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When You're Stuck in Time-Out

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

This past weekend, I didn't log on Instagram ONCE. Wow guys, I'm so earthy, mindful, and incredibly modern aren't I?

LOL. NOPE. I didn't choose my zen-weekend: I was forced into it.


I found out on Friday night that my hashtags weren't working and my Instagram account was being funky in general. I read up on the problem from other Bloggers, and found out I needed to take at LEAST 48 hours off from the app to let the algorithm reset.

At first, I felt sick to my stomach. I was going to have to stop working on my passion project for 48 HOURS!?!? That was not acceptable! What if all my followers left? What if everyone forgot about my blog? What if, what if, what if.

Time-Out: when you are forced against your will to stop doing something you REALLY want to be doing.

As adults, we will often face time-outs in our lives. Sometimes your work forces you to use your vacation hours. Sometimes your friends are all busy, and you have to be alone. Sometimes your significant other is traveling and can't talk to you. Sometimes you're so busy at work that you can't enjoy your hobbies for a couple weeks.

Whatever it is, I can guarantee you that we will ALL face a time-out at some point. The trick is to not let it destroy your happiness! Here is what I did this past weekend to enjoy my "Time-Out:"

1. Try to see your time-out as a break that YOU CHOSE.

When you're being forced to do something, (or stop doing something) it's REALLY hard to be happy with the situation. To combat this, I started to say to myself "I chose to take a break from the blog." "I'm choosing to enjoy my time with my friend." These statements helped me feel in control of my situation.

So basically, trick yourself into feeling in control. View your forced time-out as something you CHOSE to do.

2. Accept that life doesn't always go the way we want it to.

This advice is the opposite of Suggestion #1. Trick yourself into feeling like you chose your time-out, BUT, accept that time-outs are going to happen throughout your life. Selma Blair just announced that she has Multiple Scleroisis (MS.) She's going to be forced to slow down from a lot the things she loves, and she may never leave time out.

People can leave you, you can get fired, you can lose your health, your wealth, your anything. Instagram can shut down tomorrow, and I could have to start a following all over again. Don't depend so much on your things that you can't function without them.

3. Think of all the things you CAN do instead of CAN'T.

I realized that I had been working on the blog, my Instagram, and my photos nonstop for the past month. I didn't realize it, but it had kind of turned me into a bit of a instagram zombie. To combat my time-out pity-party, I decided to list every positive thing I was getting out of it!

Maybe when your boyfriend is gone for the weekend, you can eat the foods YOU want for dinner, or take time for a manicure! Busy at work? Think of the promotion you're working towards. You have the flu? Think of the much-needed rest your body is getting. Whatever it is, I believe you can think about almost ANY negative time-out, and switch it into something positive.

4. Distract Yourself

Finally, if none of my other advice is working, just DISTRACT yourself from your time out! You may need to do this in the beginning so you can stop focusing on the frustration of the situation. Listen to some comedy, go to dinner, arrange to see a movie, or go exercise. Distracting yourself can often prove to your brain that you don't NEED the thing you have begun to be obsessed with, and start you off on the right foot for a fun time-out.



Sometimes when you can't take a break on your own, you need to be forced to take one. Remember that the world will not fall apart during your time-out. Remember that time-outs are good for you to slow down. And remember that sometimes, a time-out can turn out to be permanent.




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