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15 Things I Do Everyday


This post isn't a groundbreaking concept, but I thought I would share with you all some of the staple items in my daily routine. I'm not exactly a creature of precise habit or routine as it pertains to the order of my day, but I do tend to do the same things every single day out of comfort. When writing this list, I realized that these things are all elements of my routine that make me feel fulfilled, and when I miss out on even one of them, it throws the day off-kilter.

I'm sure most of you do all of these things every day, but regardless, I hope you enjoy!


Make my bed.

I make the bed before I go to the bathroom to get ready in the morning. I do every bit of it, including the throw pillows, and it makes it feel so fresh for the rest of the day. I've noticed that having a smaller house, it's nice to have various locations to lounge and hang out throughout the day, and when the bedroom is super tidy and the bed is made, it just makes another nice lounge spot for us. I'm actually sitting on my quilt writing this post right now!

Full skincare.

I never miss a skincare session morning or evening. In my opinion, night skincare is the most important because that is when you are (hopefully) doing your double cleanse and removing makeup, as well as eliminating pollutants, dirt, and oil buildup from the day. I'll do this after the kids go to bed or sometimes not until I go to bed, it just depends on the day, but I never miss this step. I would be horrified to go to bed with makeup on-- it gets on your pillowcase, clogs your pores, and is a nasty habit.


I always drink black coffee in the morning sitting in my chair looking out the window while the boys play. It's cozy, warm, and feels like a little trip to a Parisian cafe.

Baby quiet time.

I always make sure the boys are doing a "double nap" in the afternoon with at least a 1.5 hour overlap of time so that I can have downtime. Even though they are easier now that they are not newborns, it is still a lot of energy to be with them all day, and that chunk of time is usually when I can relax, play a game, read a book, edit things online, or go for a walk or errands if my husband is home. I encourage every mom to get at least thirty minutes of a "break" during the day. It can help everyone feel refreshed.

Listen to the same shows and channels.

I love listening to pop-culture podcasts, as well as the same royal watching youtube channels pretty much every day. I find that having familiar voices on in the background is really nice for cleaning and lends a sense of regular programming to my day. It's like having a radio jockey or a morning show host with me every morning. It's my inner 45-year-old mum coming out-- I want to feel part of something bigger and I love keeping track of the daily news with my familiar hosts.

Put the entire house to bed.

So I pick up every bit of the house every day. I do not slack in this regard. That means all countertops are picked up, dishes are done, toys are put away, living room is picked up, and there is nothing on the floor that should not be on the floor. This takes me 15-45 minutes at the end of the day, but it is worth it.

Read my Kindle.

Reading on my kindle is the last thing I do every day. I find that the more predictable the book is, the easier it is for me to float off into sleep, but it's also a lower stimulant for me than scrolling on my phone. Right now I'm reading World War Z, a book that dives into the geopolitical ramifications of a zombie apocalypse!

Prayer and Scripture.

I pray daily for people I love and care about, but also for the issues in the world. It is difficult and soul-crushing to see the horrific news going on day by day, and sometimes my mind becomes overwhelmed with the natural disasters or atrocities committed by people every day... prayer is a way that I feel I can try to help, but also connect with the Lord. Scripture is simple for me as I usually work through a book at a time or read through the Psalms.

Connect with my husband.

We usually have coffee together every day between 12 and 2 when the kids are both awake and we all hang out as a family. On days where I miss out on this connection, I notice that I feel extremely lonely and melancholic. He's my favorite person and I love to meet up with him to exchange chatter about our lives.

Cuddle and connect with my kids.

I feel awful and drained if I don't have a meaningful connection with my babies at least once a day. Cooking for them, watching them play, and helping them are of course part of the job, but I find that reading and cuddling together or chatting with them and snuggling up is really recharging and helps me feel connected to them and in tune with them emotionally. This gives me the strength to push through the harder days.

Text and socialize with a minimum of one friend.

I reach out and schedule a play date or just check in at least once a day. It is my goal to combat social anxiety, but also to just maintain the friendships I have worked hard to build over the past couple of years! Sometimes this just means my Instagram friends through DM's, but I also keep up with my IRL friends too. I'll text, send pics, or even call, depending on my mood. Some friends prefer voice notes, others are more of a "we send reels to each other," but whatever it is, I make sure I'm not an island.


Very straightforward, but I do this every day for a minimum of 15 minutes. I've noticed a drastic improvement in my core and glutes since doing this!

Get out of the house.

This could be a walk, a trip to a cafe, errands, the library, church, or a family member's house. It could be a solo outing or a trip with the kids, but regardless, I leave the house every single day. This is refreshing, nice, and helps me feel part of something larger.

Creativity time.

Every day I make sure I am doing something creative, meaning sewing, baking, cooking, writing, or art. It could simply be writing personal short stories or fiction, or sewing just for fun. Taking time to be creative helps my mind relax and continue to feel healthy. I usually do this in the evenings!

Online reading.

I like to read other people's blogs, research topics I'm interested in like motherhood trends around the world, and also catch up on news and fashion. I like to click through the pictures of recent Spring fashion shows or read forums on random subjects I'm interested in like Kibbe body types, Jane Austen literature, or parenting 2 under 2. I could spend hours reading product reviews online, or researching the next vacation I want to take. I love to read about history, films, and decor trends, and this is something I set aside time for every day.


That's it! I just reread this post, and it's entirely uninteresting, but I still think it's good to pinpoint 10-15 things you want to be doing every day so that you can feel healthy, vibrant, and in tune with your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

Love you guys!




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