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My Top 10 All-Time Amazon Recommendations

Updated: May 11, 2019

Hello and happy Friday!

Alright, so you all know I'm not exactly a product-pusher. I like to be frugal, save my pennies, and hunt for used over new every time. I rarely online shop, but when I do, it's after EXTENSIVE online research. I zoom in on these products and listen carefully to each review. So today, when I say that I like these Amazon products... I'm not kidding.

These are the must-haves that I have discovered through Amazon, and will absolutely be purchasing them again. Most of these are beauty related, but we have some kitchen and home thrown in too. I hope you enjoy!

1. CND Nail Oil

So I have always struggled with split nails. I have weak nails no matter how much biotin gummies, fibre, or protein I consume. THey're just kind of brittle and break easily! So, as I've been on the hunt for a solution to this, Amazon happily presented me with this nail oil in my search results.

So of course I ordered it, and guys... IT'S A MIRACLE. My cracked nails have been reborn! The reviews don't lie: recommend x 1000000 for anyone who has trouble with split nails.

2. Neutrogena Sunscreen

I really enjoy this sunscreen. It's a reasonable price for the SPF level, and it never makes me feel oily throughout the day. When my tube runs out, I will DEFINITELY be purchasing this again.

3. Oster Breadmaker

Now my friends... if you have an extra $70 lying around for a rainy day, this is what you're going to want to buy. This puppy can churn out a loaf of bread in 3 hours, and all you have to do is dump in the water, yeast, flour, and sugar. It comes with a ton of easy-to-understand recipes, and even has a delay recipe. You can put your ingredients in before bedtime, delay the start time, and wake up to FRESH BREAD. I don't know why more people don't own these things.

One thing to note: homemade bread goes stale/moldy much quicker than store bought bread because it doesn't have as many preservatives! So just be mindful of that, but I would absolutely recommend. Also, this is one of the cheaper models I have seen that seriously accomplishes just as much as the pricier ones.

4. Neutrogena Hydration Gel

We're back to the skincare and beauty because I cannot write this list without this hydration gel. It has ENORMOUSLY improved the hydration of my skin, and has a really nice smell and texture. I use it every night and on my dry spots during the day. It is seriously a winner, and I'm not the only one who thinks so: thousands of happy customers agree. Hydration gels are really the next step in skincare instead of creams, and I love this one.

5. Sex Matters

Alright, now we're venturing out into the library zone. I love this book because it says everything I've been thinking and feeling. For any of my traditional or conservative women out there who are feeling a little frustrated with our culture, this book is definitely worth a read. I would recommend this for summer reading, and also if you are looking to venture down the feminine/traditional path.

6. Pyrex measuring Cups

This would not be a complete list without a nod to my baby Pyrex. This is the ultimate kitchen brand in my opinion, and your baking cupboard is seriously bereft without these gorgeous measuring cups. I love them for cooking, baking, and all sorts of other measuring tasks. They are hardy, and even have alternative measurements to just cups, etc.

7. Dough Kneader

Some call this a pastry cutter, but Amazon has deemed it a dough kneader. I love this for baking thicker doughs for bread, cookies, buns, and pies. It is amazing for really digging into and manipulating the ingredients. It feels really natural, and is a nice way to mix and cut without having to buy an expensive stand mixer. I really like the workout this kneader gives you, and of course... $8.00 really is much cheaper than a $400 mixer plus attachments.

8. Eyebrow Dye

I love this stuff. I reapply every month, and it never fails to give me the brows of my dreams! The instructions are very clear, and the application always brings out the best coloring! Be careful of leaving it on too long though as it can tint your skin too. I depend on this product to give me my dark brows. I got sick of filling in my brows because I basically had to draw on a new brow every single day, and it was impossible to make sure they were always the same! This dye saved me so much trouble. Recommend, 10/10.

9. Acne Powder

Okay so I know this sounds weird, but I LOVE this powder for acne. When you have an oily acne-prone section, especially hormonal acne around your mouth/jaw, the last thing you really feel like doing is slapping more oily or creamy substances on it. This powder dries out the area and is wonderful to put on before bed.

You can even use this as a finishing powder on top of particularly oily places, and I swear it cuts down on the redness. I suffer from a lot of redness around my chin, so it's nice to have this powder combat that coloring!

10. Microfibre Cloths

These are THE best cloths for cleaning. I love microfibre because it is streak free for glass cooktops, refrigerators, mirrors, and any glass surfaces. They truly pick up all the nasty, and always leave a nice shine in their place.


This was a fun list to make! If you want more of my products, check out the "Shop My Life" section on the blog. As usual my loves, stay fresh and take time to nurture your body and your nest!

All the best,




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