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9 PRACTICAL Beauty + Style Tips for Winter

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Does anyone here get really moody/angry when they're too hot? THAT'S ME. A new development in the past year? I now get moody/angry when I'm TOO COLD. Don't I sound like a treat to be around? LOL

But don't worry guys, I have found tips and tricks to make surviving the winter much more .... comfortable.

1. Moisturize BEFORE + AFTER You Shower

Wait, before AND after? Yes. Put on body oil before you shower. I know this sounds weird, like "won't the oil just rinse off when you shower/will you feel dirtier?" But no, the oil will put a barrier between your skin and the drying hot shower water we all adore in the winter months. I use Palmer's Body Oil before my showers, and it has helped my itchy/dry winter skin immensely. Of course, finish up with your favorite lotion after the shower as well. I used to wake up in the middle of the night scratching my legs and arms because they were so dry and itchy! Now the shower isn't drying my skin out! (It also prevents premature aging of the skin.) YAY.

2. Put Oil in the Ends of Your Hair

Do you ever feel your hair snapping off in the winter months? This is a more common problem than you would think! I've struggled with hair breakage due to my fine hair. I've also been growing out the dyed portion of my hair for about a year and a half now. The dyed ends of my hair are extremely dry and prone to breakage! Processing and Ammonia can make your hair vulnerable to breakage in general, but add in the cold weather and you're dealing with a serious haircut against your will. To deal with this, I just smooth in some argon oil on the ends every night, and even sometimes in the morning! The moisture locks in and puts a barrier against the cold which can make it break.

4. Cover Your Neck

This might sound silly, but honestly consciously covering your neck from the cold makes all the difference in my wintertime happiness. Is there anything more miserable than running errands with a cold neck? Scarves and turtlenecks are my best friends in the colder months! I love those little guys. It's important to protect the fragile skin on your neck with moisturizer, but a scarf or a turtleneck can help it from getting further dried out. ALSO, a cold neck makes your whole body feel cold. ICK.

5. Slippers

A lot of you probably do this one, because it's not ROCKET SCIENCE. LOL!! But for so long I didn't really value the idea that warm feet = warmer in general. But it's true!! After implementing a strict slippers 24/7 while in the house rule, I am SO much happier. Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night isn't the foreboding nightmare of cold tile that it once was. So this is basically a little poke in the arm: are you cold at home? Well are you wearing slippers!?

6. Have a DIFFERENT Winter Wardrobe

This may also seem redundant for some of you, but I have actually MET people who wear their wardrobe year round even though we live in a seasonal environment. Like whaaaaat? I'm not talking shorts + tank tops year round, but I AM talking about the wrong fabrics and materials for the seasons. Ladies: we are adults or fast-approaching adulthood. It's time to invest in some seasonal pieces! There is no reason I should have to spot a linen pant out in the wild in January weather. Just NO. A wool skirt goes a long way ladies.

8. Wear Winter Undergarments

Am I Laura Ingles Wilder's long lost sister? Potentially. I think I belong in the centuries where people wore elaborate undergarments because I wear HOSIERY and LONG JOHNS under all my winter outfits. That's right guys. That cute long skirt ya'll admire on my insta? Well there is a pair of Under Armor leggings underneath, keeping me TOASTY. That layer of cozy lining is just enough to keep the goose-bumps at bay. Do it. I dare you.

9. Hand Care

Okay so I'm a little intense with hand care. ESPECIALLY for someone who used to be a serial nail biter. Yes I know I'm a Phillistine. But despite my nail problems, I'm really big on year-round hand maintenance. Extra moisture is extremely important in the winter months .You know that extremely painful moment when your fingernail seems to separate from the skin beside it and it just HURTS like hell? Well, moisturizer can really help with that! Also, moisturize extra after you do dishes or wash your hands. That darn hot water is going to dry out your skin: I promise you.


Wear driving gloves + keep blankets in your car. My mom did this for us in our mini van growing up, and there was nothing more PLEASURABLE than getting underneath a warm grey blanket in the car. And now that I'm a driving adult, driving gloves really save the day by putting some space between you and the FREEZING steering wheel.


Ugh the lengths we go to to live in the North! I am forever questioning why I don't live in North Carolina. Southern Curls and Pearls, can I move into your spare bedroom? LOL

Next week I will be covering some base Hygge tips/advice. Don't know what Hygge is? Stay tuned!



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Guardians O.T
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