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7 Ways to Be More Whimsical

Hello and welcome back to the blog my friend!

Today I wanted to write a short listicle about whimsy, fantasy, and my personal quirky interests. You see, I am somewhat of a closet nerd, and have been known to have a great affection for wind chimes, toadstools, sun hats, and many other elderly-woman-things. I am no longer ashamed of these things however, because it is very clear to me that my interests have brought much merriment and joy to my life.

So for this post, we will be discussing how to add extra whimsy to our daily lives, outfits, and habits by engaging with life in a way that will bring out our inner child. I think it is incredible when people can include more merriment into their lives and even explore interests and skills they never knew they had. So I hope this helps you engage with more whimsy and merriment in your life!


1. Engage in a fantastical literary world

Some people are huge fans of Harry Potter, whereas other people find themselves cheering on for Star Wars. Personally, my heart lies with Lord of the Rings. It is so engaging, illustrative, and metaphorical, that I feel I could watch the movies and read the books until the end of time. I eagerly watch videos on YouTube explaining the history of Middle Earth, and every year when the weather begins to get a little cool, I pull out a cozy blanket and prepare for a viewing of the EXTENDED edition.

So whatever this is for you, I encourage you to add a bit of fantasy and whimsy to your ife by reading or engaging with a fun and fantastical world. YA novels, historical novels, and all sorts of magical novels have the power to transport you and your imagination somewhere very far from home.

2. Dress a little differently

Let your artistic whimsy fly! I've recently been allowing myself to fly free with whatever hats, accessories, and other out-of-place things I want to wear. Old fashioned skirts, whimsical colors, and different hairstyles all allow me to express myself and add some whimsy and fantasy to my daily life.

I highly encourage you to begin experimenting more with your hair and beauty without fear of judgement from others. Focus on exploring your tastes, and even getting more creative! If you want to dress a little more vintage, I encourage you to go for it! Vintage clothing, fun colors, and different hairstyles can all breathe a bit of fresh air and whimsy into your life.

3. Engage with nature

Plant a flower bed, or go on a hike. Walk on the beach, and decorate your garden with some toadstools. Put up some seasonal decor outside your house, and in general, try to explore the botanical and floral side of life a little more. There are so many different psychological studies about the connection between exposure to the outdoors and our mental health, so if you don't do this for whimsy, I still hope you do it for your own heart and mind!

4. Listen to instrumental music

Listen to happy music that is quite literally; whimsical. Pan flutes, violins, and quirky soundtracks or majestic Celtic music. Music has an enormous impact on how our moods, and I really encourage you to use it as a tool in your life to bring joy and merriment. It is very tempting to listen to sad or gloomy or even angry music, but I really encourage you to choose whimsical and life-giving music as much as possible.

I really enjoy jazz, lo-fi, or folk music that floats nicely in the background, keeping me company. If you're stuck in a pop or hip-hop music rut, I encourage you to get a little more whimsical and expand your music choices.

5. Pick up an artistic hobby

Pick up your paint brush, illustrate some water colors, or decorate a cake. Design a website, sew a dress, or paint your living room a different color. Taking up a new way to express our creativity and gain skills will always add whimsy and excitement to life. You don't need to be highly skilled or talented, but a strong emphasis on creating beauty will allow you to feel more in touch with your own interests, and the beauty in life.

I encourage you to treat your home like an artistic endeavor by keeping it tidy and curated. Choose your decor carefully, and ensure that things are organized and shown off in such a way that your design will be highlighted instead of hidden underneath piles of clutter and mess.

6. Do some creative writing

Explore the written word by writing in your journal, exploring poetry, or even writing a short story. Create a literary world, and try your hand at communicating your heart through letters. Taking time to write will allow you to explore your own communication skills, and even unlock sides of you that may have gone unnoticed.

So many of us can become frustrated and exhausted by the sheer amount of writing we did in school or currently do for work, that it can take any creativity or joy out of writing altogether. I hope you can remember that writing can be a fun and life-giving activity, and a way for you to express yourself.

7. Add some details

Choose a signature scent that you always wear. Some people enjoy perfume, but I know that others really enjoy dabbing on a certain essential oil. Choose a favorite or signature color to wear with your outfits, or even just explore color a little bit more. Maybe add some more whimsical accessories like earrings shaped like flowers, a floral print belt, or a ribbon in your hair.

These girlish and whimsical details can have a huge impact on your heart and mind, and even allow you to feel more whimsical in your daily life. I like to wear a delicate necklace or a hat every once in awhile, or even wear my ruffled apron around the house. Whimsy is an easy addition to any outfit, as long as you have the courage to wear it!


That is all the whimsy I have for today, but really, I think that it can be so fun to add some botanical, vintage, or jolly touches to our daily activities and outfits. I hope this helps to get your mind churning on this topic, but in the meantime, try to remember that this is just to bring out your inner child and to allow you to express your unique tastes, but also to explore new hobbies, skills, and interests.

Stay whimsical my beauties!



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10 oct 2019

Hey, Cait! I really liked this post. I love anything fantasy inspired, and when the first thing you mentioned was Lord of the Rings, my heart soared! Thank you so much for your posts and your YouTube channel; they both mean a lot to me.


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