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Romance Series: A Master-List of My Favorite Date Ideas

Hello loves and welcome back to our corner of the Internet!

So I've started and stopped four different blogs for this week's romance series. It is clear that some writer's block has arrived, so I've decided to give it up and do something a little easier and sweeter: date ideas!

Many of you have requested information on my favorite "Date Ideas," and while my ideas are NOT groundbreaking, they're still quite pleasant and sweet! All I need is a date filled with food, conversation, attention, and a little entertainment. I'm only human after all!

Hopefully these ideas fit the bill for the ingredients that result in a special and magical night for you and your love. Enjoy!


1. Move Night: NO PHONES!

I know movies are a bit overdone as a date idea, but there's a reason so many people use this format as a date: it's the perfect combination of entertainment, cuddles, and something to discuss together! The key to making it special is to eliminate distractions and amplify the anticipation.

Make sure you're watching a movie that you've both looked forward to, or try to include a special snack that you only eat a few times a year. Plug your phone in to charge in another room, and stay focused! My husband and I like to open a bottle of red wine, pop some popcorn, and make sure our phones are nowhere to be found!

2. Dinner Party with Friends

While this idea might cause maximum stress for some people, there is almost nothing I love more than a cozy dinner at home with friends. Whether it is a dinner party for two or twelve, the combination of friends, food, and conversation is seriously the most fun.

Group dates are fun for the bouncy conversations, laughter, and opportunity to see your loved one interact with others. They can also be one of the best settings for getting to know a new romantic interest without the pressure of being all alone. I like to have other people around for dinner to try my hand at a new dish, enjoy some games, and indulge in all the laughter. Uncork the wine and share the joy!

3. Cozy Evening Inside

We like to stay at home to save some money, time, and get cozy. My husband will make us a fire, pull out his guitar, or blast some Simon and Garfunkle through our speakers. We sometimes play cards or try cooking together. Candles, blankets, and cozy cuddles inside are the perfect fit for cold winter nights. I like to talk about our dreams, our future, and take extra time to cuddle close.

4. Enjoy Nature Together

Anytime you combine nature with your romance, you have the opportunity for entertainment, excitement, and fun. Whether it's pizza and a sunset, or coffee and a sunrise, nature and the beautiful displays of creation can be oh-so-romantic. We like to take long hikes with our dog, swim in Lake Michigan, and get active outdoors.

The sunshine, the flowers, and the fresh air always bring out a childlike excitement in my soul. One of my favorite afternoons with my husband was sailing through Lake Michigan on his sailboat, tipping the boat over and enjoying the cold water. Combine creation-filled joy with your favorite man, and you've got a winner.

5. Doing a Project

This might sound weird, but some of my favorite times with my husband have been during weird projects like cleaning out our flooded basement, or moving a couch. Those weird jobs can actually be really fun to me because something is always bound to go wrong.

It takes a level of communication, teamwork, and hard work to enjoy a project together. Planting a garden, painting our kitchen, and getting work done together is truly fun with the right music and the right person.

6. Fancy Night Out

Fancy night doesn't come along often, but when it does, I get SO excited. This could be attending a wedding, going out to a nice restaurant, or getting dressed up for some sort of function. I love "fancy night" because of the anticipation, cute outfits, wine, and desserts.

I always take extra time to curl my hair, do my makeup, and even put on some earrings. Take lots of pictures and engage in a ton of hand-holding. Whenever a fancy night comes up, treat it like a date night, even if it's to your second-cousin's wedding! Any opportunity to dress up can be a total date night.

7. Restaurant: Dessert and Coffee

Going to a restaurant late in the evening for some decaf coffee and dessert is one of my favorite ways to go out on the town. Hushed conversations over tuxedo chocolate cake are ALWAYS a recipe for romance.

In college, my then-boyfriend and I would drive to a restaurant at 9pm and order decaf coffee and chocolate cake. We would talk until closing time, share some cake, and say YES to all the refills. We always chose fancy restaurants that we never ate at for dinner because they were too expensive. A shared dessert and decaf coffee probably won't break the bank, and the atmosphere will be incredible.

8. Running Errands

This probably falls into the category of "projects" but there is something so wholesome to me about going to run errands with your man. Shopping for little things for the house, attending doctor's appointments together, or even going through a carwash together are some of my favorite things to do.

I spend a lot of time doing errands by myself, so it feels like a special treat when my husband comes along with me. I think that when you can do little things together and still enjoy yourself, it shows that you two have what it takes to last.


Alright! That's my list! Add your own ideas below if you feel like it. I'm always looking for more inspiration.

Sending you love!



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13. Aug. 2019

I love this so much! Every idea I read through, flooded soo many precious memories of time spent with my husband. It really was a breath of fresh air to read this and be able to witness a genuine friendship within a marriage. Anything is fun with the right person!

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