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My Extensive Beauty & Grooming Checklist

Hello and welcome back to the blog my loves and dearest Internet friends!

Today, I wanted to write a long list of all the things I like to do when it comes to beauty and grooming. This list is EXTREMELY specific and probably way too anal and long, but whatever! I enjoy talking about this stuff, so here we are.

I'm not including the basic things like my skincare or makeup routine; instead, we will be focusing on the more obscure parts of my routine. I hope this list is inspiring to you all, or at the very least, a fascinating look into some of my habits. Enjoy!


Beauty & Grooming

Clay Mask

I like to do a clay mask on the spots of acne I get around my mouth, and on the other oily section on my t-zone and nose. The clay mask dries up the excess oil, and it helps me combat my acne!

Single blade razor to remove face peach fuzz

I began doing this a couple years ago, but I cannot recommend it enough. I use a single-blade razor to gently remove peach fuzz and exfoliate the dead skin off my face, especially the drier areas around my nose and on my forehead.

Dry brush arms and legs

Dry brushing is amazing for circulation AND for exfoliating dead skin! I do this before taking a shower, not every time, but mostly when I need to invigorate my skin and tissue a little more.

Oil and moisturize body after shower

This is especially important after a shower because the hot water can dry out your skin. Adding the moisture back in and sealing in the glow is an important step in taking care of your skin!

Clean out ears

I'm probably in the minority, but I get SO irritated by the feeling of excess wax in my ears. I try to clean them out frequently, and make sure that I keep my ears and behind my ears clean in general. It's important to make sure you dry your ears out after a shower with a towel so you can avoid pimples forming in the crevices of my ears.

Shape eyebrows

Now, this is up to your own discretion, but my eyebrows need shaping once every couple weeks. I get a lot of excess hair traveling down towards my eyelid, and I like to taper the ends a bit as well. You can get this done professionally, or you can tweeze, or even use a razor! I use a single blade razor to shape my brows, as it is truly the most painless way.

Clean out from under your nails every day

Every person should do this, mostly when I'm washing my hands, but sometimes I'll take a bobby pin and really carve out from under my nails if I need to.

Use a silk or satin pillowcase

I sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase to help reduce breakage. My hair is pretty delicate, so I have a few satin pillowcases that I switch between, protecting my hair and helping it grow longer!

Castor oil on eyelashes and brows at nighttime

I don't do this every single night, but when I do, I feel great in the morning! Castor oil has been proven to help and stimulate hair growth, and can really help your eyelashes grow long and healthy.

Exfoliate lips

You can use the tongue cleaner on the back of your toothbrush to exfoliate your lips, but you can also make a sugar scrub, use a lip exfoliator, or just a warm washcloth.

Castor oil on lips

After a good exfoliation, I like to apply castor oil to my lips. It's natural, doesn't taste like anything, and provides a nice seal of moisture.

Witch hazel application

I apply witch hazel to avoid razor bumps, but also to sterilize and clean my skin/body. I like to put witch hazel on my earring hole to kill bacteria, but I also like to use it between my breasts if I'm supposed to wear a tight sports bra all day. Sweat and bacteria can multiply and grow between the folds of the skin or the breasts, and witch hazel can kill it before it grows strong into a rash!

Push back and moisturize cuticles

When I watch TV with my husband, or even a movie, I like to tend to my nails, pushing back my cuticles and moisturizing them, on my toes AND fingers. This helps nail growth and makes your nail beds look longer.

Floss and whitening toothpaste

You would be SHOCKED as to how effective a good floss can be for your smile. I notice a huge difference with my teeth when I floss because it really defines each tooth and makes my smile look whiter!

File down dry skin on heels and toes

I do this every time I take a shower because I get such BAD calluses and dry skin, but I really encourage you to make sure your feet are ready to go, even if it's the dead of winter. When sandal season comes, make sure you're not strutting around with cracked and dry heels! I've done it, and it's not a cute look!

Trim and buff finger and toe nails

Obviously we need to trim our nails, but the length is really up to your specific preferences. I keep mine at a medium length, and always make sure I buff the ridges out as well! It makes my nails look SO polished and healthy before I even add polish!

Cleansing shampoo

Cleansing shampoos are different from normal shampoo. They're designed to strip the shaft of the hair from excess buildup, hard water, and other substances that can make your hair stringy and greasy looking, even after a wash and condition. Cleanse your hair and be free from the stringiness!

Double condition

I always use double the amount of conditioner, conditioning once, rinsing, then conditioning again. I don't do a deep conditioner, as that can be really heavy on my hair, but I've found that a double condition does the job!

Iron wrinkly clothing

This really isn't a grooming or beauty kind of tip, but it makes a HUGE difference in how I feel in my clothes, AND how I look.

Shave off fuzzies and pills from clothing and outerwear

Having a ton of fuzzy balls of fabric or thread can make your outfit look old and take away from your elegance.

Clean and polish rings and jewelry

I like to clean my wedding and engagement ring once a week, and ensure that all my jewelry is tidy and fresh. When I don't clean my wedding band, I notice a little rash forming and irritating my ring finger, drying out the skin and causing a strange odor. A little vinegar rinse does away with all this bacteria in an instance!

Wear earrings every day

I like to wear earrings and a small necklace every day because it just pulls together my look and makes me feel elegant and polished with very little effort.

Do a light pilates routine

So I don't really workout with cardio or HIIT workouts, but I like to do a light pilates routine every day. Just some simple lunges, sit-ups, and core workouts before I go to bed. I notice this helps tone my body and makes me feel SO much stronger!

Wear a daily fragrance

Having a fragrance on every day really makes me feel fresh AND helps me make a good impression. A soft sweet smell never fails to make my husband tell me I smell nice :)

Wear self-tanner lotion on arms and legs in the summer

Self-tanner is so important in the summer. It covers up the spots and freckles on my legs and makes me look extra polished and ready for shorter hemlines! Arms are definitely a bonus, not so necessary, but make a farmer's tan obsolete in the summer!

8-9 hrs of sleep a night

When I get a ton of sleep, it helps me feel fresh, alive, and energetic. I read somewhere that women need more sleep than men on average, and honestly, I'm not going to turn down that excuse for more sleep!


Okay, so we obviously have more grooming, beauty, and style tips than these, but I think we can only handle so many in a single post LOL! So, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope we can all have a fresh and feminine 2020!




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