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Podcast Addiction: My Ultimate List!

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

I've been listening to podcasts for over a year now. I put them on whenever I'm driving, walking my dog, or focusing on housework! I decided to combine my top podcast recommendations for you guys to enjoy! PSA, a lot of these recommendations may have SWEARING. So be prepared for that!


This podcast is hilarious. The way the hosts bounce off of each other constantly makes me laugh out loud in my own home. Basically, it's three comedians disecting terrible movies, one episode at a time. The jokes they can make out of these ridiculous movies makes me laugh so hard! Beware, it's surprisingly addicting.

Episode to get started: Episode 105: Safe Haven


I was hooked on this podcast for a really long time. NPR mashes TED talks together to discuss different technology, entertainment, or design topics. I love this podcast for learning about parts of life that I'm not familiar with. I also feel so smart after listening to this, so that's a bonus LOL.

Episode to get started: Press Play


Famous author and personality guru, Gretchen Rubin knocks it out of the park with this family-friendly podcast. Fun tips fill the show from top to bottom. She encourages us to take "scent snapshots," make each day special with unique rituals, and helps us discover how to organize our lives! This podcast is SUCH a fun way to add cute little things to spice up your everyday life.

Episode to get started: Episode 155: Choose a Signature Scent


I listen to this podcast whenever I need a little help navigating my mental health. I struggle with anxiety, as you can read on the blog here, and this podcast is such a calming and positive influence. You also learn A LOT about studies, statistics, and psychology, but it's never boring.

Audiodrama: LIMETOWN

I chose Limetown for the audiodrama category because it's kind of spooky, which is perfect for October! It truly made me feel like it was actually happening in real life. I'm not really going to say anything else because I don't want to spoil it! My goodness this podcast is a bit of a thriller, so listen with the lights on!

Episode to get started: NUMBER ONE OF COURSE!


I loved this podcast! It scratched an itch that I have, which is to learn about creepy cults. I can't really explain that need, but Escaping NXIVM was perfect for me! This one has a lot of heart to it, as it outlines a woman's escape and personal story with the famous "Executive Training Program" turned actual CULT. Not safe for small children!

Episode to get started: Episode one of course!

Feeling Techy: REPLY ALL

So there is this secret side of me that is a total Internet nerd. I love this podcast because it covers everything from memes, to real life technology mysteries. Readers can write in with strange tech problems they're facing, and the hosts will uncover the truth. They have travelled as far as India to help their readers. Absolutely addicting!

Episode to get started: Episode 102: Long Distance


There you have it! As I wade through more podcasts, I'll keep ya'll updated on some of the fun things I discover!



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