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My 6 Focuses for 2019

Hello dear reader!

Today I’m sitting in the front seat of our truck on our way back from Marquette, MI. All week I’ve been relaxing, hanging out with family, and basically just unwinding. I had SO much fun and feel completely refreshed.

Well Reader, we did it! The New Year is officially here, and for once, I’m uncharacteristically thinking about resolutions and changes.

In the past, I’ve had such a difficult time forming new habits and disciplines, that I usually wrote the New Year off as just any old day. It wasn’t even worth it to build new habits because I knew I couldn’t keep them!

But in 2018, I shocked myself: I was able to form a TON of new habits, disciplines, and learn new skills. So I think that this year, I AM going to sort out some goals for myself and see if I can accomplish them. I believe in myself more than I ever have.

I’ve created the following list as more of a strategy or game plan for 2019. I call them my "focuses" for 2019. These are the frameworks for how I want to make decisions in the upcoming year: a type of visualization and my focus.

Maybe you will be inspired by this list to create your own visual framework for the year, or maybe you are just curious about my list! Either way, I hope you enjoy!

1. Stay on BUDGET every month

Grant and I stayed on budget in December, even WITH Christmas gifts and it felt so good. I used to be scared of budgeting because it felt like it would stop be from being able to buy things that I really wanted.

But since December, I’ve learned that budgeting actually allows you to plan for and get excited about new purchases. This has changed my life! Also, when we have children, I want to be EXTREMELY responsible and well versed in the art of budgeting. What better time to get ready for that then now?

2. Live larger into SIMPLICITY

Simplicity is probably going to be one of my theme words for 2019. It characterizes our small town life SO well, but it also describes the type of life that I want to create for my future children. Last year we cut down on our entertainment by getting rid of Wifi, Netflix, alcohol, and eating out.

We cut down our consumption of products and began making ALL our food at home. Since this simplification, I’ve noticed that we’ve been laughing more, spent more time talking, and gotten our household chores more under control. I cannot wait to live into this even more in 2019.

3. Continue to get HEALTHY

In 2018 I lost 15 lbs, and I have NEVER felt better. I began dieting in April, and noticed changes about 6 months later. It was worth ever ounce of patience and discipline! Seriously, I think I’m in as good as shape as I was in high school. I want to continue this habit and become really stable in my eating and exercise habits so that I can have a structured framework and lifestyle to return to no matter what happens in my life.

4. Grow into My Hobbies + Responsibilities

This year I also really want to grow my hobbies like sewing and baking, while also digging into my responsibilities like cleaning and organizing. I love the art of homemaking, and this year I want to continue to grow into that role and discover other aspects to it, like gardening and crocheting. I ended 2018 with a MUCH cleaner house than the previous year, and I am truly excited to kick of 2019 with order, discipline, and creativity.

5. Dig into Ministry Opportunities

Women’s Ministry is truly my passion. I come alive during intimate coffee dates, heart-to-hearts, and conferences geared at women. This year I want to start some grassroots programs at church and continue to build an online community of support for women. It is my desire that women feel supported, inspired, and encouraged through my writing and ministry efforts.

6. Continue to HEAL and Grieve

It’s no secret, Dear Reader, if you’ve been reading my blog, that I’ve undergone a TON of difficult and painful events throughout the last 5 years of my life. This year I want to continue to live into the healing process and allow myself to grieve and grow. I know that it will be healthy for me in the long run, even though I’m not really looking forward to this one.

So Dear Reader, I guess I’m sharing this list with you so that you guys can see how I grow into these goals throughout the year.


What about you? What are your "focuses" this year?

Sometimes I think it can be helpful just to visualize the life that you want, rather than make a ride or die intense goal.




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