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5 Ways to Make Quiet Living *Extra* Special

Hello and welcome back to Friday's listicle dearest Reader!

Today when I sat down to write this post, I really had no idea what I wanted to share. I flipped back and forth on the topic, until I finally decided that today, I just wanted to share my favorite ways to make quiet living special.

Since becoming a housewife, my days of going to board meetings, networking events, and sales-meetings are over. I traded in that busy overwhelming life for a quieter and slower life, and it was the best decision I ever made. However, one MUST recognize that a life lived at home has a level of "smallness" to it. Instead of going to a Chamber of Commerce mixer next Thursday, I will be going to the grocery store, walking my dog, and folding some laundry.

Of course I wouldn't trade this for the world, but I think that's because I've figured out how to transform these seemingly "small" tasks into life-giving adventures. By amplifying the mundane, and discovering the beauty in the quiet, I have greatly increased my happiness and productivity at home.

Today, I wanted to share those tips with you all, and hopefully inspire you, housewife or otherwise, to begin enjoying the little times in life.


1. Plan out and look FORWARD to the little things

Many of us do not bother to plan the little things in life. We save the effort of planning for big vacations or social times with friends, while the small things become afterthoughts. A small change that made a big impact in my life was planning and looking FORWARD to the small things in life.

Instead of whipping up dinner as an afterthought, I began to plan out and look forward to what we were going to eat at home. Instead of a half-hazard spaghetti, I began taking my time rooting around for the best recipe to fit what I had at home. I began taking more time to light candles for a simple dinner, and stopped rushing through those "boring" tasks.

An afternoon grocery-run turned into an excursion, fit with a thermos of coffee, my reusable bags, and a detailed grocery list. Instead of rushing around trying to get everything done, I began employing an artful plan of attack for the laundry room, and setting aside time to paint my nails and relax.

When we plan and anticipate dog walking, nail painting, movie viewing, and cookie baking into our lives, those seemingly "small" activities can become so much more exciting. Forward thinking and planning for our small needs is tapping into the traditional pattern of living, and will never fail to help you enjoy the little adventures.

2. Wear something nice for the little things

This little detail can revolutionize the way you experience the mundane sides of life. It's easy to get complacent and lazy with the parts of life that aren't very glamorous, and I truly do not fault anyone for not wearing a dress just to fold some laundry. But I have to admit to you all that I find a lot of inner joy and excitement just by getting creative with my wardrobe and showcasing my clothes, even if it's just for chores.

I think this comes with the territory of being a housewife: we don't have an office to visit, so the grocery store becomes part of our professional life LOL. Maybe it's just me, but good clothing and a true "outfit" can amplify the joy of any activity. Whenever I put on some accessories, even if I'm just going to be home all day, I feel my absolute best and I feel ready to conquer my little tasks.

I would highly encourage you to try this one: when we wear a good outfit, we feel exciting, confident, and peaceful. This attitude change has the power to amplify our activities in life and elevate the seemingly "mundane" things like grocery shopping or a doctor's visit into something more fun. Matching jammies for an evening watching Netflix with your hubby, or wearing a set of fake pearl earrings for your afternoon gardening session can truly elevate your life.

3. Take your time and linger on the little things

So many of us are caught up in the busyness of life. We often categorize tasks into things we WANT to do, and things we don't. Small tasks like cleaning up dishes, dropping off our library books, or walking the dog can be seen as annoying hassles, and things to check off our list. Today, I encourage you to do a 180 and begin thinking of the little things as if they were SPECIAL.

When we linger on our little adventures, like a trip to the library or a walk with our dog, we can discover things we wouldn't have noticed if we were rushing. We can find better deals, feel more sunshine on our faces, and in general, enjoy the slow life. Taking time to bask in the small moments and mundane tasks actually brings a lot of peace to our harried lives.

Relish in the smell of fresh laundry as you fold it. Pause when you check up on your makeup, and take a little more time to perfect your winged eyeliner. Settle down and really give a good and focused belly scratch to your dog, and read an entire article before switching to something else. These small changes will help you build stamina in life, so when the difficult, painful, and tragic things of life begin coming at you, you will have the ability to focus, think things through, and remain calm.

4. Sometimes, you just have to be wacky

I love my boisterous Aunt. Her bold personality and zest for life never failed to catch my attention as a child. I'll never forget when she revealed to me that sometimes, when her kids were in school and it was a particularly rainy day, she would pack up a blanket, some fuzzy socks, and a stash of popcorn, and head to the theatre for a matinee. She would curl up in her blanket, sneaking covert bites of popcorn from her purse, and spread out between two movie theatre seats at 2pm in the afternoon.

My favorite thing about this story is that my aunt was never afraid to be wacky in front of other people. She always enjoys her life and never lets the thoughts of others sway her from having fun. Because of her, I have found myself incredibly inspired to indulge in my "wacky" side every once in awhile.

I like wearing my giant woven gardening hat around town even though it looks kind of silly, and I love getting a little treat at a restaurant, even if I'm by myself. I think that there is so much joy in indulging in the wacky side of life, where we can be childlike and full of wonder for the joys, the laughter, and the fun. It helps us not take ourselves too seriously, and remember that life is full of joy, even despite our pain and trials.

5. Customize the little things to work for YOU

Everything in life can be improved with a little bit of customization. When we transform things to fit us, our personalities, and our lifestyles, we can truly improve our attitude towards the little things. If you hate folding laundry, it might be time to start folding laundry in front of a Disney movie. If you can't stand the lines at the grocery store, it could be better to go at 10pm instead.

This requires some creativity on your part, but once you figure out what to change to help you enjoy your tasks more, your life will drastically improve. Making something special is about indulging in life: indulge in the warm sunshine on your face when you're walking in a parking lot. Pour yourself some home brewed coffee before you go shopping.

By adding a little sparkle to our mundane tasks, we can transform boredom into excitement, and pain into pleasure.


Alright, thank you so much for reading my dearest reader! I love writing about slow living. It was truly a beautiful thing to discover that life doesn't need to be a constant pursuit of whatever is most stimulating and pleasurable. Rather, we can pause and enjoy the boring things in life while also making them more fun.

I hope you have a wonderful day my friend, and don't forge to check back in for the Sunday Series!





I live by the "wear something nice, no matter what you're doing" rule! Do you have any ideas/inspo on how to find stylish clothes that are durable/flexible enough to clean and work in? I feel like that spot in between too-casual jeans/yoga pants/ tees and too-fancy pressed skirts can be hard to find.

Also, what kinds of tops do you look for, other than just basic tees?


Mecca Shields
Mecca Shields

This was one of my favorite posts of yours yet 😊 love the inspiring practical ways to embrace who you are


Emily Patton
Emily Patton

I loved this, you inspire me so much!

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