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7 Examples of Iconic Feminine Fashion Inspiration

Hello my dear and welcome back to the blog!

I felt inspired to write a post today about some of the unexpected places I have felt inspired when it comes to fashion, style, and beauty. It's easy to want to emulate the fashion bloggers or style gurus, but I have found that seeking out our own instincts and exploring some unexpected areas can lead to some amazing fashion moments! Enjoy!

1. Newsroom Women

These women always look impeccable! Tailored clothing, chic cuts, bright colors, and the SHINIEST hair; one cannot go wrong by channeling (lol) the news-woman look. I love that you will not find a split-end or a piece of frizz in SIGHT with these looks! I definitely need more help in that department! I think the geometric cuts, bright jewel tones, and classic take on feminine business wear is really what strikes me here. In the corporate world, we often see women trying to channel masculinity by wearing suits; I love that newswomen are particularly feminine while still looking dynamite!

2. Disney Princesses IRL

I loooooove the fashion and the beauty in the Disney real-life remakes. The storylines and the overall feel of the movies are kind of meh, but the costuming, wigs, and makeup are absolutely STUNNING! I love the saturated colors, the classic waist-emphasis, and accentuation of natural beauty. Disney does not try to make these actresses look masculine, and instead fully embraces beautiful femininity in all her glory. It makes me want to shed a tear while simultaneously wishing I had worn a floral wedding dress. *Sigh*

3. Girly Cartoons

I harbor the minor guilty pleasure of occasionally watching shows like the Winx Club or Ever After High, primarily because I LOOOVE the character designs in these shows. The clothing is unapologetically over-the-top, and so absolutely feminine and complimentary to each character. I love all of the outfit changes, the magical fashion elements, and the bright colors, mixed with crazy accessories and girly hairstyles. They are just full of fashion inspiration waiting to happen!

4. Japanese Street Fashion

I think South Korean street fashion could also fall into this category, but I absolutely adore the modest and structural fashion of Eastern Asian streetwear. The favoritism towards neutral or demure colors mixed with layers, oversized pieces, and chic hair makes this a central part of my fashion inspiration.

5. 70's - 90's Moms in Laura Ashley

The tiny floral prints... the fluffy voluminous hair... the pastels!? It is all so AMAZINGLY ICONIC! I seriously feel so comforted and nurtured just by looking at these images LOL! They are incredibly feminine while maintaining a vintage and timeless allure. I love the idea of being unapologetically feminine; ruffled and curled with a floral print, while simultaneously being an incredibly responsible and efficient woman who runs a successful household. Amazing!

6. Flight attendants

I have ALWAYS had a secret obsession with the rigid fashion and style rules that flight attendants have to follow. I love watching YouTube videos outlining the specific regulations they're forced to follow. It inspires me to be a little more intense about daily stud earrings paired with a crisp eyeliner! Not to mention, the presence of sheer tights, low pumps, and smooth hair... I feel that cabin crew style should give us ALL some notes!

7. The Elves from Lord of the Rings

Is there anything more mystical, serene, or feminine than the female elves of Rivendell? Every time I watch the films, I am struck with the intense femininity displayed in the character Arwen, as she deeply feels the pains of the world while also expressing intense feminine beauty and care. She is just SO lovely! I wish I had a reason to wear a velvet gown dripping in beads...


There you have it! I was going to go on until I hit 12, but then I thought I should save my ideas for a future post! I hope you feel inspired and excited to begin hunting around for fashion inspiration in places OTHER than your typical Southern Fashion Blogger, or whatever the mannequins are wearing.




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