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20 Small Changes to Make!

Hello and welcome back to our series on investing in yourself!

Today we are going to jump right into my tips for teeny tiny changes that can immediately improve your life. It's amazing to make huge changes in our lives, but I think that sometimes before we get to those, it's good to work on small things we can do first.

Sticking to small changes can be a little easier, and it definitely helps us build confidence in our own strength to make big changes in the future.


1. Posture

The secret to success perhaps? Good posture will make YOU feel better. It will help you make a better first impression, it will help you as you age, and most of all, it will help you feel like a graceful ballerina, and really... who doesn't want to feel like a ballerina RIGHT?

2. Use the "bedtime" feature on your phone

I am a HUGE proponent for sleep hygiene. I believe we need to be getting more sleep as adults and encouraging good sleep to everyone we love! An easy way to do this if you have an iPhone is to use the bedtime feature to calculate your sleep and make sure you are getting 8-9 hours a night. If you have an android, consider downloading an app , or if you're old fashioned, do the math yourself. Be VERY faithful with this and your life will improve.

3. Set up reminders on your phone

I have reminders set at certain times of day to remind me to stay on track with my eating and my routine. It helps me when I'm feeling tired in the evenings and my self-control starts to slide. Set up reminders for yourself if you need to stay on track, and don't think it's silly if you need to set reminders for basic things like drinking water or responding to your emails!

4. Choose a hair washing schedule

This changed. My. Life. I cannot explain how much better my life has become since choosing a schedule for my hair! I would always try to go a long time without washing my hair, and I would always wake up feeling stressed for time. I would take a chunk of time to try to decide if I should wash it or not, and then in the end, I would usually just end up washing it anyways.

I would always squeeze my showers in at weird times and get frustrated with my hair care, with showers at night, before big events, or at other stressed hours. Now, I have a routine, and I never have to WASTE mental energy on trying to decide if I need to take an hour for an entire shower! Now, I wash my hair every third morning, with an oil treatment the night before. It has completely improved my life and I no longer have to question when and where to wash it; instead, I just do the math!

5. Put your kitchen to bed every night

I have recommended this many times before, but I promise you, this will change your life. I could dig up many testimonies from all of you, but albeit to say, this is a good move to invest in yourself and your family.

6. Fold the freaking laundry

Am I writing this to you dearest Reader or am I writing this to myself? LOL! I know that most of us have a basket of unfolded laundry glaring at us from on top of the machine. I know the feeling of avoiding eye contact with its lurking presence as you scuttle past the laundry room; trying to keep out of sight out of mind. Just go fold it. Right now. This blog will be here when you get back. It will help you feel better.

7. Read scripture morning and night

This is for my Christians, but if you're non-Christian and want to do it, I'm not going to stop you! The Bible is packed full of wisdom, guidance, and love. It is what helps me make all my decisions, and it never fails to comfort or encourage me.

8. Begin a gratitude journal

Yes, this will change your life. Take time to add something to it every day. Keep it on the notes in your phone, and as I spoke about on Sunday, it will help you form a new worldview.

9. Wear what you ACTUALLY feel beautiful in

Forget the nonsensical trends or stupid stuff you feel like a potato in. If you want to wear vintage, wear vintage! If you want to wear boho, wear boho! Forget the trends and forget the voice of your mother in your head about what you look good in. Wear what you want and begin filling into your vibrant self!

10. Check your locks every night before bed

This is practical (we don't want any of you to get murdered) but it is also a good thing to do to provide peace every night and signal to your mind that you are closing things down for the night and entering into your bedtime routine.

11. Set up safety plans

Know what you would do at home in the case of a fire. Pack your car with extra blankets, warmth, and an emergency kit in the event you got stuck on the side of a road. Have a plan with your insurance company for roadside assistance, and make sure you are on the same page with your husband and family about what to do at home in the case of an emergency. Make sure your address is visible on the road to emergency vehicles, and make sure you have a plan in case of a break in.

12. Shop around for insurance

We're saving around $200 a month on insurance since my husband switched us over a few months ago after taking time to call around to different companies. You might have a better deal somewhere else, so make sure you're keeping your eyes peeled!

13. Take walks

Walks are an essential part of my human experience. I use them for times of connecting with nature, getting the energy out of my dog, or even times to learn more with a podcast, or be entertained with a silly podcast. Walks allow you to work out and to gather your mind, and they are really something that every one should at least try.

14. Fill in your eyebrows

This is for my blondes out there especially: you don't need super dark brows like myself, but a good eyebrow fill in can take YEARS off your life. It can help you feel more vibrant, full, and honestly look younger. Watch tutorials on how to lightly fill them in, and just start with a light brown pencil or eyeshadow. Get advice from friends, and make sure they are flattering to your face!

15. Wear two more accessories

If you're anything like me, you hate carrying a purse, wearing earrings, and always find an excuse to take off the necklace. I urge you to put on two more accessories before you leave the house. This will help you finish off your look and really help you come into your own as a grown woman.

16. Eat Greek yogurt

I had a bacterial infection a few years ago in the land down under LOL, and one of the things I read about was whole milk greek yogurt. I eat it every day, and I have never had that problem ever again. Make sure you don't eat too much sugar or sugary yogurt, because that defeats the purpose of the yogurt.

17. Sit by a fire in the winter or a body of water in summer

This is a small way to improve your life, but it really works. The primal human brain feels at peace in the presence of resources: warmth in winter and water in the dry months of summer. Allow your archaic human instincts to feel at peace and enjoy a little rest and relaxation beside some water or a fire.

18. Switch out your lightbulbs

Switch out your bright lightbulbs for some soft yellow toned lights. They can really make your life feel much cozier, and have a huge impact on your home. Use warm light as much as you can, and white or warm toned lamp shades to further cast that warm glow.

19. Clean out your makeup drawer

This always improves my life, and I do it quite often. Makeup drawers can get so yucky and filled with weird random things that need a clean out. Cleaning it out will streamline your morning routine AND help you feel much more posh.

20. Buy a cozy blanket

Maybe I'm writing this because my toes are cold right now, but either way, a cozy blanket can improve your life. You can put it on you while your watching a show or add it to your bed for more heat a t night. You can buy a cozy blanket from Walmart for under $20, and yes, it will improve your life.


I know this is pretty brief and practical, but I hope you do a few of these things today! Sending you love my friends!



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11 sept 2019

This is such a simple list but soooo important! Thank you!

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