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YouTube Content I've Binged

Hi friends!

I thought I would share some of the YouTube content I've enjoyed over the years. Please watch at your own risk and understand that I don't necessarily agree with 100% of someone's beliefs just because I recommend, enjoy, or have watched their videos. Life doesn't work that way ;)


- Taylor R Pregnancy Vlogs

- Taylor R Japan Vlogs

- Taylor R Vlogmas

- Josie (Fashion Mumblr) Vlogmas series (any year)

- FreddieMyLove travel vlogs

- Flyingthenest travel vlogs

- Olgatoja vlogs

- Kimono Mom (anything from her!)

- Naturally Fashionable chatty videos

- Micarah Tewers costuming videos

- Doreen Virtue interviews

- Jade Billington Disney vlogs

- Jonna Jinton vlogs

- Jasmine Lipska Bali travel vlogs

- Joy of Baking videos

- Daily Connoisseur style series videos

- Classically Abby vlogs + cooking videos

- Nikki Phillippi vlogs

- Sissel vlogs

- Baggage Claim (any videos)

- Jackie Wyers vlogs

- Midnight Theories (K-Pop lore)

- Dylan Is In Trouble Until Dawn playthrough

- Think Before You Sleep (survivor)

- Justin Peters (Strange Fire series)

- Chris Williamson podcast

- The Lotus Eaters podcast

- Black Pigeon Speaks commentary

- 아이비키친ivykitchen videos

- Company Man videos

- レア イRhea Y. aesthetic videos

- Creative Mom cottagecore art videos

- Royal Opera House ballet company videos

- CreamHeroes cat content

- Health Coach Kait animal diet videos

- Aly Art videos

- Men of the West, Lord of the Rings lore videos

- GrayStillPlays video game experiment videos

- Rick Steves' Europe travel videos

- Justine Leconte officiel fashion videos

- Hello Future Me filmmaking essay videos

- elanna pecherle lifestyle & makeup videos

- 로하Roha calm aesthetic lifestyle videos

- Brittany Sellner commentary videos

- Kiana Docherty health commentary videos




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