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Embrace the Small Joys: 20 Things to Do Today

Hello my dear!

Welcome back to my blog and to the fun corner of the Internets where we get to discuss enjoying the small things in life.

Today, I have an updated listicle for you all including the 20 things I've been loving lately that have been bringing me SO much joy. Enjoy!


1. Sit in the shade on a sunny day

I am currently sitting in the shade, which is perhaps why I write this, but I believe that shade is superior to baking in the sun. You still get to be outside, but you get to be cool instead of sweaty and burnt. Delightful! For bonus points, sit near vegetation, either under a large tree or near some planters. You will feel straight out of a Victorian novel!

2. Wear a flowing dress

Flowing dresses bring out this feminine primal part of myself: I feel elegant, whimsical, AND feminine all at once. I flow through my garden, swish through the laundry room, and every time I sit down, there is a grand sweep of fabric. Such a delight!

3. Post a great photo of yourself

It's always fun to share cute photos online. Pop a nice photo of yourself on your social media! Maybe even change your profile photo, or show off your new style or makeup. Have fun with it! Social media is really not that serious or deep. It's for having fun and connecting. So don't worry about whether or not it's the perfect pic, just share it! :)

4. Go for a long walk

Long walks get you in the fat burning zone, but they're also lovely ways to get to know the layout of your town or neighborhood. Make sure you don't walk too quickly or walk outside of the shade, lest you get sweaty, but try perusing through quiet streets, wearing a large hat, and enjoy listening to some podcasts or music. This is how I fell in love with where I live. :)

5. Be near the water

Water calms the human mind and instincts: it tells us we are safe! Water is soothing, entertaining, and peaceful. Take up a temporary residence on a bench near a lake, a stream, or even the ocean, and settle in to watch some waves.

6. Eat a delicious meal

This is an obvious one, but make sure you enjoy the making of the food just as much as the eating. Set up a proper cutting board, take things a little slower, and methodically prepare your food. For inspiration, I recommend Korean Minimalist Youtubers! My favorite thing to eat lately is mayo and tomato on an english muffin with just the right amount of pepper on top! Yum!

7. Watch a show from your childhood

I LOVE doing this! Winx Club, Avatar the Last Airbender, and even Gossip Girl: such delightful trips down memory lane. I don't watch them too often, but when I do, I feel so happy and joyful.

8. Drive your clean car in the countryside

I include the world clean because I feel that a dirty car takes away about seventy percent of the enjoyment of driving through the countryside. It's not delightful to turn from a beautiful view to look down and see old fast food bags littering your floor mats. So tidy your car, pop a Lacroix into your cupholder, and cruise through the rolling hills with some of your favorite music. Drive moderate to slow for maximum enjoyment.

9. Go for a short bike ride

I say a "short" ride because you don't want to cause pain to your underside just yet. If you haven't biked in awhile, I can promise you, your bottom will feel in the next day. So go for a short ride through the forested section of your town, feel the breeze whip through your hair, and enjoy the ride!

10. Wear fun shoes

Fun shoes are the key to a fun day. This could be platform sneakers, high heels, or crazy colored boots: whatever you decide, it will certainly garner you some compliments AND an extra pep for your step.

11. Read a romantic book

Romantic books are such a joy! Not trashy sexualized romance novels, but just pure romantic books. Like Pride and Prejudice, Maeve Binchy novels, or any kind of book that incorporates a level of romance. Such a joy!

12. Donate your gently used items

Donating is twofolds of joy because you get the satisfaction of donating to a good cause like a charity shop while ALSO freeing yourself from the shackles of having unused items taking up real estate in your home. Organizational space is precious: do not waste it on items you will never use again that are also in GOOD condition.

13. Plant some flowers

Planting flowers and watching them bloom is PURE joy. That is all.

14. Play fetch with your dog (or A dog)

I view fetch as a service to my dog: I don't particularly enjoy it, but it's one of her favorite activities. So, that in itself brings me joy.

15. Sing hymns while cleaning

I always have a couple hymns floating through my head, and they tend to pop up while I'm cleaning. Sing as loud as you want.

16. Hang up a bird feeder

Hanging a feeder and watching with glee as your first few birds discover it is one of the BEST feelings. I love feeding the birds and enjoying their presence.

17. Bake a pie: share with loved ones

Pies are special. They incorporate a few of my favorite things: butter, fruit, and surprises. You cut into a pie and get a total surprise each time! What fruit is inside? :) It pairs perfectly with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, and is the ideal amount of pastry to add to your life. Bake a pie, share with loved ones: simple, yet effective.

18. Do a big bouncy Texas hairstyle

Big hair. It brings joy. :) Put some hot rollers in, do some setting spray, and have a big hair day. Sometimes we do not even know the bounds of our own hair until we do a huge curled and stylized hairstyle: the more pageantry the better. Embrace it!

19. Wash your feet before bed

This is something I've done for awhile, but I ALWAYS wash my feet before getting in bed for the night. I clean up anything that I brought with me from wearing socks, and remove all kinds of dirt and anything else disturbing before slipping between clean and luscious sheets. This will DEFINITEly bring you joy, and quickly become part of a nice nighttime ritual.

20. Pray

Praying brings me so much joy. It helps me find peace, reminds me of my (small) place in this world, and most of all.. draws me closer to God. What a lovely pursuit! I use the ACTS prayer method, of Adoration, Confession, Thankfulness, and Supplication. I start by praising God before confessing my sins. Then, I follow up with thanking Him for His blessings in my life, before finally moving towards supplication, which is asking God for help and guidance, as well as specific things in my life.


Alright my loves! That is all I have for you today. I hope you work to incorporate small moments of joy every day. It is really what life is all about.




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