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13 Items for My Fall To-Do List

Hello and welcome to our Mid-Week listicle my loves!

Today we are going to be fully embracing the fact that it is October. I am just going to run with it now and accept the fate that Winter. IS. Coming. To pump myself up about Fall weather, life, and activities, I've decided to come up with a long list of Fall to-do's so that I can get even more excited!


1. Go apple picking

Apple picking is a tried-and-true Michigan weekend activity, and I would be bereft without it! I'm planning on taking out some cash and marching myself out to the nearest orchard the first chance I get.

2. Bake an apple pie

And with said apples, I shall make an apple pie, AND an apple crisp. Is there anything more Fall-themed than apple pie? Out of all the pies, apple is truly my favorite, and I look forward to it all year. My favorite pie topper is an oat and brown sugar crumble... ah I'm so excited!

3. Buy new winter boots

This is probably more for me than you, but my winter boot game is NOT strong right now. I'm thinking of investing in a good pair that will last at least 5 years, and the Fall is the perfect time to shop for them! I need to remain self-controlled though, because I found myself gravitating towards teal and red embroidered steampunk lace-up boots, and honestly, that is not a practical idea LOL.

4. Rake leaves

This isn't a "fun" thing for this list, but I had to include it nevertheless. It's important to keep up with landscaping of course, but I also think that landscaping can be such an incredible way to get some exercise and fresh air. Stay humble, and rake your leaves.

5. Wear tights and fuzzy socks

I love a good brown or black tight with a skirt and fuzzy socks. Tights look amazing with Mary-Jane shoes, and don't get me started on tights and boots!

6. Make Challah bread

This Jewish staple is certainly not connected to Fall in any special way, but there is something about Challah bread that makes me all cozy and ready for Fall. Braided breads are so festive and stunning, and having them in the Fall is just PERFECTION.

7. Drink Bengal Spice Tea

This is my favorite type of tea, but honestly, I think it only works in the Fall. The spicy cinnamon flavor strikes you at the back of your throat at the perfect moment, and it makes me cozy into the Fall vibes even more.

8. Thrift some sweaters

I love thrifting anytime of year, but I think that the Fall is the perfect time to go in for some cozy Winter sweaters. The stores start to put out all the cozy Winter clothing, and Fall is the perfect time to go thrifting for it all.

9. Continue with Bible Study

New church Bible studies usually start up in the Fall, and there's something about digging into Scripture with community that really makes me feel like it's Fall. So I'll definitely be focusing on Bible study this fall, and really enjoying the cozy Sunday evenings with chats about Scripture and laughter over warm soup. Mmmmm. So nice.

10. Read some spooky novels

I think spooky content must be taken in with discernment and discretion, but if there is any time of year to indulge, I think it's in October! I enjoy a light-hearted mystery, usually with some elderly woman or nosey preacher solving the crimes of a small town in England while their housekeeper "tut-tut's" about afternoon tea.

11. Listen to folk music

I listen to country music in the Summer and folk music in the Fall. Folk, acoustic, and alternative music is so amazing in the Fall, with the acoustics of Bon Iver, Noah and the Whale, and Ben Howard filling up the corners of my car, kitchen, and ears on long walks. Acoustic and echoey lyrical music matches the transitional Fall weather SOOO incredibly, and if you need inspiration, I encourage you to subscribe to my "Mrs. Midwest" Spotify playlist.

12. Have coffee & tea with a friend

I need to be more social... I know that. But at the very least, I usually get up to a coffee date with a friend a few times a season, and I cannot wait for cozy meet-ups over lattes and Fall muffins this month! Fall is the perfect time to indulge in some coffees and window shopping with a friend.

13. Walk the dog through the park

If you live in a city, a nice long walk in the park can be just the ticket! Especially if the foliage is starting to transform, I recommend you take your folk music, your warm Fall coffee, and go visit the park.


Alright, that's all for today! Perhaps I will revisit more of these ideas next week! Wishing you the best of Fall my beautiful friends!



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Katie Whitt
Katie Whitt
Oct 03, 2019

I actually really enjoy raking the leaves, it is a good workout! Also my little really loves helping with his own little rake. Jumping in the piles is also fun with him LOL. Great list! I think I will have to try the Bengal Spice Tea, sounds delicious!

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