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6 Video Workouts I Enjoy

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

It's time for our Tuesday Listicle, so I thought today we would cover some of my favorite video workouts I've been loving. I've tried these workouts and some of them are even part of my daily routine! None of them are particularly high impact, but I DO notice a huge improvement in my body when I stick to these.

Working out should be part of every modern woman's life now that we don't have as much manual labor burning the calories and keeping us trim. Exercise is good for your brain, your body, and your glow-up journey! Whether or not you actually notice aesthetic physical differences, working out is worth it to benefit your insides just as much as your outsides.



Taylor R Leg Workout

This was my absolute favorite workout for getting more noticeable definition in my thighs and bottom. I noticed that even though I still have fat in those areas, the muscles underneath became more toned and helped me look better in general. This workout is perfect even if you carry a lot of fat and weight on your legs like I do! It's not an easy leg workout, but it's not long either. I have found that doing this daily will yield the best results.

April Han Arm Workout

I swear by this workout. I have noticed such a slight but noticeable improvement since adopting this routine, and the best part is that it's NOT difficult or long. I like to do this every evening, and usually twice when I am watching a show or YouTube video. It will tone your arms, chest, and back, all without using weights. It's been particularly nice for me now that I'm pregnant as this is totally safe to do while pregnant.

Pahla B Cardio

Oh Pahla! Such a fantastic woman. She makes the BEST workouts for low impact lovers like myself! I prefer low impact workouts due to my scoliosis and large breasts (don't want to tug on those ligaments!) and Pahla B has just the right set. Although these are marketed towards older women, they really are perfect for women of all ages and will absolutely get your heart rate going. Do not underestimate these workouts! They are knee friendly and rarely require any lunging or squatting, and definitely do not require jumping which is good for the spine and breasts!

25 Minute total body with light weights:

April Han Leg Workout

This is another April Han workout and it is just as good as the arms, with a little more difficulty. I like to pair this with the Taylor R leg workout for a really good leg pilates session, and have absolutely noticed my body getting toned when I stick to these workouts. Recommend!


That is it for today! I could have put some more, but I wanted to only share my absolute go-to's with you guys. I do all of these quite frequently and definitely notice improvement in my toning when I'm consistent.

Sending you love!




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