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3 Instagram Accounts that Changed My Life

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Guys. I am NOT exaggerating here. These three women have inspired me SO much with their content that I have actively changed my life because of it. Each one has helped me along in my journey towards feminine homemaking + beauty (inside & out) in a different way. Guys my husband even knows all of their names because I talk about them so much LOL he is so patient with me.

1. For Nutrition, Beauty + Family Fun: Valeria Lipovetsky

Eight months ago I stumbled upon Valeria's Youtube channel and quickly found myself with an addiction. She is a Russian-Canadian model who lives in Toronto with her husband and 3 sons. Valeria's motto is to approach life with positivity, hard work, and a zest for laughter and love.

Her content helped me create a format for my diet, beauty routine, and skincare. She actually inspired me to begin my beauty journey. I have become healthier, lighter, and more stylish since finding her content.

Follow her for stylish modest outfits for all the seasons, for advice on how to change up your diet, and of course just to watch her hilarious family. Her content is ABSOLUTELY welcome on my feed anytime! Also, her hubby is bald, just like mine!

2. For Cleaning + Laughs : Mrs. Hinch

I cannot sing the praises of Mrs. Hinch enough. She is my latest obsession. I purposely save her Instagram stories until the end of the day when I have a cup of tea and time to really focus: that is how entertaining she is! LOL

Mrs. Hinch changed my life by teaching me to LOVE cleaning and to do it every day! Seriously. This woman makes me laugh at every turn and actually teaches me SO much about cleaning! She calls cleaning "hinching" and calls her followers her "hinchers." She really makes you feel like part of her family and also gives you a higher standard for cleanliness in the home.

I had to post her wedding picture up here because she really doesn't show herself on her Instagram at all: BUT SHE'S GORGEOUS. Follow her and become part of the Hinch family with me!

3. For Feminine Style + Home Inspo : Irina Oneil

This woman is a goddess: an absolute icon of feminine beauty, grace, and devotion. Irina is a Russian-American mother of 3 who lives in California with her husband. She regularly posts her daily devotionals, church outings, cooking, and photos of her gorgeous home and outfits. She doesn't say much to the camera or try to shill products, which I REALLY love. She just gives you a peek into her stunning life and gorgeous taste.

Irina's clean style at home inspired me to paint my living room white, declutter everything, invest in some good plants, and to keep things really simple! Her long hair and feminine outfits inspired me to continue wearing all my girly clothing and to continue growing out my hair. And finally, her daily devotions and open sharing of her faith challenged me to take more quiet time with the Lord.


There you go ladies! I'm sure you can see some trends with my picks: all married women who value femininity and family! That is totally what I'm aspiring for as well with my blog + account.

Also, I bet you have some accounts that you love as well: drop them below in the comments so that I can follow too!



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27 jul 2019

Ann Voskamp. Recommend all of her books :) A Farmer's wife. Gratitude. Faith. Family.

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