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12 iPhone Apps That Changed My Life

Hello dearest reader!

It's time for our Friday "Listicle." Today I've assembeled a particularly practical list about my favorite iPhone apps! Apologies to my beloved Android users out there... this one might not be for you.

I use these apps for my photo editing, podcast listening, recipe finding, and even for password protection. I’ve also used these apps to kickstart my faith life, get better sleep at night, and lose 15 lbs! Yay technology!

I’m kind of a tech nerd, so this was really fun to dive into! I hope you enjoy :)

1. MinimaList

This is a "list-making" app, and I use it every single day. It is minimalist style, and totally intuitive and easy to use. You can clearly see what you need to get done, and when you accomplish that, you get to swipe it off the list with a satisfying swoosh. I use this app to write down all my grocery needs, and then as I shop, I just swoosh the items away!

2. Lightroom

I edit my photos with Lightroom. I love this app because it really lets you get down into the details of photo editing. I like a polished and artsy look to my photos, and Lightroom really helps me achieve that. I don't have a camera, but with my phone and Lightroom, I can make my pictures look magazine and insta-feed ready!

3. Buddy - Easy Budgeting

This is my favorite budgeting app. I use it to ration out our budget for groceries, household items, and my own personal allowance. Since I've been using it in December, we've been able to save triple what we usually do in a month. Mindful spending is a lot easier when you know how much you're able to spend!

4. Bible

I read my Bible everyday using my app. I love it because you can highlight and save your favorite verses, and even share the verses easily with your other apps. It also has an awesome audio version of the NIV that I love to listen to when driving. My favorite translation of the Bible is CEV, but I don't have a physical copy it. Fortunately, the app has TONS of different translations, including my beloved CEV!

5. YouTube

Obviously I love Youtube: I have a channel for heaven's sake! I used to just watch Youtube videos on Safari, but downloading the app made Youtube viewing SO much easier. It recommends videos to you and notifies you when your favorite creators publish new content. Best app I've downloaded in a long time!

6. Stitcher

This podcast app is SO much easier to use than Apple Podcasts or even Spotify. I always find that Apple Podcasts is an incredibly hard app to use and navigate. Fortunately, Stitcher has saved me time and frustration! It has thousands of podcasts separated into categories that are really easy to navigate. It doesn't download the content onto your phone, so it also uses WAY less storage than Apple podcasts. Win-win!

7. SevenDays - Weekly Plan

This app costs a couple dollars, but it has been worth it! I really dislike the fact that calendar apps only revolve around "events." I prefer to look at my week around what I need to DO, not what events I have going on. This app breaks down your week into “Seven Days,” and gives you room to write a "to-do" list for each day. When you're done your week, you can refresh the page, OR, keep the same lists for next week! Truly amazing.

8. Food Network

I ADORE this recipe finder. It is SO easy to use, and gives you all sorts of recommended recipes, and recipes vetted by hudnreds or even thousands of other cooks all around the world. You can see the rating of the recipe, and even save your favorite recipes!

9. Soundly Sleeping

I need a good dose of white noise to sleep. Instead of wasting money on electricity for a fan, I prefer to use the “Sound” app on my phone. It has a wonderful minimalist design and is free to use! I’ve tried all sorts of white noise apps, and this one takes the cake.

10. GoodReads

I'm a huge book-nerd! I love reading, but it can be really hard to remember all the books I want to read! Thankfully, Goodreads has compiled an enormous database of books, along with reader-ratings and reviews that you can search, save, and even mark as "read." I browse through this app when I’m in the library, just to make sure I’m getting well-reviewed books!

11. Myki

This app is an awesome password organizer. It saves your passwords, and even provides two factor authentication when you try to get into your accounts. Password security is the first step to identity protection online, and we should never underestimate how important that is in our modern world.

12. MyPlate

This calorie counting app has not only helped me lose 15lbs, but it also has been helping my husband get into shape! It helps you count your calories, manage your weight loss, and even input exercise data! Seriously the perfect app for health management.


So there you go! My top 10 favorite apps. This is of course leaving out Solitaire, Pinterest, and Twitter, but those are obvious favorites.

I hope you have a breezy and refreshing weekend friends!




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