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You Can Just "Be"

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Good Afternoon Dear Reader!

Today is kind of a weird day. I usually write the Sunday Series on Saturday night, but I truly had no inspiration for what to write today. I don't ever want to put out half-hearted work, so I kept putting it off and putting it off, until I finally realized that the stillness that I craved for today was EXACTLY what I needed to share with you all.

This message is short, simple, and to the point:

Today I encourage you to rest, to be still, and to find peace.

That is all.

I saw an amazing tweet/meme/photo on Instagram that I want to share:

"You can just be a human, in a quiet & honset way, & that's good too."


Most days, I DO find peace in just being a human in a quiet and honest kind of way.

It's okay to live a simple life if that is what brings you joy and peace. We are not all called to be ball-busting CEO's, "Boss Babes," or superstars. It's okay to have a day that is simply filled with rhythmic chores, hobbies, hushed conversations, and peace.

In the past, I've been tricked into thinking that I am not valuable, worthy, strong, or amazing if I'm not constantly pursuing success. I believed that I needed to reach for the stars all day every day in order to BE someone.

But you know what? We are all "someone" in the eyes of God. God doesn't define success as a booming entrepreneurial business, or a marathon, or a huge salary. He doesn't even find success in large friend groups, social events every night, or the perfect weekly meal prep.

God views you as valuable because you are made in His image, and if all you can or want to do today is to simply "be," you are still valuable in his eyes.

Success can be defined in a variety of ways, but to me, success is finding peace with God, myself, and my past.


Today, discover a deeper part of your heart, relationships, and the Lord by resting in stillness.

Don't feel like you have to "BE" someone in order to "be" someone in the eyes of God. Don't get swept up today in the busyness: stop, breathe, and look out the window. Let the sun fall on your face, and smell the fresh air.

So yes, this blog post is short, but I'm about to go look out the window and maybe walk my dog. Today I'm just going to "be."

Blessings Dear Reader, and I hope you find peace, however that is.




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