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Style Series: 7 Weeks to Better Style

Hello friends and welcome back to the blog!

Today I wanted to complete our style series with a 7 week style challenge. I really want you faithful style bunnies to consider getting out of your style safety place, so I made this 7 week challenge to help you grow! Let's dig into our creativity and out of our comfort zones...


Week 1: Test week!

Take the color season test, take style quizzes, and body type quizzes. Narrow down your body type and read up on the styles that would most flatter. Quiz and question your loved ones to see what styles THEY enjoy seeing you in, and most of all, make sure to ask yourself what you like! Take time to journal about your closet and clothing: write down what makes you feel beautiful.

Write down the colors and textures and feel you love, and store it in a "style file" on your computer or in your journal. Take time fleshing out what makes you feel like a million bucks: you might be surprised!

Week 2: Preparation Bootcamp...

This week is all about setting out your clothing the night before! Yes, you heard that right. Put together the accessories, try on the outfit, and make sure you feel amazing in it. Hang it up in your bathroom for the next morning, and make sure you're not waiting for the rush of the morning to pick your outfit!

Sometimes we end up in a style rut not because we're not fashionable or creative, but because we're not putting in the time or energy it takes to look stylish! So set out your outfits the night before for an entire week, and see what you learn about yourself.

Week 3: Theme week!

Choose a theme for the week and style each outfit to match the theme. Now we don't need to go crazy here: the theme could be as simple as a color or certain vibe, but just make sure you follow it all week. Try out a style you've never really explored, and have fun with it!

A theme could be as simple as wearing necklaces every day, or it could be more complicated like having a "Gossip Girl" or 1970's themed week. The cool thing about this is that you will notice your creativity expand throughout the week as you have to keep coming up with new ways to work with the theme.

Week 4: Every Other Day...

This week I want you to go all in on a bold outfit every other day. Wear something you've never tried before, and let yourself wow the crowds! It can be hard to get in the groove of a new style or outfit, but the trick is to inoculate yourself to the inevitable attention you will garner from switching up your style. Go for this all week and be bold!

Try a daring outfit and let your creativity shine. Maybe it's time to bust out the culottes you've been avoiding, or perhaps you've been secretly wanting to wear more high heels... whatever it is, just make sure you're doing it every other day!

Week 5: Feminine Clothing Camp!

This week we're going to want you to wear feminine pieces and outfits ALL week. Try on skirts, put a heel with your jeans, and wear some sparkly jewelry. Play up your curves an allow your femininity to sparkle. All women have a level of femininity that deserves to be explored, and this is that week.

Don't worry about looking silly: you don't need to wear pink or bows. But definitely go for some lighter fabrics, some curvy outfits, and some florals or cute patterns. Embrace the fact that you are a woman with your clothing and see how it affects your attitude and personality...

Week 6: Purge Week!

This week is all about purging your closet. Spend time each evening combing through your clothes, underwear, coats, accessories, hair accessories, and shoes. Have a "sell" pile, a "donate" pile, and a "give to friends" pile. Go through each piece methodically and make sure that you are not being too generous with your clothing. Get rid of anything that makes you feel gross, and get rid of anything extremely used up or worn.

Of course we can mend a lot of our clothing, but if you're harboring pieces in your closet out of guilt over the fact that you haven't worn them yet, don't feel bad! We all have a style miss every once in awhile. Purge your closet all week and spend your Saturday making the rounds to Goodwill.

Week 7: Action Week

Alright: now we are going to pull this all together. Take your favorite elements from the past six weeks and combine them. Maybe your realized you loved wearing a dress every once in awhile: well, wear more! If you realized that you like planning your style, try keeping that up. Take this week to put everything into action with full "finale" looks. Plan at least 5 looks this week that you absolutely love, and set them out the night before.

Take from the themes you enjoyed, and make sure you accessorize. If you notice you have some gaps in your wardrobe, write down the pieces you want to buy and keep an eye out online or in the stores. Use this week to celebrate everything you've learned about yourself and put it into action!


Alright that's it my lovelies! I hope you enjoy this style challenge.. I'm curious to see where I will be in seven weeks! Anyways, this style series has been so much fun. We will probably have to revisit it in a few months again.

Sending you love and good creative vibes my loves!



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