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10 Random Things That Have Improved My Life

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

Today I wanted to do a good old fashioned listicle, but include some items and things that have been making my life amazing since I last spoke with you all. Be warned: these are very random.


Adding a tall folding stool to my kitchen

Now, I should have done this even BEFORE I got pregnant, but it's official: I need to sit down while waiting for the water to boil LOL. Our kitchen isn't too big, so I was worried about the addition of a piece of furniture in our limited space, but this folding stool not only blends into the surrounding scenery, but it has a TINY footprint, and even smaller if you fold it up after use!

I sit on it when waiting for long-cook items like our daily breakfast, or if I want to take a breather while doing a 45 minute cook or bake session. IT has officially solved the problem of me leaving the kitchen to sit somewhere else and letting the food burn in my absence. Wins all around! This is the stool I purchased:

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub

I swear this stuff has been in and out of my possession since high school, but I recently repurchased it with a goal: leg exfoliation. While I do not suffer from strawberry legs, I watched this amazing video explaining the ins and outs of how to rid your legs of ALL bacteria to get the best shave ever. And let me tell you... her routine WORKS. But I think my favorite part is having this scrub back in my life. I've noticed better pores under my calves and just smoother legs in general. Inexpensive and effective! Here is a link!

Witch hazel on scalp on oiling night

So I explained in my shower routine blog post that I usually do a hair oil treatment at night every two or three days and then wash it out in the morning. However, in these past few months I've noticed that my scalp seemed to be getting itchy and red. I upped the oil in my routine, hoping it would help, but it seemed to have the OPPOSITE effect, making my hair even itchier! So I did some research and decided to try witch hazel for itchy skin.

I didn't believe it at first because I assumed witch hazel acted as a type of astringent, and I didn't want to dry out my already dry and itchy hair! But I gave it a go and a month later, I can tell you that my scalp has returned to normal. I rarely have any itch or flakes and it is definitely not irritated or red anymore. I simply apply the liquid all around my scalp on the night before wash day, and only keep the grape-seed oil from the mid-shaft to the ends of my braid, and voila! Hair is ready to go for a wash in the morning! Linked:

Extra strength Benadryl itch stopping gel

This is a lifesaver in the summer months when our unfriendly mosquito friends come out to play. I do my best to avoid bites, but when I DO get bit, this gel is a miracle. I've tried so many different bite remedies in the past, but this is the only one that I can say works effectively. After only one application, I've noticed that the bite WILL NOT itch again. So not only does it temporarily relieve itching, it seems to mitigate future itching as well! Amazing! Linked here:

Grape-seed oil on growing belly

I've been relying on grape-seed oil to keep things lubricated for the inevitable stretching, and I've been enjoying it. I've always used grape-seed oil on my body skin and have found it has the best benefits compared to lotions, creams, or even other oils. Grape-seed oil is scentless, and has great absorption. I even found a great article outlining the Vitamin E benefits of the oil, and it purports that so far there are NO negative side-effects reported by scientists to the use of grape-seed oil on skin! Yay! Linked to buy: Article for education:

Workouts for 50 year old women

Even before getting pregnant I was never interested in high impact or jumping workouts, but now with baby on the way, those are even LESS appealing! Thankfully, I have found the answer: workouts aimed at older women. The benefits? Less focus on jumping and stress to the back and knees, lower intensity in general, and a nice pace for beginner exercisers! I have been obsessed with Pahla B's 20-30 minute cardio workouts and HIGHLY recommend. You will be shocked at how sweaty you get!

THIS podcast about organization These ladies motivated me to organize three cupboards, two drawers, and a closet just from two episodes. They are positive, upbeat, and HELPFUL! Love!

Having 2-3 kids toys in the house

So obviously in a year or so we will have MANY kids toys in the house, but I wanted to recommend to your average childless reader to have a couple kids toys in the house for whenever a kid might stop by. These are a life saver for when parents come over and they also seem to win you favor with the kids LOL! Akin to having candy or a treat on hand, toys just make kids feel welcome.

The toys don't need to be that fascinating or interesting, in fact, I've noticed that the first thing kids gravitate towards when they come over is the Pusheeno pillow I keep on our couch! They love it! Kids know kid stuff and it makes them feel comfortable, so go ahead and keep a cute stuffed animal around... they'll appreciate it, and your visit with their parent might get to be slightly extended if they're not bored!

Wallgreens photo center and Walmart frames

It hasn't even been a week and I already have framed photos from our baby announcement photoshoot hanging and displayed in the house. THAT is how quick I am with photos these days LOL! So many people rely solely on the Internet for their photo needs, but there is so much joy in placing printed photos around your home. Guests love to see it and they will truly help you personalize your space!

It is so simple. I have an account on and I upload photos from my phone or computer. Then, I choose the sizes and the local Wallgreens where I want to pick them up, and less than an hour later when I'm ready for my errands, I pop by Wallgreens and pick them up! Dollar stores, thrift stores and even Walmart all sell inexpensive $1-4 frames, and before you know it, you will have a photo wall! Yay!

Smaller loads of dishes

And the last thing that has truly been working for me is to run smaller loads of dishes. I have been told this for years but never wanted to listen to this sage wisdom until RECENTLY when I realized that I find myself much more eager and willing to empty the dishwasher if I know that there is a moderate amount of dishes in there instead of my usual exploding at the seams arrangement.

And because unloading is my least favorite part of dishes, it stands to reason that to remove obstacles in getting dishes done, I should do smaller loads! And that reasoning has been HIGHLY effective. Dishes have never been more delightful, and I'm sure our dishwasher is secretly thanking me too!


But that is all I have for you today Dearest Reader! I hope you found this post somewhat helpful. If I have any Amazon links, remember that those may or may not send a small kickback to me and the blog, but they WILL NOT charge you extra for using my link!

Stay fresh and stay fabulous!




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