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100 Things to Do at Home

Hello and welcome back to the blog my lovely Reader!

As I am sure you are aware, we are currently in the midst of fighting a global pandemic through the means of quarantining and social distancing. This has lead to more people staying home than EVER before, and has also caused a lot of cabin fever, distress, anxiety, and boredom.

Now, as a housewife, I am no stranger to filling days at home. I have been doing this for over 2 years, and have become quite accustomed to life at home, which to be honest, is not much different from life in quarantine! As a housewife on a frugal budget, I have learned how to make the most out of my life at home, and am hoping that the following list provides you with at least a few ideas as to how you can make the most of life at home.

Stay safe and stay home if you can my lovely Reader!


1. Watch a series of movies (LOTR, Bourne, Ocean's 11 series, etc)

2. Walk in nature (the longer the walk, the better)

3. Play fetch with your pet (even in the house!)

4. Stock up your freezer by batch cooking dinner foods

5. Practice different makeup looks + techniques (I like to watch Robert Welsh videos for technique advice!)

6. Practice different hairstyles

7. Assemble different outfits from your closet (take pictures to remember them)

8. Give yourself a pedicure and a manicure (paint a fresh coat and remove that dead skin!)

9. Clean out that drawer in your bathroom that's holding all the random stuff

10. Clean out from under your bed

11. Dust your baseboards and vacuum your ceiling (these places often go without a good dusting for years!)

12. Get your spring garden prepped

13. Sit outside in the sun with a book (my backyard is my favorite place to be...)

14. Go down a meme or Tik Tok rabbit hole (with all these hours spent in quarantine, I feel that it's perfectly acceptable to seek out some laughter!)

15. Play an adventure game (I've been playing Syberia, and I kid you not... the time has flown by and I've all but forgotten the current reality we're living in!)

16. Make a personalized Spotify playlist

17. Watch VLOGS + youtube videos (this always helps me pass the time enjoyably!)

18. Fold your laundry AND put it away

19. Disinfect your light switches and door knobs daily

20. Skype someone you met online (avoid creepers though...)

21. Play an online RPG game

22. Read your Bible when you wake up (this will help you get into the correct head space for the day)

23. Read a fiction book

24. Download new apps onto your phone

25. Play an online partner game (have your friend download the same app and join up for a game!)

26. Bake something you've never baked before

27. Set up a bird feeder

28. Do a really good self-maintenance shave +exfoliation (this is at least a weekly activity for me...)

29. Call your mother-in-law

30. Read the news

31. Reorganize your kitchen cupboards

32. Clean your floors (vacuuming AND mopping)

33. Rake leaves

34. Write in your journal (or write a blog)

35. Join Reddit

36. Have a selfie photoshoot and update your profile pictures

37. Arrange some flowers for your coffee table (spring cheer makes your home extra lovely when you're forced to spend so much time in your living room...)

38. Go through your childhood keepsakes (bring back some fond memories)

39. Draw in your sketchbook

40. Listen to podcasts while you clean or walk (this makes all your activities ALL the more entertaining)

41. Take up sewing

42. Take up embroidery or knitting

43. Rearrange your furniture (a good furniture refresh can totally vamp up your spirits)

44. Crack the windows in your house and let the fresh air flow through

45. Hang some artwork (or swap out your artwork for the summer)

46. Do pilates

47. Go down a blog rabbit-hole (get to know every detail from that random blogger's life... it might inspire you!)

48. Clean your windows

49. Sleep in

50. Try new recipes for dinner

51. Listen to music while enjoying morning coffee or afternoon tea

52. Subscribe to email newsletters on subjects that interest you

53. Wash your TV room and living room blankets

54. Practice making pastries and fancy petite desserts

55. Walk to the park and watch the kids playing (don't come off as creepy lol)

56. Print out photos and frame them in your house (Walgreens has a fantastic program for this)

57. Engage in forum discussions online (join topics you're interested in and debate away)

58. Do some face masks

59. Watch a daily morning show (this adds a nice little spice to your daily routine)

60. Make meals more special with candles + placemats

61. Clean up your yard (pick up the branches, sweep the patio, and make things look fresh)

62. Read old magazines (I enjoy flipping through old issues of Better Homes and Gardens)

63. Clean up your Pinterest boards (I honestly feel that the more inspired you are, the better your home will look)

64. Wash your furniture (clean your slip covers, wash the armchair covers, and make it tidy)

65. Use a fabric shaver to refresh your sweaters

66. Play computer games or video games (there has never been a better time to join Animal Crossing)

67. Redo your resumé (it's good to stay up to date!)

68. Keep a daily video journal

69. Make a financial budget

70. Wash your sheets every few days (this will keep you feeling fresh and alive)

71. Watch period drama movies and immerse yourself in an old world

72. Start a group message with friends (send memes to each other and have fun)

73. Trim your hair (be careful with this, but go for those split ends)

74. Mend the holes in your clothes (take a minute to steward your possessions and patch things up)

75. Adopt a pen pal (you can easily find one through Instagram)

76. Listen to new genres of music in your home and discover new artists

77. Adopt a kitten or a new dog )now is a good time because you can be home while they adjust!)

78. Read entire books of the Bible in one sitting

79. Learn how to make the perfect pancake (I prefer this recipe!)

80. Keep tabs on the squirrels and birds outside your windows (you would be surprised at how satisfying this is... I love watching animals)

81. Set up a nice table setting for a dinner date for you and your man

82. Watch a comedy show with your man (Parks & Rec, The Office, etc)

83. Clean your appliances (washing machine cleanse, dishwasher cleanse, fridge clean out)

84. Take an online course

85. Listen to history podcasts or watch history YouTube videos

86. Make some lists as to how you want to improve your clothing & beauty

87. Enjoy a glass of wine by the fireside (fake or real fire works!)

88. Research a new topic

89. Join a virtual book club (set one up with your friends!)

90. Take up jogging

91. Nurse some potted plants back to life (house plants, herbs, a tomato plant or anything)

92. Organize your mail and files

93. Clean your accessories (spot clean your shoes, empty out your purses, and keep things polished)

94. Take a drive

95. Go through and see what needs to be purged from your house

96. Write a letter to your relatives

97. Follow YouTube dance exercise videos

98. Redecorate for the season and celebrate all small holidays (including things like Summer Solstice or National Doughnut Day)

99. Pop a diet soda or a LaCroix, get in your car, and go for a countryside drive

100. Wash your pet AND your pet's bed


I hope this was inspiring to you! Stay safe and stay fresh my love.




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