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{Mid-Week Listicle} 10 Ways to Invest in Yourself This Week

Hello Friend, Reader, Confidant.. :)

Thanks for tuning back in! It is of course time for the mid-week listicle, where we will be dishing some of my favorite top tips for the week.

This week's listicle is all about self-improvement, growth, and our never-ending journey towards butterfly-metamorphosis. Of course, I don't think that we will ever be done with the growth journey, but instead of hating the fact that we need to improve, I say that we embrace it.

So let's dive into my 10 tips for investing in yourself this week!

1. Do a full body haul

No, don't call up your plastic surgeon: try an at-home spa for starters. Take some time to fully get everything in order, and YES, I mean everything. Redo your fingernails, exfoliate your feet, apply self-tanner or lotion, do a face mask, and remove the dead ends on your hair. Do ALL the self-pampering you would do for a special event.

Doing a full-on body treatment or spa night at home can really help you feel refreshed, inspired, and ready to conquer the world. We should never become obsessed with our bodies or spend ridiculous sums of money, but I think it's also incredibly important to get our outer appearance in working order, and feeling our best!

2. Rearrange your furniture/Reorganize

For some reason, rearranging furniture makes me REALLY happy and peaceful. It's an easy way to jumpstart your creativity and add a little newness to your life. If you cannot rearrange your furniture or artwork/decor, I would recommend reorganizing some drawers, cupboards, or even just your makeup drawer.

Rearranging and reorganizing is truly a grown-woman activity, and I think it's something that we should all do as we grow into our mature responsibilities. Streamline your life today, and you will be shocked at how much more productive you feel after a good organization session.

3. Change your hairstyle in some way

I went through an incredibly difficult time in college where I basically let my looks, my body, and my hair go down the tubes for awhile. One night, on a spur of the moment, I started cutting my hair and ended up with a full set of fringe bangs. Don't worry, they actually looked really good. I still remember walking into therapy that week and seeing how thrilled my counselor was: she told me that a haircut is a good way to embrace a new identity, turn a new leaf, or in general, feel like we are starting a new chapter.

So if you want to invest in yourself, I highly encourage you to consider how you're doing your hair. Don't chop your hair or go nuts, but if you want to invest in yourself, remember that hair is a HUGE part of your looks and by extension, your confidence. Switching up the way you braid your hair, adding some bangs, or even a few low-lights can sometimes be the boost we need to really feel fresh and renewed.

4. Cancel your streaming services

I have heard that the secret to a fresh dose of creativity is getting a little bored. We need some boredom to let our minds have enough empty space for new ideas, thoughts, or projects! If we're constantly bombarding ourselves with content, information, and images, it can be difficult to ever get a new burst of creative energy or inspiration in our oversaturated brain.

Boredom will drive you to achieve, work, and discover in your life: so cut out the streaming and allow yourself to feel a little bored! Streaming services provide little to no real-world value to your life: they are what I would say, a BAD or empty investment.

If you don't delete or cancel the services, try to cut down how much you watch them or treat them like a traditional TV service, with only one episode a week. Use your new freed up time, AND freed up mind space to accomplish new tasks, get projects done, or learn new skills.

5. Start cooking or baking

Honestly: every person should know how to do this! It's not cute to not know how to cook, and to all my wannabe homemakers out there, this is seriously ground ZERO for you. Cooking is an essential part of the traditional life, and I promise you, it is also a joy.

Start with something simple and don't be hard on yourself if it doesn't work out or if it tastes bad. Choose easy dishes and work your way up, or ask your mother, aunt, or grandmother to teach you some basics. Don't forget to cook for other people and offer your skills for any church functions, or dinner parties. Feeding others is a great way to upgrade your cooking skills!

6. Clean out your car

This one is difficult to remember because often we forget about the mess in our car by the time we actually enter the house, but cleaning out your car is an easy way to invest in yourself and your life. Clean environments are an easy way to upgrade your life and add a little luxury.

A messy car full of weird crumbs, receipts, and junk, is NEVER going to feel luxurious! I swear, half the time, you don't actually need a ton of money to feel classy, luxurious, and elegant: all you need is a cleaner environment!

7. Wear feminine clothing for a week

I think that every woman should take some time to explore her femininity, even if it's just in the area of style. Now, you don't have to wear dresses for the rest of your life, but I think it's a good idea for every woman to least least try it out for a short period of time. You're not going to know if you like it until you test it out!

Leave the leather jackets and jeans at home, and take some dresses, skirts, or heels for a spin. You might discover a different side of yourself, and at the very least, you will grow more confident in your feminine physical self. It is so uncommon for women to fully embrace feminine or girly fashion these days, so don't be afraid to go against the grain and stand out for our unique feminine self!

8. Go for a half an hour walk every day

This is very Elizabeth Bennett of me, but I think that every woman should at least test out walking for exercise. Some people might prefer a higher intensity workout, but I think that walking can be really amazing for slower souls. Walking gives you time in nature, time to explore your neighborhood, exercise your dog, listen to podcasts, pray or gather your thoughts. Bonus? It's not a crazy bikini-body HIIT workout!

9. Read the Bible every day

This is a HUGE investment into your life and yourself. I would highly recommend reading the Bible in the morning AND night, but the best thing is to just incorporate it in some way. I get so many questions about books I would recommend for femininity, and I have to say that outside of fiction and the book, Sex Matters, I really haven't read full on books about femininity.

I get almost all of my information about femininity straight from the Bible. God's word is very clear about marriage, how we are to behave as women, and most of all, how we are to behave as women of God. Dive into Scripture and discover His goodness and plan for your life for yourself!

10. Spend time journaling

I swear every Youtuber suggests that you journal, but honestly people: I think there's good reason behind it. Journaling can gather your thoughts, organize your gratitude, and help streamline your day. Most of all, I think that journaling is a helpful way to manage your emotions and pain.

I used to journal A TON when I was struggling with a lot of emotional problems in my younger years, and it was such an effective way to work through my feelings and transfer from emotion to logic.


Alright there are my ten tips! I just want to say, thank you to anyone who takes time to write comments on the blog! I don't always check them, but I do appreciate your thoughts and most of all the time you all take to spend time with me on the blog.

But that's it for today! I hope you have a wonderful week my Dearest Reader!




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Aug 09, 2019

I find that journalling very much helps turn my emotions into logic... Journalling is basically a, more organized, extension of my thoughts. Thank you Cait! I've been watching your youtube for a few months, and only recently started reading your blogs - I'm in love !


Aug 09, 2019

I love this! I hope this becomes a seasonal refresher topic for you to return to! Often, we don't need big changes...we just need a moment to pause, refresh, and fall back in love with our lives and goals! Thanks, Caitlin!

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