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10 Fiction Books I Love

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

It's time for Friday's listicle, and today, I thought we would do something cozy: talk about BOOKS.

I have loved to read since I was in third grade. Our school library was generously outfitted with a wide variety of Nancy Drew, Little House on the Prairie, and Christy Miller books. As I've grown up, my deep adoration for reading has continued to grow.

While I was forbidden from reading anything vampire-related in high school, I still POURED over a wide variety of teen dystopian novels, historical novels, and ANYTHING mystery-related. My mom would bring me to the library in the summer, and we would both leave with our arms stacked HIGH with all sorts of teen novels.

Now that we've moved to our own little town, with a special library all to ourselves, I have found myself devouring all my favorite books. I've re-read all the Jane Austen novels, poured over some mysteries, and even dipped my toes into fantasy novels. I've read biographies, teen novels, mysteries, and more.

The library is my favorite place, and reading is one of my favorite hobbies, so I have compiled my favorite fiction books for you all today!


1. Evening Class

This is my favorite book in the WHOLE world. Set in Dublin, Ireland with some of the kindest, sweetest, and quirkiest characters, this book is a delight from start to finish. An ensemble cast of all ages and walks of life center around a charming Italian evening class, fit with minor stories, cute adventures, and enough laughter to last a lifetime. I got so wrapped up in the storytelling that I COULDN'T. PUT. IT. DOWN.

2. Waterfall

Time travel, Medieval knights, fancy dresses, and ROMANCE! What more do we need? I read this book in high school and I still have not forgotten how magical it felt to time travel with the characters and experience all of the romantic parts of knights, princesses, and Italy! It is EXTREMELY cheesy with the romance, but we all need some cheese in our diets right? Take special note that this is YA!

3. Pride and Prejudice

Another one of my favorites. I began reading Jane Austen in high school and quickly completed all her novels. My favorite part about reading Austen is that I could actually notice an improvement in my vocabulary throughout my time reading it! I love the intricate storytelling and drawn-out romance. It is a TOTAL must-read for any traditional woman.

4. Persuasion

Another Austen novel, and my second favorite of the bunch. This story is rife with romance, cheeky storytelling, and a "will-they, won't-they" storyline that will keep you interested from start to finish. I really enjoy the quiet, gentle spirit of the main character, and how she relates to the love-interest. She's very different from Elizabeth Bennet, but I think it adds a sweet and gentle element to the story.

5. The Fairy Godmother

I absolutely adore this fantasy novel. It's a fresh take on the world of fairytales, following Elena's adventure from potential Cinderella to full-on godmother. We have a handsome and ornery prince, a magical woman, and GORGEOUS scenery, outfits, and romance. This is NOT a YA novel, so there's a bit of sexuality, but I seriously loved this book. Checks all the boxes of fantasy, romance, adventure, and magic. A total delight!

6. Where'd You Go Bernadette

I read this book last September in TWO days. The style of writing takes a little bit to get into, as it's told through emails, journals, and perspectives of LOTS of different characters, but I absolutely adored it. The novel is a sort of mystery that definitely keeps you wrapped up from start-to-finish, and I will definitely be giving this one a re-read. Oh, and you're definitely going to laugh!

7. The Rainmaker

If you want to learn more about the justice system in a FUN way, I highly recommend reading John Grisham novels. No, they're not high-brow, but they are seriously a joy from beginning to end. I really enjoy the sparkle behind these books, the twists and turns, and the easy-to-understand legal jargon. After reading, I felt like I knew TEN times more about the legal process. This one is my favorite due to the wacky characters, interesting storyline, and captivating plot. It's a total must-read.

8. Heart and Soul

My list wouldn't be complete without another Binchy novel. Set in the same location as Evening Class, this novel introduces another layer of delightful characters. The spunky, joyful, and comical characters will have your heart tingling with joy and warmth. She is truly a gem of a writer and her novels never fail to make me feel like I'm wrapped in a cozy hug. Heart and Soul takes place in a hospital, and centers around the character's work and personal lives. It's a light and enjoyable read from start to finish.

9. Princess Academy

This is a novel from my childhood that I still think about to this day. It centers around a group of people who live in the mountains and work in a quarry. It becomes decided that the future princess of the land will come from that community, so the royals arrive and set up a princess academy. The twists and turns in the novel, as well as the interesting premise and delightful scenario will leave you turning pages, whether or not you're 14 or 40.

10. In the Woods

This book might leave you frustrated with the ending, but it also resolves a lot too. A total mystery from start to finish. I couldn't stop thinking about it even when I had to put it down to go do stuff in real life. It follows a creepy mystery at the location of a traumatic event for the main character, 20 years later. It does get kind of scary and graphic at some points, but the suspense JUST might be worth it.


That's all for today my loves! I always gravitate towards romance and fantasy and magic. A little history and some suspense. Write your favorite books below, and I'll be sure to check them out!

Oh and if you haven't yet, you might want to consider setting up a Goodreads account. I save all the books I'm interested in and look through my list when I visit the library!

All the best my loves.




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Charnell Price
Charnell Price
Jun 06, 2019

Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite (the movie [2006, Kiera K] is sooo good as well). I also love The Awakening by Emily Bronte.

I also read the Wall Street Journal and the Economist too!


Jun 05, 2019

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely have a look at some of these. I noticed a few mentions of Italy - hello from that beautiful country... and thanks for your wonderfully inclusive blog and attitude. I’ve binge read and watched all of your content since I discovered you and I have to say you are quite an inspiration.


Jun 04, 2019

Gone With the Wind, The Trial, Coming Out of the Ice, and The Count of Monte Cristo (which I am currently reading) are my favs. I don't think that any book will be able to top GWTW though. Scarlet ans I are pretty much the same person so the moral really speaks to me on a personal level. I also recommend Lady by Roosh V. He gives practical tips on how to find and keep the masculine man that we want. Very good read.


Jun 03, 2019

Hello Caitlin,

I am very pleased to have found your channel as I am a 29 year old mother, wife and homemaker. I was also very happy to find your list of book recommendations. I am part of a book club consisting of a small group of traditional women and wondering if you have a specific book pick that you could recommend us to read?

Thank you for your great example to women.



Jun 02, 2019

Hi, Cait! My name is Lila, I'm a 17 year old home school student, with a huge passion for reading! I found you on YouTube in April, in my search for modesty and femininity videos, as I was struggling with just wanting to wear t shirts and athletic shorts. Your content in both the blog and the channel are a huge reminder to me that I am a young lady, ( Even though I'm not the most graceful of girls:) and that I am created in God's image. Thank you for what you do, and for encouraging us all to be strong, but feminine. I appreciate all the work you put into your posts, and love when I get notified…

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