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10 Tips For Enjoying the Fall Season

Hello my loves and welcome back to the blog!

I apologize for the lateness of this blog post; I've been dealing with a few things in my life, but I am back today and we will finally be diving into some Fall themed content!

No, this is not an admission that it is finally Fall (LOL); rather, I am merely writing in preparation for Fall! To me, it's not officially Fall until October, but I still think it's good to prepare for some cozy Fall activities ahead of time. So today, let's go through some Fall tips, ideas and advice for you to invest in yourself this Fall. I know for our lower hemisphere sisters, it's technically not even Fall there, but we will be forging ahead!


1. Embrace the colors

I highly recommend that you go on a color tour this Fall and see the seasonal shift in the trees for yourself! Take a drive or a walk through the countryside and get up close and personal with the brightly colored leaves. If you get the opportunity, take a trip to a more Northern part of your country where the leaves shift even more dramatically; pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the crisp aAutumn air as you get to look at the vibrant oranges and yellows.

2. Wear hats

LOL! This is such a "me" piece of advice, but honestly, I adore hats, and I think that Fall is the perfect excuse for breaking out all shapes, sizes, and colors! Crispy autumn air, walks outside, and toasty Fall vibes feel even better when hats are involved. A lot of women like to wear suede or felt wide brim hats in Fall, and while I have been really appreciating wool bucket hats or newsboy caps, I also want to encourage you to wear more headbands, hair scarves, hair clips, or any other headwear!

3. Do some fall baking

Break out the artisan breads, muffins, and pies because it's AUTUMN. Now is the time to indulge in Autumnal fruits in your baking, and to really embrace the apple cinnamon flavors of Fall. Focus on including fruits and spices in your baking, and try experimenting with pumpkin or squash flavors as well. I highly recommend baking a zucchini bread at LEAST once, and try out a rich apple crisp prepared for Sunday dinner!

4. Read some library books

I like to go to the library and peruse the Fall themed books that the librarians have curated for their Fall reading recommendations display! Mystery books seem ESPECIALLY Fall themed to me because of their spooky nature, but a good Young Adult can also feel very Fall themed because the plot lines usually revolve around the school year. Oh! And make sure you check out historical romances, stories about small town living, and Fall recipe books. :)

5. Wear skirts & tights

Skirts and tights are sooooo "Fall" to me. Sometimes the winter can get too bitter cold for a thin layer of tights, and it's definitely too hot in summer for tights, so all that being said, Fall is the time to break out the tights and skirts! I like to wear brown or argyle tights with boots and skirts to really get in the Gossip Girl vibes.

6. Visit a farmer's market

Visit a farmer's market on a cozy Saturday and indulge in all things Fall! Bring a thermos of hot tea or coffee, and a reusable bag and some cash! Take your time looking through the artisan breads, Fall flowers, and of course, all of the pumpkins and squash. Introduce fall flavors and produce into your menu at home, and begin indulging in some warmer soups, seasonal foods, and toasty breads. The farmer's market is the perfect place to start your Fall cooking menu!

7. Make Fall flavored drinks

Yes, this includes the Pumpkin Spice Latte LOL, but it could also just be warm apple ciders, hot chocolates, or even Fall themed mixed drinks! I always enjoy a toasty Cinnamon latte in the fall, mixed with a nice view from a park bench or a spot by a cozy fire. Bonus points? Include a friend in on the cozy festivities!

8. Transition your decor

Begin adding more blankets, warm colors, and decorative pieces like Farmer's Market squash in a bowl on your table. Swap out the summery bright colors for more muted tones, and transition with candles and fall scented oils. Vanilla, cinnamon, mahogany teakwood, or even evergreen can all help your home transition into fall much better. Don't feel like you need to spend all your money on it, but a few touches here and there will really make a difference.

9. Take part in inter-generational festivities

Say yes to every opportunity to take part in festivities with people of all ages. Do your cousin's makeup for the homecoming dance! Go see your little brother's football games, and never pass up an opportunity to go apple picking with the young adults group. Visit your grandma for some fall desserts, and always make sure you are plugging into community as much as possible. Don't forget to enjoy Thanksgiving with your friends or family!

10. Plan a winter vacation

Although it is Fall, now is the time to prep for any winter vacations you may have in your future! Consider investing your time and energy into finding deals on flights, places to stay, and anything else you will need for a winter trip. Planning in advance gives you time to prepare and budget, but I also think it's really important to have winter retreats and escapes to look forwards to throughout the cold months. Focus on finding the best deals, and always consider visiting family members or other people who have homes or condos in vacation-worthy places.


Alright that is it for our Fall-themed blog! I hope that this gets you excited for the cozy festivities you have in your future. Wishing you all the best my love!




Sep 21, 2019

You are such an inspiration! I will try my best to bring out the magic in life and its seasons for me and especially for my children. Thank you for what you are doing, you are a bringer of hope and joy. Today we are heading out to the forest to pick mushrooms. Sweden is really lovely in the fall (hösten). ☺️


Ana Valeria Azar
Ana Valeria Azar
Sep 20, 2019

I'm in a bit of a tough/rough season and this article filled me with warm, calm, fuzzy feelings and put a smile on my face. Thank you :) God used this to remind me that joy comes in the morning! The little things are still there and open to be appreciated. God bless you and your minstry!


Christina George
Christina George
Sep 20, 2019

So charming ready for fall.


Sep 20, 2019

This is such a fun post, Caitlin. I am getting a little bit into fall with the leaves already changing colors here in northern Indiana. I love cinnamon in my coffee and want to make some pumpkin sauce for my coffee. Thanks for another lovely post! ~Rachel

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