickly, and I am SO thrilled about all of this! However, recently my energy has been more and more depleted and I've been feeling overwhelmed and almost on the brink of despair.

At first I was confused: if I'm achieving what I always dreamed of with the blog, why am I feeling like the world is ending!?? But then I realized: "Ah. Caitlin. You know what this is: you always feel like the world is ending when you're out of energy. The world isn't ending, but your body is going to shut down if you don't chill out." LOL

Whenever I am nearing the end of my energy limit, my emotions begin to overpower everything else: it feels like my calm reasonable self has been suddenly replaced with an emotional teenage drama queen overnight, and no: it's not pretty.

When that drama queen enters centerstage, I know that it's time to take some time off and recharge.

So what about you? What do you think your low battery signs are? Maybe you're like me and you feel like the world is going to end. Or maybe you overeat, or become really cranky. Maybe you can't get your work done, or feel the need to binge watch Netflix all night. Whatever it is, become aware of it so that you can recharge PROPERLY and begin approaching life with renewed vitality again.

2. Figure out what recharges you

It can be so easy to assume that Netflix, sleep, or extra helpings of ice cream will recharge us, but oftentimes these things will only make us feel MORE exhausted.

It's important to be aware of what ACTUALLY recharges you. Take note of what is recharging you and what is actually just distracting you. Don't confuse a Netflix binge for rest: it could actually be sapping you of more energy.

I always overeat when I'm exhausted, but that activity never actually recharges me. I have come to find out that devotions, prayer, worship, outdoor walks recharge me better than any other activity.

True rest could be exercising, hanging out with friends, or napping. Other people like to unwind by listening to music, going for a drive, or taking a hike in nature. Journal about all of this and see where your heart leads you. Better yet, ask a loved one what they think really recharges you!

Put in the work to figure out what your special recipe for rest is! This is key to being able to live a balanced and fueled life.

(I also want to add here that if you are not getting proper nutrition, movement, or sleep, you will have less energy stores than you COULD. Try to include more sleep, healthy food, and movement into your day, and you will see your energy increase. Take time to evaluate how you're doing in this area and make plans to reset so you can be more most energized self!)

3. Schedule in rest times

Finally, SCHEDULE your rest. This is honesty the most important and practical step because unless you actually make time for rest, many of us will push it off: especially if we're busy or overworked.

For me, I take a weekly Sabbath: I don't do any work during that day other than relaxing things like cooking and minimal dishwasher loading. I take the time to cuddle with my husband, watch shows, take walks, and in general, separate from work things. This is a time when I can reconnect with God, laugh at some comedy, and in general, lighten my load.

I would encourage you to begin setting aside time throughout your week that is strictly focused on rest. Pencil it in, and if you need to, talk to your loved ones about how that time is special for you and your brain. Use it wisely so that you can approach the rest of your week with the energy and mental stamina you need to be successful and helpful.


In total, I hope that you all take time this week to begin reflecting on how you react to your energy limit.

Begin journaling, writing, and sussing out what signs your body gives off when it's time for some rest. Figure out what will ACTUALLY restore your energy, and then finally, schedule in practical time blocks to participate in that rest.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday friends.




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