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My Homemaking Hacks

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Homemaking isn't all baking bread and picking flowers: it's a lot of folding laundry, scrubbing counters, emptying the dishwasher, and vacuuming the floors. A combination of delight and drudgery.

A combination of delight and drudgery.

So how do I cope with this variety of tasks? I've come up with some ground rules and "best practices" to help me conquer menial homemaking tasks.

1. Listen to podcasts

There is no better way to stay entertained during housework than to have an informative, mysterious, or even comedic podcast going on in the background. Seriously; folding laundry doesn't seem half as miserable if I'm listening to a podcast host outline her awkward date from last night, explain the Cold War from the Russian point of view, or give me tips on how to improve my emotional and mental health.

This is truly a practice of distraction. My positive emotions towards listening to a podcast outweigh the negative emotions of housework! It's a total luxury that I can be educated and entertained all day WHILE getting my work done.

2. Don't Walk Away Until It's Completely Finished

I think there is nothing more frightening than a slowly growing laundry pile. For some people, they let the dirty laundry pile up. Me, I'm a total CLEAN LAUNDRY piler! I just hate folding and putting my clothes away! I always have. It's kind of sad because I get the job half-way done, feel satisfied, and walk away, even though it's really not done at all, and I still have to go back the next day and finish the job!

So I have to force myself to not stop the task until it's actually done. This means from start to finish, I need to complete the laundry. For you, maybe you just rinse your dishes and walk away, or put away your food, but never clean out your fridge. Find that sticky part of the job that you never finish and accomplish it in one foul swoop!

3. Do Walk Away Before You're Completely Finished

Now this advice is the opposite of #2. Homemaking is a lot about discretion. Some days you may have a head cold, more pressing matters, or simply aren't up to the task. The laundry will always be there tomorrow! I believe in peaceful homemaking and tidying, so if you're going to resent the task at hand, try to save it for later and come back when you have a better mindset. (Podcasts can help with this!)

I believe in peaceful homemaking

Reenter when your mind is ready.

In total, listen to podcasts or a sitcom to help distract yourself, don't walk away from a task until it's finished, but remember you CAN walk away if you feel it is necessary for your peace of mind.

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Anika Reeves
Anika Reeves
Sep 12, 2019

Can you recommend some podcasts?

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