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Invest In Yourself: All About Beauty

Hello and welcome back to the blog my friend!

Today we are coming back with another Invest In Yourself Post! This week I wanted to bring things over to the shallow end of the pool and discuss all things beauty. Beauty has a surprisingly huge impact on our lives; it affects our confidence, our energy, and even our creativity!

I went through a very difficult time in my life a few years ago, and the grief had a massive impact on my heart, soul, and especially my beauty. I was actually cleaning out some of my photos today in fact, and found a few printed photos from that time in my life. Honestly, I could barely recognize the girl in the pictures; the ends of my hair were broken off, my face was patchy, and I had Britney Spears circa 2019 levels of dried makeup around my eyes. It was in short... not a good look.

But you know what? I don't blame that girl! I don't blame her at all. She was going through grief, pain, familial trauma, college, and so much else. The fact is that sometimes we just cannot deal with life's tragedies AND keep ourselves looking gorgeous as well.

And that's okay.

But when things settle down a little bit, and when you're ready to dive back in, I really feel like investing in your beauty can be a great way to take back a bit of your power in life. It can make you begin to feel like you have more control over your circumstances, but it also allows you to feel fresh, clean, and positive. Feeling beautiful will help you when you have to face those people who want to bring you down, and it will even help you face yourself.

So, if you're just starting back up, or if you want to upgrade your current routine, I have just the listicle for you!


1. Take back your sleep routine

Sleep has an enormous impact on your beauty; it affects your face, your hair, your skin colors, and the puffiness of your eyes. It affects your energy, and most importantly, it affects your mental health! When we feel groggy and tired, we LOOK groggy and tired. Don't let one of the most important health benefits slip out of reach; take back the night and take back your sleep routine! If you have a difficult time sleeping, try shutting off screens an hour earlier each night, and even consider taking a melatonin supplement to encourage sleep.

2. Step up your eye makeup game

Honestly, I think the only way to get better with eye makeup is to watch professionals do it. Watch makeup tutorials for natural eyes, and learn about shadows. If you have hooded eyes, look up tutorials for that specific shape, and always focus on reeducating yourself as much as possible.

Take time to practice every week, and you will get better in no time. Eye makeup is really important because it is one of the most expressive and important features on your face. You don't have to go crazy with shadows and liners, but having a comfortable hand with the brush will definitely help you feel better.

3. Do a daily skincare routine

I feel like some people try to do skincare routines with the goal of clearing up their face, and if they don't see results, they get discouraged and stop altogether. I used to do this all the time! But then I realized that a skincare routine isn't just to deal with acne; it's also to provide your skin with moisture, clean up your pores, and give yourself a little TLC and winding down time at the end of the day or first thing in the morning.

So... even if you're not seeing results, don't give up on your routine. Think of it as something you do for yourself, not just to deal with acne. Learn to enjoy it and make it customized for your skin type and your own tastes.

4. Have a hair plan

I cannot speak to your specific hair type, so I'm not going to preach about specific hair care, but I do think it's important in general, for all women to have some sort of plan with their hair. Too often I see women who assume that their hair will stay the same no matter how many box dye kits they apply, or how little conditioner they use. I used to do that all the time! It wrecked my hair, and it always felt like my hair was an afterthought.

If you want to feel better about your beauty, I highly advise for you to implement a hair plan. Decide what your ideal hairstyle would be, and then slowly and healthily pursue it! I decided I wanted to keep growing out my hair, so I stopped dying it and focused on caring for the ends and trimming it regularly. It made a massive difference and I achieved my goal!

So for you, I highly encourage you to face yourself and begin asking; what do I want for my hair. Don't treat your hair like some sort of dumping grounds that can handle anything because it can't--- trust me. Hair will break, fade, and fall out. It needs gentle care!

5. Start doing your nails

I know not all of us can go to the manicurist; I haven't visited one in years! But I think that we should still be keeping our nails up to snuff. Make sure you're cleaning out from under them, buffing ridges, and pushing back your cuticles and oiling them.

This basic care routine will lead to longer, stronger, and prettier nails in no time. Also, don't underestimate nails... people definitely notice them. Remove all chipped polish and vow to keep your nails in good condition for at least 3 months... that's all it will take for it to become a life long habit.

6. Wear some signature jewelry

When we are dealing with life and feel overwhelmed with our beauty, style, and accessories often fly right out the window along with beauty. I think that it can be so annoying to try to match jewelry to certain outfits and to try to come up with full on "looks" all the time, so I do sympathize with that.

However, I do think that there is no excuse you can come up with to not wear a simple stud earring or a simple necklace once in awhile or even routinely. Try to keep the same few pieces of jewelry in rotation and get yourself used to seeing yourself a little more done up. Show yourself you care and brighten things up! Bonus points, find some jewelry that is sentimental to you and wear it with the meaning close to your heart and mind. :)

7. Exfoliate & Shave once a week

This will do wonders. A nice shaved leg, exfoliated skin, and even a glowing lotion on top will have you feeling hygienic and put together in no time. Of course this is up to you, but I always feel a million times better when I am all shaved up and ready to go, even if I'm wearing longer skirt. Try to at the very least, exfoliate your body regularly, and make good use of a shower sponge or a dry brushing routine. Exfoliating will help invigorate your skin AND your circulation! Win-win!


Alright that is it for me tonight! Speaking of sleep, I best be off to it. Sending you love my beautiful reader, and all the blessings on your beauty journey.



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15 de set. de 2019

What shade of true blend lumi foundation do you use?


Amelia Hallman
Amelia Hallman
14 de set. de 2019

The advice about turning your phone off an hour before bed is so true! My husband used to be so groggy over the course of the day no matter how much sleep he got. Then we both started putting our phones away and just talking before bed, and it's made us feel so much more rested.


Raquel segura berna
Raquel segura berna
13 de set. de 2019

Hi Caitlyn !

Could you show us your nail care routine and what nail polish do you use?

Thanks so much for your work.

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