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6 Ways to Improve Your Home TODAY

Hello and happy Friday my love!

Always happy to greet you in our corner of the Internet where we can talk all things feminine, traditional, and...dare I say... old fashioned! And what could be more old-fashioned than a woman talking about homemaking and frugal adjustments for our nests?

So today I bring you seven ways to improve your home today! With budget in mind of course, and all within the realm of possibility for anyone to accomplish: even the busiest career woman.

1. Organize your kitchen

Of course we should organize our entire home, but the kitchen is the top priority because daily cooking requires a good workspace. Our kitchens are NOT vanity projects: they are for working, creating, and getting messy. Get organized and ensure that every item is as functional and organized as possible.

This is the problem with the open-concept craze taking over America: it forces the kitchen to be fashionable, trendy, and out for all the eyes to see! There was a reason that kitchens used to be shuffled to the back of the home; they're MESSY! They get dirty, gross, and used because we cook! So if you want to improve your home, the best way is to get control of your kitchen. Instead of picking out new countertops, consider making your kitchen as organized and practical as possible.

2. Print AND frame your photos

This is the personal touch to a home and it is what makes it YOUR home! Your home doesn't need to look like a print-ad from a catalog: it needs to look like your space! So print some photos and get personalized. The cheap way to do this is printing your photos at Walgreens or a grocery store, and then pairing them up with frames from a dollar store or a thrift shop. I'm currently populating the wall in my hallway with memories of our life together, and let me tell you: if I bought the frames from Walmart for 8$ a pop, we would probably only have four pictures on the entire wall!

So make a Wallgreens' account, upload your photos through their online app, and then pick them up the same day! Hit a couple of thrift stores on your way hoe and maybe a dollar store if you strike out at the thrift shop, and VOILA! A gallery wall in the making. Don't forget to lay out the frames on a table in advance to see what looks nice before you begin putting nails in the wall.

3. Remove clutter

I know, I sound like your mom, but seriously, clutter is the ENEMY of the peaceful soul. Clutter has the power to overwhelm and stress because often it is a conglomeration of "transient piles." These piles are transient because they're usually not in their final home: think, files to be put away, clothes to be folded, shoes to be organized, or magazines to recycle. This clutter is stressful because when you look at it, you see the task that you're avoiding.

Honestly if I had an HGTV show, it would be titled "Clutter Crusader," and the catchphrase would be "CLEAR THAT CLUTTER!" (Maybe I should trademark that... LOL) So please clear the clutter. It will give you peace and confidence, I promise you.

4. Clean out your gunky bathroom

The bathroom is similar to the kitchen: it's a place for us to get actionable and work on our hygiene! But it also should be relaxing and filled with zen because no one wants a harried and stressful morning filled with dirty towels, bathroom rust, and dog hair.

Remember that sometimes things look old and used not because they're actually old and used, but because they're DIRTY. Before you rip out the stuff in your bathroom, give it a reallllllly good deep clean with some Krud Kutter, all-purpose cleaner, or Vinegar if you want to be natural, and wait for the big reveal of the clean, sparkling, and peaceful bathroom underneath the grime.

5. Upgrade the SMELL

Smell can completely transform a space. I went to someone's house recently that smelled like cat litter and animals, and honestly... it wouldn't have mattered if she had a baby grand lurking in the corner... the smell was enough to make the entire space feel disgusting!

Now people have their opinions about air fresheners versus essential oils, and I'm not here to weigh in on that, but what I DO want to weigh in on is the fact that a nice smelling home is ALWAYS preferable to a musty, dusty, stuffy home. Open those windows and let the fresh air in! Of course if you live in a highly polluted city, maybe stick to an air purifier and some candles. Ask for an honest opinion from someone else about your home smell because you may have acclimated to the cat litter stench.

6. Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes our homes don't need a total remodel: they just need to be REARRANGED! Just like decluttering, rearranging your furniture and even your artwork can really change up the balance of the space and create an entirely new vibe.

If you're not talented with furniture arrangement, invite your design-savvy mother or friend over to help you! You might be surprised at how much of a difference furniture rearranging can make. Get creative and look online for inspiration, but don't rule out the fact that wall art can play a huge role as well. Rearrange, restyle, and don't get worried if you don't like it: you can always move it back!


Alright that's all I have for today! I hope you have a fun weekend, filled with a Clutter Crusade, and perhaps some photo framing. Get creative and stay fresh my loves!

All the best,



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24 juni 2019

Love this post! A quick note about the cat litter mentioned in #5—I believe that cleanliness solves this particular odor issue better than any candle or air freshener (although those always help). I religiously scoop my cat box 2x daily (sometimes 3) and I also keep my cat box far away from the main living quarters of my 2 bedroom apartment. Getting a cat box with a cover is a great investment and makes a big difference! My house always smells fresh and clean and I have 2 cats. Also, the lint brush is my best friend. Just a couple tips for other cat lovers out there. Again, great post. 😸


21 juni 2019

I’m so happy I find you blog and channel,you are helping me so much 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Thank you sweetie 💝


21 juni 2019

Absolutely love this. You are such a treasure and wise beyond your years. A blessing for many young, middle age, and older ladies to learn from and look up to. I adore your videos and blog. Truly thank you!


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