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25 Cold Snack Combos I Love

Hello again my Friend!

This might be a strange blog post, but I thought it would be nice to archive my favorite snacks and foods for ya'll. I have a few listicles on my blog of my favorite books and movies, and honestly, food is more important than those categories anyways!

I often eat a small meal alone when my husband has work in the evenings, and some of these combinations have come to be my favorite foods to eat when I want something convenient, cold, and satiating. Enjoy!


  1. Chive cream cheese on toast or a bagel

  2. Cream cheese and sliced tomatoes on a bagel (salt and pepper to taste)

  3. Whole Milk Greek yogurt with raw honey and cinnamon (to taste)

  4. Salami and gouda slices

  5. Goat cheese on bread crackers with dried fruit on top

  6. Prunes and gouda cheese

  7. Smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel, rye toast, or crackers

  8. Rye toast with peanut butter and cut strawberries on top

  9. Rye toast with Irish butter

  10. Rye toast with a fried egg on top

  11. Sourdough bread dipped in olive oil

  12. Sourdough bread and salami or smoked fish

  13. Chopped apples

  14. Oats diced with butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar, cooked in a toaster oven

  15. Dark chocolate bites

  16. Dark chocolate chips and craisins in a bowl

  17. Dark chocolate chips and Greek yogurt with honey

  18. Sliced bananas

  19. Bagel with Irish butter and cinnamon, sprinkle of brown sugar

  20. Sliced mozzarella and sliced tomato with balsamic vinegar and olive oil drizzled on top

  21. A half-cup of french vanilla ice cream

  22. A small cup of homemade popcorn, dark chocolate and Himalayan sea salt

  23. Rye toast and cottage cheese

  24. Smoked or cured meat on crackers

  25. Whole milk and oatmeal cookies

So, I obviously love cheeses, breads, and meats: basically a charcuterie board is my food of choice! I hope this is inspiring or interesting to you today... finding nice snack combos can be difficult, but when you crack the mystery of your specific palette, the world is your oyster!




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